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Content  目录
1.The flame of love爱的火焰;2.What is your dream?你的梦想是什么?3.View in the heart心中有景;.The people love you and you love爱你的和你爱的;5.10 tips about rescuing you from the pressure从压力中营救自己10招;.Ten Fables 十个寓言故事7.21个经典小故事
              The flame of love
                             by   Hifzur Rehman
   Suppose you have everything; a good job, good health, good reputation, good relationships and lot of money to spend. But still there is something missing from your life. Guess what? The LOVE. It is not something which you should ignore. Life without love is just like body without soul.
   Love gives meaning to life as without love life is meaningless. Lucky is the person who gets love and keeps the flames of love burning for ever. It is not a matter of days or months. Love is for life and life is for love.
   Short term love encounters are not helpful at all. Be sincere with your body and soul. Indulge in serious life long loving relationship and live a healthy, happy and joyful life.
   It is easy to fell in love but difficult to keep the flames of love burning. Before indulging in serious long term love relationships be sure that the person you love is also sincere with you. A selfish person can make your life miserable. If this is the case with you then try to get rid of that person as soon as possible.
    Most people do not give importance to their love life as they give importance to their professional life. In most cases, people sacrifice their love life at the cost of their profession. This is a bad choice which ruins the whole life. A sensible balance between the two is necessary in order to enjoy life in its entirety. Do not deprive yourself of the love you need.
    People part their ways after living together for years and years. Though this looks strange but is the obvious result of ignoring the genuine complaints and grievances of the other. Sometimes a sincere apology, gentle touch, or a friendly kiss is enough to put your love life on track. However, when deep differences develop between the two then professional consultation is necessary. Do everything to bring back love to your life, if it is lost.
    In order to make the journey of life more exciting and enjoyable, you need a loving and caring person with whom you can share your values, dreams, fantasies, joys and jokes. In difficult times of anxiety, sorrow, distress or loss of near and dear ones this person should stand firm besides you and console you in every possible manner.
    Love your life and love the person who is in your life. Keep the flames of love burning to live a great, great love life.
    Discuss this article with your loved one and carefully listen what he/she says. This can give you a clue of his/her inner sentiments and the depth of love for you. Also avail this opportunity to renew your love life with a new passion and commitment.
                   (张馨月 译)
   多数人不像重视他们的职业生活一样重视自己的感情生活。 在大多数情况下,人们宁愿以牺牲自己的爱情生活为代价来换取他们的职业方面的所得, 这是毁灭整个人生的一个差劲的选择。 为了享受完整的人生,它们两者之间需要理性的平衡。不要自己剥夺掉您需要的爱。
   有些人一起共同生活数年后分道扬镳,这虽然看起来有点不可思议但正是因为忽略了彼此的抱怨和牢骚所造成的。有时一声诚恳的道歉,或是温柔的触摸,或一个友好的吻就足以让你的爱情生活走上正轨. 然而,当两人存在深刻分歧时,做专业的咨询是必要的。如果爱丢失了,就尽一切努力把爱带回到您的生命。
   为了使生活的旅程变得更加精彩和富有乐趣,您需要跟一个爱与关怀您的人一起分享您的价值观,梦想,幻想,欢乐和笑话. 在焦虑,悲伤,苦恼和失败的艰难时期,这个人坚定地守在您身旁并且尽可能用各种方式安慰您。爱您的生活并爱在您生活中的这个人。让爱之火燃烧,烧出一个强烈的,伟大的爱情生活。
   跟一个爱您的人讨论一下这篇文章并且仔细听听他/她说的话。这能给您带来一条关于他的/ 她的内在情感及对您的爱的深度的线索。也可利用这个机会,带着新的激情和承诺重新开始您的爱情生活。

