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Let's share some good movies好看的电影介绍 [Copy link] 中文

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('Chicago' Picks Up Best Picture Prize)

The razzle-dazzle musical satire "Chicago" won the Academy Award as best picture, while top acting honors struck a more somber note: Adrien Brody as a Holocaust survivor in "The Pianist" and Nicole Kidman as a suicidal novelist in "The Hours."

In a ceremony overshadowed by the U.S.-led war in Iraq, "Chicago" became the first musical since 1968's "Oliver!" to win the top Oscar and also took home the most trophies, six. Its other awards were supporting actress for Catherine Zeta-Jones, and four technical honors.

"Chicago" was adapted from the Bob Fosse stage hit about two Jazz Age murderesses using their jailhouse celebrity to further their singing careers.

World events sparked several emotional highlights, including Brody's tearful speech urging prayers for peace. Brody's victory was something of a surprise, as was the awarding of the best-director Oscar to Roman Polanski, also for "The Pianist."

Brody played the title character in "The Pianist," based on the real-life story of musician Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Polish Jew who lived through World War II by hiding from the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto. "This film would not be possible without the blueprint provided by Wladyslaw Szpilman," Brody said. "This film is a tribute to his survival."

Kidman's Oscar win was a Hollywood ending for her after a turbulent couple of years. She had a miscarriage in 2001 and broke up with husband Tom Cruise, in whose shadow she had lingered throughout their 11-year relationship. In "The Hours," Kidman played suicidal author Virginia Woolf, wearing a fake nose to capture the writer's plain features.

Chris Cooper won as best supporting actor for his role as a scraggly haired, toothless horticultural poacher in "Adaptation."

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('Mountain' lives up to the hype)

With a quiet and subtle magic, "Brokeback Mountain" bewitches viewers as it presents us with the journey of two lovers.

And, yes, the two lovers in question are men, cowboys at that, roaming the range, herding sheep, drinking whiskey around the campfire一all the stereotypically manly things men do in Westerns. Part of the undeniable power of "Brokeback Mountain" comes from its ability to challenge our notions about manhood.

When we first meet them in 1960s Wyoming, Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) are two ranch stiffs who have agreed to herd sheep for rancher Joe Aguirre (Randy Quaid). The two men are left alone camping on Brokeback Mountain and have only each other for company. Jack makes the first move and soon he and Ennis start an affair on Brokeback, even though both men deny that they are gay.

With the relationship established, "Brokeback Mountain" then widens its scope and gives the men wives, families, and jobs. These men feel obligated to do what everyone else has done before them. So Ennis marries Alma (Michelle Williams) and Jack finds Lureen (Anne Hathaway). The picture focuses on the emotional toll Ennis and Jack's closeted life takes on their marriages and roles as parents.

"Brokeback Mountain" finally ends as a warning of the consequences of denying who you are.

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    The  skeleton about the film named Changing Lanes: a lawyer was anxious to the court, a father hurried to restore the warmth of his family, the two people had a crash on the road, and  one of the lawyer's  important documents fell on the hands of the father, then both of them fell into the game of attacking each other because of it.He made him insolvent, without providing a loan to buy a house for his wife and son,he eventually  lost them.And he almost t let him lose the life, ultimately, justice wins falsity and fraud. Yes, we do not bully our conscience.

