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     No matter what age you are make sure that you always decide what kind of life is right for you.

   Only you should decide which kind of journey you will be taking through life and how you will arrive there.In your journey through life are you the "driver" or the "passenger"? Take charge. Remember it's "Your Life." Enjoy it to the fullest.

  只有你可以决定你将选择哪种旅途来度过你的人生,怎样到达目的地。在漫长的人生旅途上,你是"司机"还是"乘客"呢 ? 自己掌握吧,记得它是"你的人生"。充分地享受你的人生吧!
       (张馨月 编译)


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     What is a successful man like? Comparing with the one yesterday,today he should be more sapiential and merciful , know more how to love, understand more about the beauty of life and more tolerant .

         Flaring up  because of others' actions is  just like being angry with a stone which  is lying sidelong on our way forward,both of them are stupid. To many people, the  cleverest idea is : I am not prepared to change them, I want to use them.        

        As surviving in this world ,if we have  certain abilities about foreseeing and forgiveness,it  will be tally with our purpose for striving for happiness.The fore one can help us avoid injuries and losses, the latter can  remove personal disputes and bickering from us.
         In a person's whole life,he/she  often suffers the trouble from the career or love and may become exhausted.But friendship is the biggest favor from the Heaven. For lots of ordinary people with injuries all over their bodies, friendship is the panacea of healing wounds and re-energizing.




                 (张馨月  英译)

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          Changing mood , words will be changed; changing the words,attitudes will be changed;changing the attitudes,habits change be changed;changing the habits,luck will be changed;the life will be consequently changed as the luck is changed!      
     Where are we from? What are we?Where are we going to ?
     Once encountering difficulties and setbacks, a person who hasn't eaten fish will easily retreat and become depressed;but if he is the one who likes to eat fish ,he will put up the optimistic mood when he faces suffering. Scientists find that there is a kind of polyunsaturated fatty acids called “omega3” in fish, so the people who don't like eating fish would prefer to be sad.

                   (张馨月  英译)

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great works need great applaud

Hi, Zhang,

Thanks very much for your kindness to share your works with the friends here.

Deeply I appreciate your work, I can imagine how beautiful time it was when you translated them alone.

After around 4 hourse, I finished the general glance your nice translations. As a translator, I , sincerely ,

express my gratitude to you again.

If possible, I would like to chat with you when you are free or it is convenient.

The following is my MSN:


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        Hi,Derektian,it is so great to see your words,i am really moved when i read them.Thank you for giving me a marvelous beginning of today!I appreciate your words and encouragement so much,although I know I should work harder on my work.It is very beautiful time to share more valuable articles with all my friends,I hope all of us can get good moods and encouragement from them,no words can explain my feeling now,English is my favorite and learning it gives me so many things,i will keep on learning!And Derektian,I haven't had my msn yet and my QQ number is 34812494,earger to talk with you and making more friends,if I get my new msn,I will let you know it as soon as possible!Thank you for your kindness again and all the best!^-^    --------Zhang Xinyue

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Adverse circumstance will be changed if we have a positive attitude! And a negative attitude will only make the circumstance more and more unfavorable, eventually it will lead to a sad fate!

    Life is like exploring in a dark cave, once we find a breakthrough hole, a free world with full sunlight will appear in front of ourselves.

   If we want to change something, we should beging to change ourselves;to let things get better, we should first make ourselves  better.We are the  treasure!

   As long as the love is in the heart, no matter how sterile soil, the sturdiest trees can grow up in it.

   Selecting the right direction and life goals and developing by your own wishes and the rational needs, you will be guided and protected by the destiny.

     Courage can not only make us face any difficulties or challenges but also bring a chance of success. Why is it necessary to remove our original opportunities which might belong to us because of recreance?

     In our life, we create many enemies and want to knock them down with one blow very much. However, the enemies we make in our hearts are always more powerful than our own.

    When you only have the sincere ideas in your heart, the friends you associate with are all noble and what you do is good and honest, the true, the good and the beautiful will become a part of you. At that time, any fake, infamy and wickedness can’t escape your eyes.

    More efforts more motives, and the more fortunes.

    Passion is easily transmitted and the lack of passion is more easily done.Sometimes the first step to success is talking big, and then we can carry it out little by little.

     A true word is not beautiful, and a beautiful word is not true.Good words don't need to be argued, the ones need to be argued are not good.












                                     (张馨月  编译)


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下面是一些可自问的有用的问题:我要达到什么目标? 起作用没有?正在进行的什么主题需要转换?有多少其他途径可以实现我所想要的?我要实现的目标正确吗?是否值得做? 如果我继续犯这样的错误或者没有从这样的问题学到任何经验,将会发生什么事情?
  Here are some useful questions to ask: What was I trying to accomplish? Did it work? What ongoing themes were revealed that need to be changed? How many other ways are there to accomplish what I want? Is what I want to accomplish the right thing to do? Is it worth doing? What will happen if I keep making this mistake and/or don't learn anything from this problem?
  Making a mistake is not the biggest mistake we can make; not learning from them is the biggest mistake.
                                                              (张馨月  编译)

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