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I think Iran miscalculated [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by immouse at 2007-4-1 09:15 AM
all media writes and reports objectively ....

John B. (Melbourne) aka Emucentral WORKS FOR THE MEDIA in Australia.  The whole CD Forum knows that and we should know how much to ...

I agree the media can be biased, but Iran DID give two different co-ordinates, the first being within Iraqi waters.

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And ...

commonsense will tell you that

when you have your own territory "more or less" surrounded, you can't possibly go lightly guarded and lightly armed.

Maybe, the hostage-taking could just be the UK and US joint-strategy and deviousness to trick Iran into a vulnerable position so that they can justify their invasion of Iran and foil its nuclear development.

Who can tell or can be sure that UK and US are incapable of such LOW behaviour?  

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Originally posted by immouse at 2007-4-1 08:28 AM


A good writer should be capable of writing without using insults.  Mine may be a rodent sized brain, it at least works far better than your dishonest DICK.



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Reply #22 gobobo's post

Quite very clearly, you didn't read this .... READ

"It is now more than a week since Iran captured 15 British service personnel in the Persian Gulf. All the claims and counter-claims from British and Iranian military spokesmen this week over whether this incident took place in Iraqi or Iranian territorial waters are something of an irrelevance.

There is never likely to be conclusive proof, accepted by both sides, of who was really trespassing. The most important question is how the situation can be defused and the return of the captured personnel secured.

It has been suggested that Britain has played it wrong diplomatically over the past seven days. Some former diplomats feel Britain went to the UN Security Council for a condemnation of the Iranians too soon, and that this should have been held in reserve until all other avenues of pressure had failed. Referring the issue to the UN certainly seems to have angered the Iranians, who, on getting wind of the Security Council's statement that expresses "grave concern" at Iran's actions, announced they would not be releasing early the sole female captive, Leading Seaman Faye Turney, after all.

But there is a bigger problem here than clumsy diplomacy. Quite simply, Iran is holding most of the cards. Because of the catastrophe in Iraq, the UK has no real diplomatic leverage in the region. Tony Blair calls the Iranian action illegal in international law and cites the United Nations mandate for the presence of British forces in Iraq. But the US and Britain invaded Iraq ignoring the will of the UN. The former UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, called the action illegal. Mr Blair has little moral authority when he cites international law now. It is notable that the UN statement stopped short of deploring the Iranian action, as requested by Britain. It also makes no mention of Security Council resolution 1723 that authorises the coalition presence in Iraq. The wounds opened by the foolish invasion of Iraq by the US and the UK have not healed.

The American sabre-rattling over Iran's nuclear programme has raised the stakes, too. It is increasingly clear from the preposterous letters that Ms Turney has been forced to write that hardline elements in Tehran want to use this incident as part of a wider propaganda war against Britain and America. But we also ignore Tehran's paranoia at our peril. British ministers never mention that US forces have Iranian territory more or less surrounded. America is in Iraq, Afghanistan and recently they have moved two aircraft carriers to the Gulf."

It's NOT enough to prejudice and hold the Iranian accountable while the real ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS (UK and US) go scot-free.

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Originally posted by immouse at 2007-4-1 11:15
John B. (Melbourne) aka Emucentral WORKS FOR THE MEDIA in Australia.  The whole CD Forum knows that and we should know how much to trust his words, and his DISHONESTY is well displayed and demonstrated on CD Forum.

I have not hidden my employment (now not in a full time capacity) in the media.
I have also specified that I am not a journalist and I am in no position to affect news coverage of any events.
I work with computer graphics for sports and entertainment shows.

Let us also remember that CD mods who make "contributions" to the debates here are directly employed in the media and ARE in a position to affect debate here.

We also know how "directives" to Chinese newspaper editors can specify what can and can not be discussed on the pages of newspapers. These people have can affect debate and the presentation of facts in a very significant way.

"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Well that shut immouse up

Cannot argue with reality!
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Iran is overplaying its hand

The US and its allies can construe a bag of tricks to up the anty, no problem.

And such a play will overcome the shortcomings of Blair's sissiness and Bush's lack of brain-power.

The US must hit Iran before Hillarious takes office as the next president!

The lives of 15 sailors and marines ain't nothin' to England -- hell, they let the murderers of British police forces in Iraq go ... not even a whimper from good old England. Not politically correct, no doubt. After all, the allies rely on murderers to oversee Iraq.

Iran is definitely going to get blasted.

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