            What is your dream?
                          (张馨月 译)
       Small story please think of it for ten second after u finish reading it.
        There were two brothers, they lived on the 80th floor.One day they returned home from travel and discovered that the mansion had a power cut!Although they carried the big pack of luggage, it seemed to have no other choice,so the elder brother asked the younger brother to climb the stairs up together!And then they started to back their two major pack of baggages to climb up.When they arrived at the 20th floor, the elder brother said:"the wrap is too heavy, let's do it like this,we put the baggages here and take the elevator after the electricity is coming." therefore,they put the baggage at the 20th floor and felt much more relaxed and continued to climbing up.
&nbsp; &nbsp;     They climbed upwards in various stages of animationsay , but good times did't last long, arriving the 0th floor, both of them were really tired.Thinking of only climbing half of stairs , the two people began to put blame on each other that each of them hadn't paid attention to the bulletin of the power cut of the building and got such the end.They were quarrelling about that while they were climbing, thus they climbed up to the 0th floor.Arriving at the 0th floor, they were so tired that they didn't have any strength to quarrel.The younger brother said to the elder brother," Don't quarrel,let's finsih climbing the stairs." And they went on climbing the building silently, finally they reached the 80th floor!Excitedly arriving at the door of their home ,they found that their keys are kept on the 20th floor.
&nbsp; &nbsp;     Someone says that this story actually reflectes our lives:Before 20 years old , we live under the expectations of the family and the teachers, carry on the back a lot of pressure and burdens, and we aren't enough mature and have the shortage of ability , so the walking gait is unsteady.After 20 years old ,we get away the public's pressure, unload the burden and start to pursue our own dreams with entire effort ,and we live our lives like that amusedly for 20 years .But when we are 0 years old, we discover that the youth has already died,so many regrets and repent are produced&nbsp;&nbsp;unavoidably, and begin to regret this and feel sorry for that,complain this,and envy and&nbsp;&nbsp;hate that.Spending 20 years on complainting,to the age of 0 ,we discover life hasn't already remained too much, so we tell ourselves not to complain any more and cherish the remaining day!Upon that we walk silently over our own remaining years of life.Arriving the end of the life, and it reminds us it seems that we haven't complete something yet.Originally, all our dreams stay at the youth year。

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View in the heart
(张馨月  译)
   There is a temple at the foot of Nanshan,and an ancient banyan is in front of it.
  One morning,a young monk gets up to clean up the courtyard and sees the fallen leaves from the ancient banyan are  everywhere,he can't help worrying and look at the tree to sigh.
For his sorrow is on the toppest,he throws down the broom and rushes to his master's room ,then he knocks on the door to plea for interview.
His master hears it and opens the door,when he sees the disciple's worried look,he thinks something takes place,so he hurries to ask him:" My disciple, what does you worry about so much in the early morning? "
The young disciple is full of doubt and tells him:"Master, you persuades us to be diligent to cultivate our moral character and grasp the  truth day and night,but, even I learn them well ,it is hard to avoid to die.Till that time,so-called me, so-called Dao, aren't they just like the defoliation in autumn or the deadwood in winter? and they will be buried by a heap of loess?"
After hearing it ,the old monk points at the ancient banyan and says to the young monk:" My disciple ,you don't need to worry about this.In fact, the defoliation in autumn and the deadwood in winter will climb back to the trees silently and become the flowers in spring and grow up into the leaves in summer  at the time of autumnal winds is blowing strongliest and the snow falls down most heavily."
?? " Why don't i see it?"
?? " It is the reason that there isn't any view in your heart, so you can't see the bloom ."
?? facing the withering defoliations and imaging they will be in bud,it needs to have an immortal of spring heart, an optimism of heart.
There are always some miseries you will meet in your whole life and strike you when  you are unprepared, but we don't need to worry day after day for  the arrival of this day, and feel sorry to yourself.
?? Treating the life with the attitude of the optimism, it can not only dissolve the agony and misfortune , but also bring a kind of pleased mood to you everyday and make your life bright and flourishing .
?? As long as the view is in the heart,aren't the paths full of fragrance of flowers everywhere?
The people love you and you love爱你的和你爱的
      Seek a person who loves you, forget the person whom you love,in this sentence, the person that loves you and the person whom you love are definitely not the same one." Wish to seek a person who loves you",it is daintily substantial, only accept love, don't need to pay anything.Only we haven't heard that the split life will be happy,and  the love seems incompletely to do business, you won't always win if the earnings is bigger the cost.Contrary  , for the love itself,loving other is more worth to bless than being loved by other .The psychologist named Erich Fromm says in his famous book  named the Art of Loving:"First, good love is' to give' but not 'to get',because 'to give'is happier than'to get', to give is not to sacrifice.Instead, it states the 'rich' and 'vitality'. "Sadly, like a reason for the poor, not only because he is poor,but also his capability of "giving" is taken away.
    I believe the lot, I like to let it be.Choosing the one i love, loving the one i choose,and spending my life without regrets.

