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not exactly

The f16 jet fighters and Surface to air anti missles sold to Taiwan are not junk.  In fact, f 16 jets has never been shot down during any combat in history, as of yet.  The f16 will do their jobs well.  And the f16 cost 55 to 60 million each., which is the exact same price it cost all other US allies, to purchase.  In fact, even the pentagon who buys the f16 has to pay the same amount from contractors too.  
The anti missles systems sold to Taiwan is really effective too,  it will take down anything that flies close to Taiwan.  Taiwan has the highest number of anti missle systems per square mile in the world.  And recently Taiwan has deployed a newer version of the missles shield made in Taiwan as well.
I was reading another article, Taiwan has already made cluster bombs, yes your PLA lose their arms and legs trying to land on the beaches of Taiwan.  read below:
Taiwan Unveils Upgraded Home-Made Fighter Aircraft
Agence France-Presse | Apr 9, 2007

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Chingchuankang Taiwan: Taiwan Tuesday unveiled an upgraded home-made fighter jet which President Chen Shui-bian said demonstrated the island's determination to defend itself against rival China. A prototype of the sleek twin-seater fighter, an improved version of the Ching-Kuo Indigenous Defence Fighter IDF-II, scrambled for take-off at the Chingchuankang airbase in central Taiwan.

Hundreds of guests and engineers from the government-owned aircraft maker Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) applauded as the fighter looped and banked to show off its maneuvering capability.

"The success is not only the latest achievement of our defence industry, but it also demonstrates Taiwan's determination and efforts to defend ourselves," Chen said at the end of the new fighter's 10-minute test flight.

Chen named the new jet "Hsung Ying", or Goshawk -- an indigenous bird renowned for the speed of its attacks on prey.

Ching-Kuo Indigenous Defence Fighter IDF-II
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The AIDC unveiled the prototype of an upgraded single-seated upgrade late last year.

Costing the military seven billion Taiwan dollars (212.12 million US) in a project launched in 2001, the Goshawk had increased its endurance time with the installation of two additional fuel tanks, the AIDC said.

The new fighter has upgraded mission computers and an advanced fire control radar system, and will be armed with four medium-range air-to-air missiles, it said, adding service entry was scheduled for 2010 if further development was successful.

With the aid of the United States, Taiwan produced 130 IDFs during the 1990s to replace its ageing Lockheed F-104s and Northrop F-5s. But the US has restricted Taiwan from developing offensive weapons that could be used to attack the Chinese mainland.

"If the air force decided not to upgrade the IDFs, it may be forced to ground the whole fleet 10 years from now," Chang said.

He said if Goshawks could be armed with "Wan Chien" (Ten Thousand Swords) cluster bombs that could be used to attack China's coastal military installations, 300 kilometres from Taiwan, they would pose a greater threat to China's military might.

Taiwanese arms researchers have reportedly successfully developed "Wan Chien".

The United States is the major arms supplier to the island, providing it with defensive weapons in accordance with its Taiwan Relations Act.

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I don't know why you would want to unify with china in the far future.  
Look at the attitudes of these people.  why would you want to join them???  
I rather fight them , than join them.  It is much better to fight,  they need to taught a lesson.  They are too arrogant, and fighting them will humble them.    They are acting like imperial japanese of WWII , trying to invade other countries.

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The US sells Taiwan inferior quality F-16s. Go read it up on the Internet, all the F-16s diagnosed with quality flaws after production are immediately tagged a yellow note, which means "for export." Moreover, Taiwan gets the waterdown version of the F-16s, that's a version modified for defense purpose. The US forbids all sales of supercomputers to Taiwan and stops all of Taiwan's research in nuclear technology because the US is afraid of seeing a big advance in Taiwan's weapons technology. Taiwan's arms order, an estimated 3 billion dollars per year, is feeding hundreds of Americans in the barren mid-west states.

Look at the attitudes of these people.  why would you want to join them???

I am proud of my Chinese roots and I want unification to take place in the long run when China is ready to embrace Taiwan's democracy. And I agree with you, the attitudes of these people are showing that they cannot accept, let alone respect, Taiwan's freedom of speech, to the extent that they want to attack Taiwan just to take that away. For this very reason, I don't think Taiwan should be unified until these people are educated about democracy and free speech. (Li Ao gave a speech on free spech in Beijing University, in which he won standing applause, for those of you who don't understand what free speech is, go watch that speech!)

They are acting like imperial japanese of WWII , trying to invade other countries.

China is NOT trying to invade other countries. All China is doing is threatening their own, like every PRC citizen in China, the CCP wants the Taiwanese people to live in fear as well.

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My word is my honour no more !

Dear overkill,

Welcome back to the forum. I can see nothing has changed over your horizon : still blinkered and blind.

The questions should be :

#1. Why should the US sell offensive weapons to a province of China ( which she recognise ) while mouthing something else ? Is this hypocrisy with a capital H or what ? Money talks right ?

#2. We acknowledge that the US is a superpower at present and that a frontal confrontation is not to China's interest. There is still such a thing as  honour, self respect or dignity. The US has jettisoned these for untrusthworthiness, unreliablity  and uncouth behaviour.

There is also the matter of " soft power ". Blood is thicker than water and the Chinese from both sides of the Strait will be reunited sooner or later. Have a restless night overkill, your dream of US ascendency is now a nightmare.

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all f16 with flaws are yellow taged??   don't be silly.  
Any aircraft traveling over 600 miles per hour will instantly blow up in mid air into a million pieces if there are any flaws with it.  Even jumbo jets 747, if one screw is off, the entire wing will fall apart and the plane will crash.  Because planes travel at such high speeds.    Please don't be silly.  All jet planes anywhere go though rigious quality testing before being delcared fleight worthy.
As for supercompter,  supercomputers are made in Taiwan, designed in taiwan.  I am confident the taiwanese computers are better than the ones in america.
    I know you are on my side, but you are just silly.  YOu are proud of your heritage? Then all humans can trace our heritage to south africa millions of years ago.  Why not unify with africa.   If you love chinese so much, then there are many in canada and europe.  There is no need to join the commies from Beijing.  Of all the countries on earth, you just had to pick a repressive communist one.  That is nuts.
   listen,  we are allies,  I am not going to reply to your posts anymore, so if you want to declare yourself the winner of our debate.  That is totally ok by me.  I think we should combine forces and take out the drama queen mangzhi, and the little worm northwest.

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Are You Kidding?

How should such ideas come out of your brilliant brain?
You must be standing on your head.
Can't you think we have nothing to do with the splittists!
Our allowing their existence is just to disguise our ambition,in which situation we surfacely as a weaker can strengthen ourselves comparatively much freely.
As to the six items,they are just a matter of time,closely after our territorial integrity.

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Good grass .


Your school kid mentality in toy counting and braggadico is sad but interesting. It is a childlike trance with this complete and total fascination with the invincibility of Taiwan in her military might that is an eye opener. What do you smoke that is so hallucinating and confer such a feeling of false grandeur ? Can you tell me your supplier ? Sure I can do with a dose or two of that stuff.

So Taiwan is the world's foremost manufacturer of cutting edge and space age weapon systems ? You sure can keep that under wrap secretly enough. The fact that lots of nations recognise this Jack-n-the-beanstalk  sovereign state is also news to me.

Happy hallucinating vince the victim of delusion.  See those multi-coloured glow and the cookie monsters ?

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