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Value of virginity [Copy link] 中文

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Just curious, and what to know your opinions. I've heard so many times that (most of) chinese guys do just want to marry virgin girls, which means girls who had premarital sexual relationships cannot (easily) find anybody to marry them (jia bu chu qu le). Is that true?
And then what about the boy, is there any requirement on that aspect, like they have to be virgin too, or they have to be not virgin?
In my own opinion, seeking only virgin girl to marry is hypocrisy, unless yourself is virgin, right? And from what I know, only men who have already tasted sexual pleasure are the more likely to want virgin girls. So finally, being virgin is to be put on who's credit, the girls' or the men's?
Tell me what you think

Peace and love

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ha.maybe it is.chinese people are more conservative than the other countries.
especially about the sex.
and it seems that the parents will forbid them to have sex when they have not married..

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Originally posted by adolaowai at 2007-5-13 21:05
Just curious, and what to know your opinions. I've heard so many times that (most of) chinese guys do just want to marry virgin girls, which means girls who had premarital sexual relationships cann ...

Do we have any male expert virginity inspector(s) among the aduience?...who taught the Chinese men the blood test white cloth method?...nowadays Chinese people still employ such method in their first love making after getting married? reliable is/was the method?...would setting up a  virginity confirmation clinic be a successful business venture in China? If not ...why not? If yes...why yes?

Why is the christ ian faith also advocate virginity (sexual abstinence)?...why is the catholic still would not accept some birth control measures?

Is a female still a virgin if she had oral sex?

What is a  belt of chastity (not the modern version)? Hahahahaha....

One of many Catholic views of Virginity: .... excerpt from:


Morally, virginity signifies the reverence for bodily integrity which is suggested by a virtuous motive. Thus understood, it is common to both sexes, and may exist in a women even after bodily violation committed upon her against her will. Physically, it implies a bodily integrity, visible evidence of which exists only in women. The Catholic Faith teaches us that God miraculously preserved this bodily integrity, in the Blessed Virgin Mary, even during and after her childbirth (see Paul IV, "Cum quorundam", 7 August, 1555). There are two elements in virginity: the material element, that is to say, the absence, in the past and in the present, of all complete and voluntary delectation, whether from lust or from the lawful use of marriage; and the formal element, that is the firm resolution to abstain forever from sexual pleasure. It is to be remarked, on the one hand, that material virginity is not destroyed by every sin against the sixth or ninth commandment, and on the other hand that the resolution of virginity extends to more than the mere preservation of bodily integrity, for if it were restricted to material virginity, the resolution, at least outside the married state, might coexist with vicious desires, and could not then be virtuous.....


In this article chastity is considered as a virtue; its consideration as an evangelical counsel will be found in the articles on CELIBACY OF THE CLERGY, CONTINENCY, and VIRGINITY. As a vow, chastity is discussed in the article VOW.

Chastity is the virtue which excludes or moderates the indulgence of the sexual appetite. It is a form of the virtue of temperance, which controls according to right reason the desire for and use of those things which afford the greatest sensual pleasures. The sources of such delectation are food and drink, by means of which the life of the individual is conserved, and the union of the sexes, by means of which the permanence of the species is secured. Chastity, therefore, is allied to abstinence and sobriety; for, as by these latter the pleasures of the nutritive functions are rightly regulated, so by chastity the procreative appetite is duly restricted.

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If the woman turns herself into a sperm likely is she not also become a bank of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?

Availability of antibiotics is a recent medical breakthrough....Modern research on antibiotic therapy began in Germany with the development of the narrow-spectrum antibiotic Salvarsan by Paul Ehrlich in 1909, for the first time allowing an efficient treatment of the then-widespread problem of Syphilis. The drug, which was also effective against other spirochaetal infections, is no longer in use in modern medicine. ( of the kings of England ( Henry the...?)would not have died young if antibitotics were available...he was such a lovable man!

Premarital chastity
Main article: Chastity

Many religious and ethical systems proscribe sexual activities between a person and anyone other than a spouse of that person, including most denominational variations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as have, historically, many legal systems and societal norms. In such contexts, sexual abstinence is (was) prescribed for unmarried individuals for the purpose of chastity. Chastity is sometimes used synonymously with sexual abstinence, but the mechanisms of chastity are typically largely different for persons who assume different societal roles. For example, in most cultural, ethical, and religious contexts, coitus within monogamous marriage is not considered to be opposed to chastity.

Western attitudes

Historically, there has been a swing from the sexually free end of the Industrial Revolution to the chaste values of the early Victorian period. This was then followed by a new puritanism from the late Victorian era to the mid 1900s. This important transformation often colours discussion of sexual behaviour in the later 20th century period. The First World War began a return to sexual freedom and indulgence, but more often than not the appearance of conforming to the earlier moral values of abstinence before marriage was retained. With the conclusion of the Second World War, the societal importance of abstinence declined swiftly. The advent of the first oral contraceptive pill and widely available antibiotics suppressed many consequences of wide and free sexual behaviour, while social mores were also changing. By the 1970s, abandonment of premarital chastity was no longer taboo in the majority of western societies; perhaps even the reverse: that members of both sexes would have experienced a number of sexual partners before marriage. Some cultural groups continued to place a value on the moral purity of an abstainer, but abstinence was caught up in a wider re-evaluation of moral values.

Anthropologists and social historians have noted that many cultures such as Victorian Britain or the rural areas in the modern United States, which formally place a high value on abstinence until marriage, actually have a large amount of pre-marital sexual activity in which there is no actual sexual intercourse and which preserve a state known as technical virginity.

In some cultures, those who infringe the rules regarding chastity may be ostracized. Social reacceptance can sometimes be regained by marriage between the two. In the West, even as late as the mid-20th century, there was a stigma attached to being a 'one-parent family' and an illegitimate child could be legitimized by the marriage of the parents. (This latter is still the case in many Western countries, though the lifting of legal penalties and social stigma regarding illegitimacy has rendered this irrelevant to social acceptance.)

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Abstinence as a lifestyle

Although many individuals abstain from sex for complex reasons such as religion or morality, for some individuals sexual abstinence is simply a lifestyle choice. Those individuals who fall into this category may have a dislike of sex, or are simply not interested in it. They may view sex as an unnecessary part of human life. As with other lifestyle choices, this attitude toward sex and relationships can vary greatly. Some who choose such a lifestyle still accept sex for reproduction, some engage in romantic relationships, and some engage in masturbation.

In addition to religious and moral reasoning, periods of abstinence can be a way of reconnecting with yourself and/or your partner while healing from past sexual abuse and misuse.


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Chastity is a virtue expected of the faithful of many religions, including Christians and Muslims. This usually includes abstinence from sex for the unmarried, and faithfulness to a marriage partner. In many religions some groups of people are expected to practice celibacy — to abstain from sex completely, and remain unmarried. These groups include monks, nuns, and priests in various sects of Christianity. From the Roman Catholic perspective everyone is called to chastity be they married, single, or in a religious order. Chastity is a function of one's respect for the dignity of another especially in a sexual context. Sex with one's spouse is not against chastity so long as both remain open to having children — contraceptives violate true chastity.

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Post time 2007-5-14 09:05:08 |Display all floors long your posts Tbird...they will take me much time to finish......

what I wanna say is when requiring pls look into yourself firstly....
Success only favors those who persist and don't give up.

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