10 tips about rescuing you from the pressure
(张馨月 译)

Have you ever had this kind of feeling that the pressure from the work and family nearly compel you to be crazy?Let you breathe heavily.So, before the pressure threatens your health, you should think of some ways to rescue yourself from it!

  1.Only worry an affair every time .Women's worriment usually exceeds the men.The researchers of the Harvard carries on the research to 166 married husband and wife for 6 week, and discovering women prefer to think about all the aspects about the problems ,so women often feel more stressed than men.She will consider her own work, weight, and also the health of each member of the family and so on

  2.Concentrate energy for several minutes everyday.For example,the current work is to type this report well, other affairs should be thrown after the brain and don't think about any one of them.By-time of the work, you can also spend 20 minutes to relax yourself, just take a walk and take no account of your work,and focus on everything of your surrounding only, such like what you see, what you hear ,what you feel and smell, etc.

  3.Speak or write out your misgiving.Record the diary, or talk with friends together, you will not feel lonely and helpless at least.The medical experts of the United States ever divided some persons who got the rheumatism arthritis or asthma into groups,the groupers in one group performed their duties in a   perfunctory manner on recording the things that they did every day.The groupers in another group were requested to keep their diaries earnestly everyday, including their fear and aches.Then the researchers found out the result:The groupers in the last group seldom felt worried and anxious because of their own diseases.

  4.Whatever how busy you are,you must take exercise.The detection from the researcher was that the pressure level of the tester would descend 25% after stepping on the treadmill for 30 minutes.If will be OK if you choose to go to the gym and walk quickly  for 30 minutes, or do some stretch exercise when you get up.

  5.Enjoy the fun of the massage.It is not only the the traditional massage of the whole body ,and also includes the massage of the bottom of the feet , manicure or hairdressing, these can let you feel relaxed.

  6.Slow down the speed of your talking.Perhaps your  table is full of the documents that you should have a look everyday , your right hand is picking up the telephone, and the left hand still needs to thumb the data.You have to cope with the mixed people and say various words.So you must remember that you should try your best to keep the optimistic attitude  and slow down your speed  as far as possible.

  7.Don't be too serious.Might as well say a small joke with friend together and laugh loudly, if the atmosphere is active,you will also be relaxed.In fact, smiling will not only can ease the strain, but also promote the function of the immunity of the human body.

  8.Don't let the negative voice around yourself and force you to be crazy.The boss may say that you can't do this or that,actually,you have many advantages,simply  the boss doesn't discover them.

  9.Relax yourself for a whole day .Read a novel, sing a song, drink a cup of tea  , or simply sit before the window and be in a daze .By this time the key is the feeling of of your heart, a kind of serenity, a kind of relaxation.

  10.Remember a good affair which takes place today at least.Whatever how hard you are today ,how unhappy you are,after you are back home , you should share one of today's good affairs with you family.

