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Best Way to Warn the Taiwan Splittists [Copy link] 中文

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As to Taiwan democracy, I do not think a debate is necessary or worthwhile, There is NO democracy as there is none in USA or Australia. Pretend democracy is the vogue. Read  " Armed Madhouse " by Greg Palast and you can have a laugh about this issue. Sad and mad.

There are many books bashing western democracy, just like there are just as many books criticizing China's communism, written by both Chinese and Western scholars. All the Chinese scholars would obviously simply repeat CCP partyline because if you look at our contemporary history, that's what scholars and elites do under a dictatorship.

Lets just be practical and discuss democracy from a pratical point of view. You don't live in China so you probably don't know about those who had their land confiscated by government officials who received bribes from real-estate developers. Imagine if you were a PRC ctiizen who has just had your home bulldozed to build someone else's house, and you have never been properly compensated, what would you do? The reason I keep inquiring about your citizenship is because I am sure if things like this happen to you in the UK, you would immediately sue the government, which is impossible in China. Whether you admit it or not, the Taiwanese people have the right to sue any of their government officials, including the president. This is democracy, the people have these rights, protected by law. In China, this is unthinkable. If your land is taken away from you, well, tough SH!T.

The 1000 missiles in China are aimed at anyone who threatens us. The co-ordinates of the enemy can be altered at will and at short notice. To drum up this " threat " that all the missiles are aimed specifically and invariably at Taiwan is wrong and show the paranoia which suits the splittist.  NO force will be used on Taiwan until and unless Taiwan asks for it with a unilateral declaration of independence. Which part of this sentence is so hard to understand ??

Taiwan is not the one who has been drumming up the threat, it's those PLA generals, who, one after another, comes out making public statements about how they are prepared to nuke Taiwan. If I were holding a gun to your head right now, would you have to be paranoid just to say you are scared? Duh... it's a natural reaction. Your beloved CCP, not the China nor the Chinese people, is what's been pushing the Taiwan comptriots further away. Taiwan is prevented by its own constitution from declaring independence, and to change this constitution the Taidus need need 3/4 votes in the "legislative yuan", which everyone knows will be impossible. So what suits the splittists are the constant PLA generals' provacations and bigots like you. But it doesn't matter to you anyway, you don't live in China, or the Chinese province of Taiwan, so it's easy for you to dismiss the 1000 missiles. What a hypocrite!?!

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I do believe  that boosting economy is the priorty for China now.

Countries are cooprating with America because it is the most   powerful country.

If China had the strength to compete economically and politically , I doubt  there is still fear of change for Taiwan people, and interference of the American and the japanese.

I can see  little benefit in being too aggressive, too soon.

I wonder why it is so important to use so much resources to warn the splittists now? Since Taiwan as a country has little chance being recognised by the world  and we still have time to claim it back.

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Nit picking and hair splitting.

Dear twchinese,

Your two points are somewhat valid but the vision is blinkered.

*1.  "Democracy ". We can debate this till the cows come home. I can say..... and you can say.... and we'll go no where. There is a graduated need for individual rights vs the bigger common good. They need not be exclusive ; in other words, one can possibly have both. China is rapidly evolving. " Talking rights " have to come after the rights to food, shelter, medical care and education. One can see the changes in individual rights in China as each year passes. Democarcy works best in a population educated and savvy, not among a bunch of starving and illeterates. Stop treating those who have good wishes for the PRC as if they live in a dark and dingy dungeon. It is untrue and it does not advance your argument.

*2. Taiwan, through many a trouble maker in power, have threatened to declare independence. That is why there is a problem over this political hot potato in the first place. Inspite of the fact that it is unlikely, the PRC is just repeating the advice in case some lunatic is impulsive enough to light the fire and watch the fire brigade turning up with sirens blaring. This hooliganism in taking Chinese lives for granted started way BEFORE missiles were in place. So don't use these " 1000 missiles " as an excuse. If Taiwan has NO intention of declaring independence, the let AB proclaim that to the Yankee masters at least.

My physical presence seem to continue as a item of conjecture and bemusement. If for the sake of argument , I say I am now posting from Cardiff , Wales ( theoretical ) would any of my opinions be more valid ? For general information, I have access to more information than most. Enough said ?  

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for extremist vince girl

i m just telling the truth,
why did taiwan change its strategy with time passing from last century till now,because u know yourself is walking downhills,your troops are vulnerable and only depend on the us,and you are still so proud of it,what a ----ing joke it is.without us u guys must surrender at once.
our J10 is going to shoot all your F-16 A /B is well known that u guys are so good at self boasting.
ok stop doing that stupid thing,it makes me look down upon u always,u ----ing bloody spilitist,traitor and shame
hopefully to be a master of what I like, on knowledge

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I catch you lying again, you need to stop lying.
The DPP defeated kmt , and that is why dpp is promoting independence.  Don't pretend to be stupid.  Your KMT dictator , jiang kai sheck came from china , he was trying to re claim china.   It has nothing to do with dpp.  So , don't pretend to be stupid.  
Your PLA is very vulnerable and will be killed when trying to land on the beaches, and will be send back to china in bodybags.  This is the  truth.  So, don't try to be so proud of yourself.  It is very shameful for a big country to try to attack a smaller country.   I look down upon you!!  You want to kill other foreign country like Taiwan , but you are too AFRAID of USA.   I look down upon you!

Your j-10 is a copy of the f16.  You stole the design and copied it.  And we all know copy products are junk.  From satellite photos, china's jets and ships don't practice much, they just sit in harbor and collect rust.  Our Taiwanese pilots are trained in San Diego, USA.  the school of TOP GUN.  And our helpcopter pilots are trained in Arizona.   So, don't mention j-10 again, it only makes you look stupid.

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Taiwan now is already an indepandent country.ChinaPRC will not attack it until it declare ti is not belong to China.If prc do as u says,the international organisations will crack down on it.The most terrible end of this doing is all the coutry are threntened by prc will form a unit to attack china.

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Originally posted by writevince at 2007-4-18 11:21
Our Taiwanese pilots are trained in San Diego, USA.  the school of TOP GUN.  And our helpcopter pilots are trained in Arizona.  ...

Where are you when there's a war broke after provocation from separatist?

You should be in Sacramento, in front of TV, let alone coming to Taiwan defending your separatist dream.

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