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does western easily to say 'I love you'? [Copy link] 中文

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In my view

There is nothing wrong with saying the three words out load. People just simply have different expectation when they hear it from others. For some, saying ILU means I would like to take your hand and walk to the end of the world together witn you. For others, it might be just a bit more intense than I like you. We can't just judge a dynamic nature of two people by simply that three words. The real meanings are lying in the contaxt.
For people that really really serious about hearing these words. They must be serious about the person they say it to. But also put themselves in a vulnerable position that other poeple might not take that three words as serious as them.
Say it or not, take it seriously or not, it is all your own business.

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First of all

Originally posted by flyadou at 2007-5-12 02:50

HI ,if one day I meet with you and express my love to you,what would you think of it?
Would you be angry.

I don't think we will meet. I am just bunch of 0101 codes existing in cyber space.
But let's assume you really say that to me in real life. I have no reason to be angry. Why?
Why I will be angry at someone who expresses his or her genuine feelings to me?
But I will tell you I am flattered. But I am not the person suitable for you to love and care like your parents do to each other. I will tell you I was there, like how you are feeling at this moment and now I know more about love that I realize the feeling was so young and it was part of growing up. I will tell you there are much much more to learn in the life-long-school of love that it is too early to stop searching for the real one for your life.

Ok, will that makes you happy?

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Forgive my English

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Father to his son...."I love you, son!"

Mother to young daughter..."I love you, love you, love you!"

Young man  to his first date...."[size=-2]you!"

Grandfather to grandson..."love you!!"

Husband to wife..."!"

Little girl to her cat..."I love you!'

Little boy to his teacher...."I love you!"

I say to you..."[size=-1]my...[size=-2]green...[size=-3]friends!

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I love you I love you I love you

It might be very difficult for me to say the first I LOVE U to a man.

But once I say that,  I am not hesitate to repeat that many many times.

I love to be sweet to the man I love.

And back to your thread:

A smart girl can always tell very well which is a real I love U, which is just a teasing one.

So, it does not matter who say this or where and when they say this to you, doesn't it?

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Originally posted by cobbercobber at 2007-5-9 11:34
I got my hair cut in few days ago. A man in my school joked with me about my hair, he said that my hair style is very popular in Chinese, every man will love me ,and he loves me. I know that is jok ...

normally,western guys easily to say i like you.i dont think they say that 3 words so easily unless they  really fall in love with know,love is no easy.
Let it be...

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just do it ,don;t worry about it ,you can do yourself . may be somebody just want to parise you,and no another means , don;t think about it .

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It all depends on the actual content of the conversation.
I am German, living in the USA, so I have a very open outlook on life.

I would say in a casual conversation something like this.

Wow, your hair looks very nice, I love how it looks on you.    Notice I would not say I love you in this situation, but it could be misinterpeted as such if you dont understand English 100%.

Also, If I am with my friends, a group of male and females, I may say " I love you guys" . Now first of all, understand that the term guys is used for the group of boys and girls, not the boys specificly, It is american slang. Again, no real love is intended, but friendship in this case.

As for the specific words of  "I love you", those are ussualy reserved for Mama and Papa, Brothers and Sisters, and of course a girl that holds a special place in my heart.
Even if i was dating a girl, initialy I would never use these words, I would say things like, I care allot for you, or I like you allot, but I love you would be special and used only if it is ment.

This is my perspective of "I love you"
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