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7 Tips to Relieve Stress At Work
(By Wayne F. Perkins)
Do you feel stress at work? Do you carry your stress home with you at night?
Here are some tips that will help you achieve success over stress. You can reduce stress on the job.
1. When making phone calls, as you pick up the phone and dial, take three slow deep breaths. Concentrate on pushing tension out of your lungs as you exhale.
2. Sit down to eat. (Do not eat while standing or driving in your car) Focus on relaxing and enjoyable talk at lunchtime. If co-workers only insist on rehashing all of the negative stuff at work, insist on eating alone.
3. When you drive your car to your business or your job, listen to something enjoyable or motivating.
4. On the way home from your business or your job, listen to enjoyable or relaxing music.
5. Take a few minutes each day to thank God, in whatever form is consistent with your belief system, for the glorious sunrise. At sunset, do the same. If you are at work while the sun is setting, take a quick break to watch the sun set and again, thank your concept of "God" for the glorious sunset.
6. Take a few minutes at work to think of people who may have harmed you in any way. Breathe deeply, relax, and push out all of the tension surrounding those thoughts. Fill your hear and your lungs with forgiveness for the person or persons who have harmed you. Wish for them the same success and happiness you wish for yourself.
7. Live today as if it is your last day. Make your last day, your best day!

(韦恩f.珀金斯 著) (张馨月  中译)  
你感到在工作上有压力吗? 到了晚上,你会把压力带回家吗?
下面是帮助你在战胜压力方面,取得成功的一些技巧。 你可以以此来纾解一下在工作方面的压力。
1 . 拿起电话拨号要打电话时,你可以缓慢地深呼吸三次。呼气时,全神贯注,并想像把紧张不安从你的肺部呼出去。
2 . 坐下来吃饭。(在站着或开车时不要吃东西)集中注意力于轻松又愉快的谈话。 如果你的同事只一味老调重弹工作上的消极东西,那就坚持独自进食吧。
3 . 开车去做你的事情或上班时,在路上听一些令人愉快或激励人的事情。
4 . 办完事或下班回家途中,听些愉快或轻松的音乐。
5 . 每天花上几分钟,用符合你的信仰体系的任何形式感谢上帝, 还有感谢那壮丽的日出和日落。如果你在工作时,正好碰到太阳西下, 就暂时放松一下,多看几遍日落,为辉煌的日落感谢你心目中的"上帝"。
6 . 工作时花上几分钟,想一下那些无论以任何方式可能伤害了你的人。深呼吸,放松,并把所有围绕那些想法的紧张不安呼出体外。用对那个或者那些伤害了你的人的宽恕,填满你的心肺。祝福他们,也能取得如同你祝愿自己能取得的成就和幸福。
7 . 如同今天是你生命中的最后一天那般生活吧,让这最后的一天,成为你生命中最好的一天!

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       科学家和心理学家们发现,我们的嘴和下巴周围的肌肉,竟然能刺激连接我们的情绪的大脑中的某一特殊部分,让我们微笑起来。当这些脑细胞被刺激时,它们使我们感到高兴。 所以,即使你感到悲伤,恼怒,愤怒或沮丧,只要通过微笑,它就会令你感觉好一些。 除了得到这个身体方面的微笑好处之外,对别人微笑的人,住往自己会感到更快乐。

       想像一下这个画面, 如果有人每天一大早郁郁寡欢和垂头丧气地跟你打招呼, 这在让你感觉更好的方面不会给你任何帮助。事实上,它还会影响到你的心情. 如果你遇上这种情况,无论如何,你要带着开朗的笑容及友好地问候,这样你会容易些拥有快乐的心情,并带着热情开始一天。这样结合且激励别人的简单但很有效的方法,是一项被低估和未经处理的技巧。

        如果我们能够训练自己用笑容来代替愁眉苦脸,难道不是很棒吗? 要拥有一个'永恒的笑容'在我们的脸上吗?让我们将带着我们脸上的笑纹,还有许多对我们同样报之于微笑的面孔而告别,这不是个好主意吗?



