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The other side of President Bush: [Copy link] 中文

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Wow, the mod here took part in a "counter-r£v0lutionary" riot!? Far out!

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You wrote:

"does that mean, he likes to put the national welfare of  300 million to grave risk, just to play politics?  

Is it what democracy for? "

===>  If politics were the issue, President Bush would be following public opinion.  He believes he is doing the right thing.  By challenging anti-American terrorists and tyrants with American lives and treasure now, he believes he is preserving future lives and treasure.

The best comparison I can make is an analogy to the 300 Spartans stand against a much larger Persian army.  They fought and died for their family and country/city even though they knew they would die in battle.  They chose to die for their freedom and that of their children rather than surrender and live as slaves.  It was an action the led to a unified Greece and the formation of the first true democracy.  Stuff of legends.

Most Americans think in this way.  They would make the sacrifice so that their children would not have to.  The reason American public opinion favors withdrawal is because we doubt we can win when the people we are defending are more concerned with a religious civil war between the Sunnis and Shiites rather than unifying and forming a stable, self-sufficient Iraq.


Your wrote:

"Personaly, I joined that protest. But now I regreted, and sometimes even felt ashamed of what I did then"

==>  When we are young, we all tend to do something silly, stupid or dangerous that we later regret.  In your case, I am curious as to why you 'felt ashamed'?  I could see regret, based on the outcome and loss of life.  But I would expect you would not be ashamed to stand up for your principles unless you are a 'convert to the cause'.

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sorry for late reply

I feel ashamed because I was young then, could hardly tell the right from wrong, and was misled by a few student leaders, to take part in the "fanfare".

I feel ashamed because, after so many years, I recognised that we students "occupied" the square too long, for 2 months, and made otherwise a beautiful place,  a nasty, filthy, odorous waste-land.   

In fact, after the first 2 weeks of protest, many Beijing students had left for school ( I left the square after the first week because My Dad, a farmer, advised me to leave, because he said it was not the correct thing for me to do).  But, students coming from other cities, were camping on the square,  refusing to go.

I feel ashamed because, later, I got to know quite a few overseas television systems were doing live telecast from the roof-top of the nearby  buildings, like the Beijing Hotel.  I assume some student leaders wanted to get the publicity and fame. It was those guys who stubbornly refused to go,  despite numerous persuasions from senior government officials as well police orders for them to leave.

I feel ashamed because, after it was all tragically over, my country is disdained, by both the incident and the way it was put out.  The immediate aftermath of it was nearly worldwide sanctions, with the E.U. remaining today relunctant to lift its arms embargo on China.

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Reply #31 --- chinadaily's (moderator) post...

Thanks for the reply.

Western media reported it was a demonstration against 'corruption and conspiracy'.  Unrest that became a mass movement.

But I can understand people having a 'change of heart' based on the outcome of actions taken for a cause.

My opinion of US involvement in changing regimes of foreign nations has changed.

The United States should not do so.  If the US needs to protect its own interests, or defeat an enemy of the US, I have no problems with the US doing what is necessary to do so.

But our intervention in Iraq was misguided.  If we believed the people wanted to depose Saddam Hussein, then supplying weapons and other supplies so they could fight their on their own would have been a bettter stategy.

Easy to use hindsight to judge failure.  Just hope we are never pulled in to another fight where we have more to lose than to gain.

By the way.  I still think a full troop withdrawal from Iraq before they have the ability to stabalize the nation is a mistake for Americans, Iraqis and the Western world.

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Bush - Sideways

Bush is an Idiot

I don't blame him, I blame my fellow Americans for electing him.  He is the most funny when he is trying to be serious and blows the lines his handlers prepared.  

If he were to write a book on his view of the world, people, government, etc. like Mao's Red Book, it would be a Cowboy Comic strip and he would be the hero character with superpowers on a horse and a red cell phone where he could call God anytime for advice.

He lost any and all respect from me when he announced to America that Islam is a "peaceful religion" !
Communication is the most important source of personal power.

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What " other side " ?

The other side of President Bush :

This beloved president who is affectionately called " Dubya " besides some other unmentionables is a one off. He has the morals of an alley cat not because he is evil but because he is ignorant. He meanders through life's highways and byways in a haze and a daze. He " sees nothing, hears nothing and knows nothing " !!

His " principled " stands on things like taxation, welfare, medical care and the wars is due to his utter and ultimate "  misunderestimation  " of each issue and event. He has no clue as to the whys and wherefores of even catastrophic undertakings like going to war. His insistence , against all facts, that there were " Missions Accomplished " & " winning absolutely " are examples of the total dysfunctional cognitive intellect euphemistically called " stubborness ".

The " other side " of this one dimensional man is the mirror image and invertion of the village simpleton.

emu :  the only reason why there is no longer Aborigine protests in Australia is because most of them have been " taken care off " in that final solution way already. Remember ?

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Originally posted by mengzhi at 2007-4-7 09:36
emu :  the only reason why there is no longer Aborigine protests in Australia is because most of them have been " taken care off " in that final solution way already. Remember ?...

Oh really? Funny, some of them must have been left behind, thought I read of some protests recently.
Maybe you could use your mainland contacts having experience dealing with Tibetans, Uighurs or FLG to give the Australian authorities some tips?
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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