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Brief introduction of the film named Love Actually:Several seemingly unrelated but closely linked to the Christmas stories started the first 5 weeks from the Christmas , each story had a deep sense of love, not only love but also natural affection. I always like seeing these kinds of movies which explain the love of kindness and trueness,they always make our hearts fill with warmth after finish seeing them.
          In this film ,the guy who couldn't been forgotten was that  groom's good friend who was in love with the bride ,his camera was filled with the bride's brilliant smile, finally he declared it to the bride on the Christmas Eve:He lifts the tape recorder and the cardboard shows his intention,without any words, he turns round to leave immediately after showing his mind.That girl caught up to kiss him once and he said to himself: Enough.It is enough.His love to her released and it was good to be like this......My tears was dropping down when i watched the secene,not for the reason of sadness ,i couldn't help smiling with tears in my eyes,perhaps just because of such this kind of release .
         Let's see the story about the two persons who had the barrier of language.They spoke different languages, but they expressed the same feeling, after they separated,both of them studied each other's language till they met again,no one and nothing could impede them to love each other.And the story about the couple:When the wife was pleased to open the Christmas present and discovered the necklace that her husband had bought was not given to her,her tears almost came out,but she still feigned to smile to her family,no words,no quarrel and she did not discard her home, the final outcome was good to make up the wife's toleration.
         And the little boy's story:The little boy went to say good-bye to the girl he loved under the encouragement of his stepfather.Seeing him cross the toll-gates of the airport, standing in front of the little girl, how brave he was, he even dared not believe that the little girl had originally known his name, by the time he was escorted by the persons of the airport to come out,he carried the self-confident of loving, love  should never been suppressed,even if he is a child,but in fact it is so pure.
         There are many such kinds of tender feeling in the film,it makes us feel that people exist for love.In fact such kinds of love stories also present in the cities we are living in .Yours,mine,his and hers.
         电影《真爱至上》简介:几个看似无关却紧紧联系着的故事从圣诞前五周开始,每个故事都有着浓浓的爱意,不仅仅有爱情,还有亲情。一直很喜欢这些表现善良的纯真的爱的电影, 看过以后, 让人内心充满着温暖。最不能忘记的是那个爱上新娘的新郎的好友,他的镜头中到处充满着新娘灿烂的笑,他终于在圣诞夜向新娘表白 提着录音机 还有写着心意的纸板,没有任何言语, 表明之后, 他立即转身离开了.那女孩追上来吻了他一下,他对自己说: ENOUGH.IT IS ENOUGH. 满是释然,这样就很好......看着就会有眼泪掉下来,不是因为难过,而是掉下泪的时候,又忍不住微笑的表情,也许只是因为这样一份释然。还有那两个语言不通的人。他们说着不同的话却表达着同样的感觉,分开后,因彼此想念而学习了对方的语言,直到他们再次遇见,没有人, 没有任何事物可以阻挡他们相爱。还有那个妻子满心欢喜的拆开圣诞礼物却发现丈夫买下的项链并不是送给自己的那个时候, 她的眼泪已是夺眶欲出, 却还在家人面前强装微笑,什么也没说。 没有争吵,没有抛开自己的家,最后的结局是好的, 妻子的宽容弥补了一切。还有那个小男孩在继父的鼓励下向喜欢的小女孩做最后的道别,看着他,穿越机场的一道道关卡,来到小女孩的面前,多么勇敢,他甚至有点不敢相信, 原来小女孩一直知道他的名字,他被机场人员押着走出来的时候, 是带着爱的自信的吧,爱从来都是不该被压抑的,哪怕他还只是个小孩子,但其实那有多纯洁。电影里还有很多如此的温情,它让我们感到人是为爱而生存的。其实我们生活着的城市,也到处上演着这样爱的故事。你的, 我的, 他的, 她的.
(未经允许  严禁转载)                            (张馨月  编译)

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Ladies in Lavender

Where will the serene life end and the surreal life begin?

As the young boy was accidentally walking into the lives of two unmarried, old sisters, at the age of 60s, it turned their emotional lives up side down, brought back their long forgotten fond memories, stirred up their mixed feelings, ... How they wish they had come to the earth forty years later, not earlier ...

Longing and yearning are unbounded by ages.

A fairy tale ...

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朋友么,如果你们推荐的电影在此能链接到下载,那就更好了,方便大家嘛!that is kind of you !
make a friend with a foreigner in hope  frankly

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  My dear friends,i have to tell you that I seldom download  the films online and  feel uncomfortable if see them with computer,i prefer to see them in the cinema , DVDs and VCDs.

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