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sometimes we hear about some saying such as"here wo go ""there we go "or "here it is ""there it is "etc. and often these make me very confused ,would you please help me to figure it out how to use thses and and under what circumstance we should use,thank you!

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2. There you go.

"There you go." 是老美希望结束一段对话时, 很自然会脱口而出的一句话, 特别是在完成某项交易的时候.   像是你去买一样东西, 当你付完钱之後店员会说, "There you go."  或 "That's it." 就表示交易已经完成, 你可以滚了.   另外像是电台的点歌节目 DJ 在播放音乐之前都会说, "There you go." 表示你要的音乐我找到了, 现在要开始播放你所点的歌曲了.

有时候你提醒别人讲话别讲太久也是用 "There you go." 例如有一次班上同学交报告给教授, 结果教授还跟他讲东讲西的, 那老美也不客气, 就说, "Well, I just came by to give you my report, so, there you go!"  这时教授就知道他不想再讲下去了, 如果再讲下去自己就太不识相了.

"There you go." 也常常用来鼓励别人有好的表现, 例如你的小宝宝开始会说话了, (先假设他听得懂英文好了) 你就可以说, "There you go." 来鼓励他, 或是常在球场上听到教练对表现不错的球员大叫, "There you go."

3. Here you go.

"Here you go." 和 "There you go." 听起来只有一字之差, 所以很多人都会乱用, 这二者倒底有什麽区别呢? 仔细来分, "Here you go." 指的是一件事情还在进行之中, 而 "There you go." 则是事情已经结束, 例如店员正把你买的东西交付给你, 他会说, "Here you go." 而不是 "There you go." 反之, 如果东西己经到了你手上, 则他会说的是, "There you go."

此外, "Here you go." 和 "There you go." 一样, 也有鼓励别人的意思在 面, 像我本身蛮喜欢跟老美打棒球的, 每次有人大棒一挥, 老美就会兴奋地大叫 "Here you go." 问题是他们为什麽不说, "There you go." 呢? 因为球在飞行当中算是一个过程, 你还不知道结果, 所以要用, "Here you go."  会比较正确, 而事实上老美也正是这样子用的喔, 当然这 各位不必太细究 "There you go." 和 "Here you go." 的区别, 小笨霖这 所说的只是一个大原则, 至於在日常生活的交谈中, 想到哪一个就说哪一个吧.  反正老美都听得懂.

10. There you go!

美国人讲话时很喜欢用 There you go! 或是 Here we go 来表示你说的没错, 我赞同你的讲法. 例如二个人在对话, A: It's so beautiful, I definitely will come back again.  B: There you go! 所以这个 There you go 就表示我赞成你说的话, 你说的没错的意思.

From "小笨霖笔记"

Kind of depends on how it's said. Basically some action is taking place. A car is stuck in the mud. It's pushed out of the muck and starts rolling. "Here we go!"

: : Dear friends
: : : can you give possible meaning for the expression:

: : : contectx: orderlies are turning over a patient with back problem
: : : "there we go"

: : : a mother says to a crying daughter after she wakes up from an anaesthesia
: : : "there you go"

: : : las: "oh my word, yes. it'll be the sweetest thing that ever happened to me" says a man waiting for an operation to relieve him from pain.
: : : and of couse the question is "oh my word"

: : : Thank you very much

: : "There you go" and "My word" aren't easy to explain. Neither of them makes sense if taken literally, but both are common.

: : "There you go" is informal. It's said by a person fulfilling another's request for something. A: "Pass the salt, please." B, handing salt: "There you go." The phrase connotes closure or satisfaction for the listener; for example, A, who wanted salt, now has it.

: : "There you go" may be descended historically from "There you are," which would also fit the salt-passing scene and is a little more formal.

: : It can also be used as a way of remarking that someone's desire for something intangible is or will be fulfilled. A: "I don't know how to dress for the costume party. The guests were told to come as somebody famous." B: "Well, who comes to mind?" A: "Oh, maybe Shakespeare." B: "THERE you go!" B means that Shakespeare meets the requirement; dressing as Shakespeare will do.

: : Orderlies turning over a patient might say "we" in line with the practice of medical personnel who use "we" instead of "you" when addressing a patient, or their "we" might refer to their group. In the latter case, they'd be noting that the group has successfully completed its task.

: : There's another "There you go," not to be confused with the one you asked about. A: "Can you make a phone call for me?" B, who is angry: "There you go" (or "There you go again"), "expecting me to do you a favor."

: : "Oh, my word" is equivalent to "Oh, my goodness." It's like swearing, but much milder.

: Thank you Berg
: I think I've got the feeling of it.

I can't improve on R. Berg's explication. Some expressions are just hard to explain. A very popular TV series, "McCloud," featured Dennis Weaver (famed as Chester in "Gunsmoke") as Marshal Sam McCloud, a New Mexico peace officer transferred to a unit of the New York City Police to learn big-citiy methods. (Naturally he chases down a lot of criminals on his horse.) He often responds to some comment by Chief Clifford by drawling "There ya go!" Finally Chief Clifford asks, "McCloud, just what does 'There you go' actually mean?" But he gets no answer, of course. SS

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Thank you ,Here you go! aha!!

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