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       Ten Fables 十个寓言故事
        (中文 佚名  张馨月  英译)
  这个故事的寓意是……要想坐在那里什么也不干,你必须坐(做)得非常非常高。 ( 一)

  A crow was sitting around on the tree all day.A leveret saw the crow and asked:" Can i sit there and do nothing the whole day?"the crow answered:"Of course,why not?" Hence, the rabbit then sitted under the tree, and started taking a rest.Suddenly, a fox appeared.The fox sprang at the rabbit …… and ate it.

  The implied meaning of this story is  …… if you want to sit there and don't need to do anying,you must sit( do) very high.
( Two)

  A turkey and a ox were chatting." I want to get on treetop very much," the turkey sighed ," but I have no that energy."" Thus, why not eat some of  my excrement?" The bull answered," It is full of nourishment." The turkey ate one  regiment of cow muck,and discovered that it really made it have the enough strength to arrive the first crotch of the tree.The second day, after eating more cow muck , it arrived the second crotch of the tree.Two weeks later, the turkey finally stood  at the top of the tree proudly.Unfortunately, no long after , it was targeted  by a farmer , and the farmer  shot down the turkey nimbly .
The implied meaning of this story is  ……  cow muck( Bad luck) may make you arrive the peak , but it can't make you stay there forever.
( Three)

  A small bird was way the way to fly to south to overwinter.The weather was much too cold, the small bird frozen stiff, and dropped down from  the sky and fell in a vast farmland.When it lay in the farmland, a cow walked over, and ---- a heap of excrement on it.The small frozen stiff bird lay in the cow's excrement and discovered it was really too warm.The cow muck let it slowly ease !It lay where and felt warm and happy, soon it began to sing songs happily.A cat passing by heard the singing of the small bird, so it came over to check what happened .Following the sound, the cat discovered the small bird hiding in the cow muck, then it digged it out with alacrity and ate it!

  The implied meaning  of this story is  ……

  1) Not all the persons who ---- on you are your enemies.

  2) Not all the people who pull you up from the heaps of excrement are your friends.

  3) Furthermore , when you sink into the excrement deeply ( the predicament), shut up your beak!
( Four)

  Before A master of performance performed , his pupil told him that his shoelace was loosen.The master nodded and thanked him,then  squatted down to tie it carefully .

  After waiting his pupil turn round,he again  squatted down and loosed his shoelace .An looker-on saw all these things and asked the master confusedly:" Master, why not loose shoelace again?" The master  answered:" Because the person which I play is tired traveller ,the long and difficult journey make  his shoelace loose , his weariness and emaciation can be shown from this detail ."" Why not tell your pupil directly?"" He can discover that my shoelace loose carefully, and tell me enthusiastically, I must protect this kind of enthusiasm from his and encourage him in time, as for why to untie the shoelace, there will be more opportunities to teach him how to perform in the future, i can say to him next time." A person can only do one thing at a time , he is a real talented person if he can understand the focus.

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  A person went to buy parrot,he saw a mark which wrote about a parrot :This parrot know two languages ,its price is 200 dollars.Another mark of another parrot:This one know Four languages,its price is  400 dollars.Both of their feathers were bright and colorful,they are also vivid and lovely.The person went around and couldn't make a decision.Finally,he suddenly discovered an old parrot which dropped his teeth and its feathers looks dim and messy,its price is 800 dollars.The man called the boss to come hurriedly and asked:Can this parrot say eight languages?The storekeeper said:No.The person felt strange and asked again:Then, why this  old, ugly  and incapable parrot can be worth  this piece?The storekeeper answered:Because the other two parrots calls him boss.
  This story tells us that a true leader may be uncertain how strong his ability is , as long as know the trust,know to transfer power to a lower level and cherish,then he can solidify the power which is stronger than hiself power, thus he promote his own prestige.Contrary, for being over perfect ,many person who have very strong abilities attend to do everything personally, and think whoever is  not as good as themselves,Eventually,they can only be the best sales representative,but can't be the best leaders.


