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Chinese gov't to invest 100 billion yuan in Tibet [Copy link] 中文

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On Tibet issue there are a lot of double standards here:  

(1) Lincoln is the greatest president in the US history as he would not allow an independent South, but an independent Tibet, segregated from China, should be promoted.  

(2)  It’s heroism for US expands to the West and slaughtering the Indian natives, but for China to Tibet, that’s aggression.  

(3)  Provide funding to develop Ireland is offering Irish better life, the positive effect of EU, but China funding the development of Tibet is destroying the Tibetan Culture.

With the exception of few countries such as Korea and Singapore, many small countries, without enough resources at their disposal, have become failed states.  And with UN helpless in resolving major issues, in my view, the world should have more unions as EU and more countries as China.   With 56 /57 minorities within her boundary, China is, in fact, a union.  It is for the benefit of the Tibetans staying within the community of China.  

I have also read from the news that life in the Inner Mongolia is far better than the Outer Mongolia.  What does that prove?

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China has done quite a right thing

For the Tibetans I am more lenient from a language and culture perspective. There is not another sovereign country for the Tibetans, so maybe it makes sense for China to see Tibet as an autonomous region, giving Tibet as much autonomy as it needs to maintain its distinct cultural heritage.

Taiwan? It belongs to China. It was just some place the late Mr Cheang went into hiding after looting China's treasury. However, the modern Taiwan now so used to democracy may not want communism, this is the issue that will take the leaders of China to resolve.

No war. Chinese do not kill another Chinese, be him/her a Tibetan Chinese or a Taiwanese Chinese.

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Originally posted by markwu at 2007-3-28 08:35
The State delivers; the China-bashers run helter-skelter back to their kennels, like dogs with tails between the hind legs.

China, rise.

So, you have read Mao's Little Red Book. What else can you regurgitate? The sange dai biao?

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Originally posted by northwest at 2007-3-30 21:30

Why we should allow dirty CIA scums in our soil?

Too bad you are unable to support your claims with any evidence. Your insults only demonstrate your weakness. Nobody with a primary school education in any country which promotes open thinking will grant you any credibility - you are completely unable to establish even the rudiments of a critical thinking ability.

Nuff said.

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Declassified US State department report on CIA role in Tibet

Volume XXX

Washington, DC

Questions Pertaining to Tibet

Status Report on Tibetan Operations

1. Summary--The CIA Tibetan program, parts of which were initiated in 1956 with the cognizance of the Committee, is based on U.S. Government commitments made to the Dalai Lama in 1951 and 1956. The program consists of political action, propaganda, paramilitary and intelligence operations, appropriately coordinated with and supported by [less than 1 line of source text not declassified]. This program was last reviewed and endorsed by the Committee on 20 February 1964. Current activities have been coordinated with and have the approval of [1 line of source text not declassified], Mr. William Bundy, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, and Mr. Lucius Battle, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East and South Asian Affairs.

2. Program Objectives--In the political action and propaganda field, Tibetan program objectives are aimed toward lessening the influence and capabilities of the Chinese regime through support, among Tibetans and among foreign nations, of the concept of an autonomous Tibet under the leadership of the Dalai Lama; toward the creation of a capability for resistance against possible political developments inside Tibet; and the containment of Chinese Communist expansion--in pursuance of U.S. policy objectives stated initially in NSC 5913/1./2/ [6 lines of source text not declassified]

(2) The covert training program conducted in the U.S. under which some 250 Tibetans were trained, ended in November 1964.

(3) Twenty selected Tibetan junior officers studied at Cornell University, over a three year period. Due to the Katzenbach strictures, this program was concluded in July 1967; CIA is considering a continuation of the program, on a limited scale, [less than 1 line of source text not declassified].

(4) The Tibetan organizational party, the Cho Kha Sum, (i.e. the Defense of Religion by the Three Regions: Kham, Amdo and U-Tsang), which was established in India in April 1964 by Gyalo Thondup, now has an active press and publications arm. While the future potential of the party is still in question, the Tibetans are making an effort to mold it into an effective organization, aimed at halting a drift towards disunity among the refugees, developing a political consciousness and a political program with which to challenge the Communist efforts inside Tibet.

4. Significant Previous 303 Committee Approvals--

a. September 1958--initial endorsement of CIA covert support to Tibetan resistance;

b. 20 May 1959--initial approval of covert support to the Dalai Lama;

c. 14 February 1961--endorsed continuation of the covert program;

d. 13 December 1962--approved training of Tibetan guerrilla force;

e. 20 February 1964--reviewed and endorsed continuation of covert program;

f. 9 April 1965--approved relocation of Tibetan paramilitary force;

g. 8 July and 25 November 1966--endorsed the covert paramilitary program [1 line of source text not declassified].

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Originally posted by questioner at 2007-4-16 23:23
Too bad you are unable to support your claims with any evidence. Your insults only demonstrate your weakness. Nobody with a primary school education in any country which promotes open thinking  ...

Why are you so mad when I condemn CIA, they are INDEED scums, you doubt this?

My post above support my claims. Will you apologize?

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