    Scientists and psychologists have found that the muscles around our mouth and jaw that allow you to smile actually stimulate a specific part of our brain which is linked to our emotions. When these brain cells are stimulated, they make us feel happy. So, even if you feel sad, irritated, angry or frustrated, just by smiling, it will make you feel better. Aside from this physical benefit of smiling, a smile to others often makes them feel happier.

        Picture this. If someone greets you every morning with a sullen and sulky face, it does not help you to feel any better, in fact, it will also dampen your mood. If you are met, however, with a cheerful smile and a friendly greeting, you easily catch the happy mood and you start the day with enthusiasm. This simple yet very effective technique of bonding and motivating others is an underestimated and undressed skill.

        Wouldn't it be great if we could train ourselves to smile instead of frown? To have a 'permanent smile' on our faces? We'd end up with happy lines on our faces and lots of other faces smiling back at us - good idea?

         Here's a very simple way that you can start changing the lines on your face and reduce the effect of stress on you body without buying anything, reading any books or spend any money.

          One way you can have this 'training' start right now is by asking someone you live with or a trusted friend to make an agreement with you - each of you agrees that when the other one is seen to be frowning, they get charged a frowning fee - say $0.50 and this is put into a jar. At the end of a month, you both get to go out and do something which will bring you joy or make you happy. That's got to be worth trying, No?

        (张馨月 编译)

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Great translation

I have to say that you are a girl who has a gift in translating ,and what is you job,are you a translator?
   I decide to come to appreciate you outstanding works every day ,thanks again for your share !

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      Thank you for your kindness and encouragement!Being a good translator is my second dream,although it may be very difficult  for me to attain it and I must spend all my life finishing it,I don't care and will try my best to do it.It is so happy that  I can  share so many  good articles  and beautiful feelings with more friends from different places,whatever we speak any kind of languages,happiness is the goal that every one would like to seek!I sincerely hope that we can live more happily!

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(韦恩f.珀金斯 著) (张馨月  中译)  
你在工作中感到有压力吗? 到了晚上,你会把压力带回家吗?
下面是帮助你克服压力的一些方法。 你可以以此来纾解一下在工作中的压力。
1 . 在拿起电话拨号准备打电话时,深缓呼吸三次。呼气时,全神贯注,把压力从肺里呼出去。
2 . 坐下来吃饭。(在站着或开车时不要吃东西)午餐时,多谈话轻松愉快的话题。 如果你的同事们只一味老调重弹工作上的消极东西,那就坚持独自进食吧。
3 . 开车去自己公司或上班时,听一些令人愉快或振奋的音乐。
4 . 从自己公司回来或壮丽的日出下班回家途中,听些令人轻松愉快的音乐。
5 .每天花上几分钟,用符合你的信念体系的任何形式感谢上帝,只因那壮丽的日出。如果你在工作时,正好碰到太阳西下, 就暂时放松一下,多看几眼日落,为辉煌的日落感谢你心目中的"上帝"。
6 . 工作时花上几分钟,想一下那些无论以任何方式可能伤害了你的人。深呼吸,放松,并把所有围绕那些想法的紧张不安呼出体外。用对那个或那些伤害了你的人的宽恕,来填满你的心。祝福自己能取得的成功和幸福,也同样祝福他们。
7 . 视今天如同你生命中的最后一天那般生活。让每个“最后一天”成为你生命中最美好的一天!

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原文:4. On the way home from your business or your job, listen to

enjoyable or relaxing music.


4 . 从自己公司回来或壮丽的日出下班回家途中,听些令人轻松愉快的音








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4. On the way home from your business or your job, listen to enjoyable or relaxing music.
4 . 从自己公司回来或壮丽的日出下班回家途中,听些令人轻松愉快的音乐。
Hi, Ms. Zhang. I have to say that I'm sorry about my above E-C translation. Due to my carelessness, I made a silly mistake. It's a matter of operation of PC, but not translation.
I like your posts very much.

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