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(六) 金人
The gold person
A man from a small country ever came to China  and paid tribute three gold persons whom looked exactly alike,all were brilliancy,that made the emperor very happily.But the person from the small country was not honest and kind, at the same time he drew out a problem:Which has the greatest value among these three gold persons ?The emperor thought many ways, sent the jeweller to check, weighed and saw the work, but all of them were exactly alike.
  How to do?The emissary still waited for returning to report.Such a magnificent  country, can't check out the reason of this small thing?Finally, there was an old minister  who already resigned.The emperor invited the emissary to the audience hall, the old minister  who had a contrivance ready took out three rice straws,and inserted it into one of the ears of the first gold person , this rice straw came out from the other ear .The rice straw of the second gold person dropped down from the mouth directly,but to the third gold person, after the rice straw dropped into the belly, nothing happened.The old minister said:The third gold person has the greatest value!The emissary was silent,that meant the answer was correct.
  This story tells us that the most worthy person may not be the most talkative one.The bejesus gives us two ears and a mouth,they  originally make us hear more and say little.Being good at listening is just a mature person's  most basic character .
   A says to B:" I want to leave this company.I hate this company!" B suggests him:" I raise the hands to approve you make the reprisals!!Damned company must be given some color to sees.However ,if you leave now, it is not best opportune moment." A asks:Why? B says:" If you leave now, the loss of the company is not very big.You should be under the cover of working in the company,and  try to form ties with some some customers for yourself and be able to undertake the tack alone in the company , then you can  take these customers to leave the company suddenly, only this the company would suffer heavy losses and be very passive."  A feels what B says is reasonable.Hence he works hard and things go to his wishes, after half a year of   diligent work,he has many faithful customers.When they meet again, B asks A:Now It is the time,if you want to get a new employment ,you should hurry up! A smiles coldly and says:The chief has talked with me and prepares to promote me to general manager's assistant, I don't plan to leave temporarily.
  In fact this is exactly B's original intention.A person's work, is just his own resume forever.Only paying more than getting and making the boss see that your ability is higher than your current location,then you can be given more opportunities to create more profitses for him.
  ( 八)去掉自己身上的气味!

Throw away the smell of oneself's body!
  A pigeon moves its home constantly.
  Every time,it had no sooner lived in the net than felt a kind of strong strange flavor which made it breathless,and had to keep on moving.
  Feeling very perplexed ,it complained about the trouble to an old experienced pigeon .
  The old pigeon said:"It wasn't useful to move so many times at all,because the strange smell which troubled you doesn't send out from the inside of the nest ,but from your body."
  The revelation of this Parable:If a person is incompatible with the team , the problem comes from himself!
Some people will go on complaining the others'faults and reflecting others' shortcomings,they feel the surroundings and the persons around them always oppose them;or they will think themselves as " the song is too high to be popular ", the ordinary people can't comprehend their abundant and deep thought.Actually, they aren't aware of the real problem is not from the surroundings, but  from themselves.
  Being like such a kind of person,he must try to recognize himself, try to be earnest and make a self-examination deeply.
  To an organization,it needn't to regret to lose such a "pigeon".
  More and more research show the leadership is not inborn, people can completely get this kind of ability through the postnatal effort.Therefore,if the leader wants to change the employees successfully, he must change his leading characteristics first.
  To a leader, the outstanding ability of management  is still essential.The leader owns the ability of this kind of management ,it is not for controlling and ordering the employees, but for the sake of  supporting and helping the employees' development and  growth.
  In this changeable era which has so much competition around the world, the key figures of a company would rather have foresight and target the employees' wisdom and abilities and enthusiasms than seeking the advanced method and meanses of management,this is the company's inexhaustible treasure , the company must find out the appropriate path to release them.The unique path to realize this target is changing the job of management from  controlling the employees to believing  employees' potential and encouraging their enthusiasm.

