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Andy Lau, please meet Yang Lijuan again [Copy link] 中文

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Hong Kong icon Andy Lau probably has never imagined that he would be linked with Yang Lijuan, a 29-year-old die-hard fan from northwest of China’s Gansu Province. Yang has been in the limelight of media and public as her father expressed his anger on Andy Lau by killing himself in HK. And his anger was for Andy Lau had not given a private conversation with his daughter. Although almost everybody is critical about the lady’s behaviors, Andy Lau should have a personal talk with his super fan.

Labeling her as a “crazy” fan is not only because of her adoration of Lau, it also because of her crazy experience. Yang quitted school 15 years ago after dreaming that Lau expressed his love to her. Since then, she has been spending every day to collect stuff related to him. Having failed to control her behavior, her parents finally chose to support their daughter. They sold everything to help her attend Lau’s concerts or fan meetings whenever possible and visit Beijing and Hong Kong several times to meet Lau. But all of these efforts were in vain. Her idol had never met her personally until this March. In her latest visit to Hong Kong, she took a photo with Andy Lau for the first time but complained about the “inadequate attention” from him. She wished Lau could meet her personally. But she never thought that her Hong Kong tour would have such a tragic ending that her father drowned himself to condemn Andy Lau’s “coldness”. However, Yang and her mother made their mind to carry out unfulfilled wish of Mr. Yang, that is, Lau has to have a personally talk with his daughter.

Actually, media started reporting this super fan’s story last year. She and her parents slowly became the provincial and even national celebrities. According to media reports, she is the “most famous fan” in China but very obviously, it is media which brings her the fame. While there are millions fans in China, only she becomes so well-known, due to media’s massive reports on TV, newspapers and radios. It is not easy to create a celebrity this way, though. Therefore, Yang is very different from other Lau’s fans in this sense. All her dramatic stories including her parents’ reactions justify her request for a personal talk with Lau.

A star’s successful career depends on outstanding performance to attract fans to earn fame and money. Hence a star’s meeting with fans is a very important way to strengthen their attachment to the star and to encourage them to continue to support the star. Lau organized several such activities in the past and expressed his willingness to keep doing so in the future, why cannot he spend some time to talk to Yang? According to her, all she wants is no more than a personal talk. She has told journalists in an interview that she considers Andy as a family member, a big brother. She does not ask Andy to marry her. So Lau will not be hurt or lose anything if he talks to her for a while. As a fan, Yang has put everything to realize her dream, so why cannot Lau show some mercy by meeting with her? Communicating with her means nothing to Andy, but it is everything to Yang. Her case is so extreme due to media’s involvement.

Yang’s father has reportedly committed suicide for her daughter’s dream. Who will be the next in the poor family? They have lost everything. They have sold their house but sill owed hundred thousand of debts. Yang and her mother do not have jobs to support themselves. They even do not have money to bury Mr. Yang. Under such circumstance, the media continued to push them, asking their plan for the future. What can they do? They could merely keep demanding to meet Andy Lau! Otherwise, they will lose their face. If Lau will not meet Yang, what will she do under media’s severe pressure? Perhaps she and her mother will follow suit of her poor father! For this reason, to save two lives, Mr. Lau should meet her and tell her not to do silly things in the future.

Since Yang never listen to anyone’s advice, it is very likely that she will do what her icon tells her to do. After the dream-comes-true, and with the help of psychologists, maybe she will find a job to live a normal life with her mother. Please meet her again to help her out, Mr. Lau, it is quite easy.

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Originally posted by abcdefghijkl at 2007-4-6 08:39
Hong Kong icon Andy Lau probably has never imagined that he would be linked with Yang Lijuan, a 29-year-old die-hard fan from northwest of China’s Gansu Province. Yang has been in the limelight of ...

perhaps Andy Lau does not fully understand the karma behind this story!!!

What a pity!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Andy disappointed me this time,his fans could spend everything to meet him what he can give to them?

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psyco problem family

psycho is a symptom not disgrace

I have sympathy for this family. They are probably mental sick. Why people around them not notice their very unusual behaviour and try to help them?

This family is a part of the society. A compassionate society should help people who have symptoms of psycho problem. A selfish society also should help them before they deteriorate to go mad hurting others.

Don't you think we should do something before a mad person killing innocent people?

Why you just think of disgrace problem? So you can cover up you've a mental problem relative/friend?

Psycho is a symptom not disgrace. It is one of the sickness. We should not feel disgrace and not to face the problem. Strange someone from NY not that open mind as me. I've never been to the Big Apple. Big cities may have more psycho than small cities. Why the family from Lanzhou have this problem? Think first. Not to give moral judge or blame before thinking deeper.
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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psycho may be genetic, may be caused by environment. Does any body think it's something they eat/drink/inhale/read/smell that caused adnormal behaviiours?

Why boys and girls obsess by icons? This daughter has obsessed with that HK star for more than a decade. That's an extreme case but there're many other Chinese young people with beautiful/handsome movie stars/singers.

Is this the responsibilty of the mass media? They put too much content(especially pictures) for entertainment news.

Do Chinese young people today have less social responsibility? They care about their interest more than social injustice or other issues?
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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firstly,i don't understand this kind of behvior in crazying about idol so is weird in my mind.
but after all,i think lau should hold the meeting to have a personal talk with the poor girl and save her from the
virtual dream to the reality,give her some suggeations to lead her life.
of course,the girl is in  despair now,she lose the hope to further her life,should he da her a favor though it is
not his fault.
finally,i want to ask the girl (the woman correctly),is it worthy?
you give up your family just for a public person who is in a long distance from you?
what can you get from it?
who is responsible for your behavior? yourself !!!!!
come on !!!
wake up !!!
for your mother, for yourself...

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A quick and dirty psyche analysis 匸/b]

As a fan is chasing her/his own dream, and putting her dream into a star, and reincarnating herself into this star, finally he/she turns into a star, as if her dream had come true.:)

In this particular case, a fan had picked Andy Lau. She would have picked another star if Andy were not a star ?

A faked theory?

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