    Be an apple tree which grows up forever  
   An apple tree finally fruited.  
   The first year, it fruited 10 apples,9 ones were taken away and it got only one.To this, the apple tree was indignant,and it decided to give self-inflicted injury to itself and refused growth.The second year, it fruited 5 apples,4 ones were taken away, and only one could be kept."Haw-haw, I got 10% last year, and get 20% this year!Doubled!" the psychology of this apple  tree  balanced.  
   But, it can also grow like this:Continue to grow up.For example, the second year, it fruits 100 apples and 90 ones are taken away ,it can keep 10 ones. But it doesn't matter, it can also continue to grow up and fruits 1000 apples in the third year ……
   In fact, it is not the  most important to get how many fruits .The most important thing is , the apple tree is growing up!With waiting the apple tree grows into a towering tree, those powers which ever blockes it grow up will become faint and can be neglected.Really,don't care the fruits ,the growth is the  most important.

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(十)雨后,一只蜘蛛艰难地向墙上已经支离破碎的网爬去,由于墙壁潮湿,它爬到一定的高度,就会掉下来,它一次次地向上爬,一次次地又掉下来…… 第一个人看到了,他叹了一口气,自言自语:“我的一生不正如这只蜘蛛吗?忙忙碌碌而无所得。”于是,他日渐消沉。 第二个人看到了,他说:这只蜘蛛真愚蠢,为什么不从旁边干燥的地方绕一下爬上去?我以后可不能像它那样愚蠢。于是,他变得聪明起来。 第三个人看到了,他立刻被蜘蛛屡败屡战的精神感动了。于是,他变得坚强起来。

Afer a rain, a spider walled hard toward its fragmented network, since the wall was damp ,every time it climbed up to a certain height, it would fall down,it had to repeat the actions again and again…..a person who saw this first sighed and said to himself : "Isn’t my life like this spider? Busy without earning. "Therefore, he increasingly demoralized. The second person who saw the scene said : This spider is really stupid, why not go around and climb up from the dry side ? I will not be so foolish as it is. Thus, he became cleverer.The third one who saw it was immediately moved by the spirit of keep fighting from the spider. Therefore, he turned to be stronger.      The secret of success : The person who has an attitude to be successful can catch the force of success

  21 Small Stories (21个小故事)(佚名  中文   张馨月 英译)

     1. Tolerance   
A piggy,a sheep and a milker were kept in the same corral,Once the Shepherd caught the piggy,it howled loudly and disputed fiercely.The sheep and the milker hated to hear it howl and said to it : He catches us frequently, but we do not make any noise. After listening to this,the piggy replied : "It is completely different from catching you and me, he catches you,and only wants your fur and milk, but to me,he wants my life!   Different persons on different position find it is difficult to understand other's feelings. So we should have the feeling of careness and comprehension to the others'chill, frustration and sadness,don't take pleasure in other's misfortune .We should have tolerance!
2、 Rely on ourselves
          Little snail asked his mother : Why do we have to bear this heavy and hard shell as we were born?   
          Mom : Because there are no bones in our bodies to support it, we only can crawl but no fast. Therefore, we need this shell to protect ourselves!  
          Little snail :There are no bones in caterpillar's sister's body,and she can't crawl quickly yet. why she does not need to carry too this kind of heavy and hard shell?   
          Mom : Because Caterpillar sister could turn into a butterfly, the sky will protect her .
         Little snail:But it is the same to earthworm brother and he can't turn into a butterfly,why he doesn't need to carry the heavy and hard shell?   
          Mom : Because earthworm brother is able to drill soil, the earth will protect him .   
          Little snail started to cry : we are so poor, neither the sky nor the earth protects us.
          The snail's mother consoled him : "So we have shell!"   We do not rely on the sky, nor the earth, we rely on ourselves.

  妈妈:因为蚯蚓弟弟会钻土, 大地会保护他啊。

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3、Sharks and fish  
      It had ever been done  to put a most ferocious sharks and a group of tropical fish in the same pond, and then  separated them with strengthen glass.Initially, the sharks continued to bumping the glass which seems no exist there,but what it did was futile,because it couldn't cross to the opposite side, and the persons in the laboratory put some crucian into the pool everyday,so the shark didn't lack of prey,but it still thought to go to the opposite side to try the beautiful taste, every day it was constant to bump the piece of glass, although it tried every corner and every time it exhausted all its efforts, it only could get the numerous injuries, several times it broke itself and was bleeding all over the body,this kind of situation persisted for a number of days,  whenever crack appeared on the glass ,the men will change it with another piece of thick glass.
       Later, the Sharks didn't  bumped the piece of glass any more and didn't care about the bright-colored tropical fish ,to it ,they were just like the wall murals , which could move on the wall .The shark began to wait the crucian which appeared on time and used its quick instinct to hunt,it seemed that its extremely arrogant vicious hegemony which showed in the sea returned ,but it was just feint.
       When the experimen was done in the final stage,the men removed the glass, but the sharks did not respond, every day it only swam in the settled regional ,it not only ignored the tropical fish,but also gave up to hunt them immediately and wouldn't like to swim near that place even though the crucian escaped to the other side.The men ridiculed  it as a most cowardly fish in the sea .
        But to the people who are disappointed in a love affair know the reason,because it is afraid of pain.  
4、 Miracle   
In France, a remote town rumor that a special prayers springs often appeared miracle that can cure many diseases. One day, one leaning on a cane, the less one of the legs of veterans, a lame lame through the village roads, and beside the town's sympathy with the kiss back, said : "the poor man, I wonder if he would like to pray to God have a leg 吗??" This was demobilized soldiers heard, he turned to them : "I am not God to pray for a new leg but to pray for him to help me and ask me to no legs, knows how to live. "   Just imagine : Learning for the Thanksgiving loss, the loss of the facts, regardless of the gain and loss of life, always beautiful and full of life to let their own brilliance, no tears for the past, the efforts and deal with their lives.   
5、 Poles
  Fishing in the river is an old, a child has to see his fishing skills skilled elderly, there is no time to catch on the first baskets on the fish, a lovely old kids see, the whole baskets of fish gave him, the children, shaking his head and the elderly surprised and asked him : "Why did you not? "The child replied :" I want your hands poles. "Elderly : "What do you want to poles? fish baskets, "the children said :" This is not finished on time, if I had poles, I can own bait, a lifetime not eat. "   I think you will say : Well, the smart kids. Wrong, if he provided poles, he also did not eat a fish. Because he did not know angling skills, it is useless to have a fishing rod, fishing is important is not the "poles" and "fishing technology."   Too many people consider themselves to have a life along the poles, it was nothing to fear from the road of ups and downs, this will inevitably fall on the muddy ground. If children see on the elderly, as long as they are poles will not eat fish, like their bosses, staff, as long as they sit in an office, it rolled into the financing.
6.A:" The neighbor who moved lately is very damned, at midnight of last night,they ran to   press the door bell of my house fiercely." B:" Really damned!Did you report to the police right away?" A:" No.I took them as bedlamites, and continue to blowing my small trumpet."
- A reason for it, if he can see his own fault first, the answer would be different.
  7.Zhang San is driving on the path of the mountain,when he is enjoying the beautiful scenery carefreely, suddenly a driver of a truck which is driving directly against his car shakes down the window and yells:" Pig!" ZHANG SAN gets more and more angry when he thinks about it,then he also shakes down the  window to lambaste:" You are just pig!" as soon as he finishes scolding, he meets a flock of pigs which are crossing the road. Don't annotate others' good intentions mistakenly,that will not only let yourself suffer a los, and also make other people humiliated.
8.A little boy asks his father:" Does the father always knows more than the son?"the father answers:"Of course!""Who invented electric light ?"" Edison."" How hadn't Edison's father had invent electric light?"Sometimes the authority is just an empty hull,especially in this modern era of diversity and openness.   

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