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Chinese gov't to invest 100 billion yuan in Tibet [Copy link] 中文

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Rely #18 --- markwu's post...

Thank you for your reply.

My first post in this thread was a comment on post #2, which demonstates an astounding amount of insecurity by taking the defensive before there was any need or cause justifying it.

If some forumites feel the need to attack others and justify every single action taken by their nation, then they must feel some deep, underlying reason that the action is wrong or incorrect.

Where did you see anyone claiming Tibet was not a part of China in this thread?

In this particular thread, the topic has suddenly swung from discussing a typical investment/improvement made by a nation to one of its regions, to discussions that properly belong in existing threads.

Why did you feel the need to contribute to the 'change of tone' in this thread?  My best analogy to what happened in this thread is this:  A young man just gets assigned to a new group in his company.  Nothing exceptional.  One of his friends then brings up the fact that he is confined to a wheel-chair because they feel insecure about his ability to do anything well because of his disability.  Now the topic has shifted to his limitations rather than his accomplishments.

I don't feel any need to defend or argue about legitamizing the territory that the United States now controls.  It is rare when a nation can claim innocence in acquiring the territory it now controls.  It is not my job or purpose to change human nature.  In this international forum, I just try to correct the lies and false propaganda spread by those that wish to portray the United States as the source of all evil in the world today.

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the tone was changed to winnow out which other identity you've been using in this forum, ergo the constant agenda.  your reply established it.  that is sufficient for me to move on.  you can continue to play your game. i won't be dignifying your lot with any reply.  be careful not to make the same mistakes again using other addy's.

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Reply #25 --- markwu's post...

You wrote:

"the tone was changed to winnow out which other identity you've been using in this forum, ergo the constant agenda.  your reply established it.  "

===>  What second identity are you accusing me of using?  If you are referring to my continued attempt to correct lies and misconceptions regarding the United States and the West, then, yes, I do have a 'consistent' agenda.  Just as many of the forumites I respond to have the consistent agend to demonize the United States as being the source of all evil in the world.

You wrote:

"that is sufficient for me to move on.  "

===>  It is up to you whether you wish to provide facts and evidence to support your viewpoints, and reasoning to attack Western forumites, or simply post unsupported accusations and then claim you are being attacked when asked to back them up.  You chose the latter in this case.  Others will judge you by your actions.  My integrity and honesty is something I value.  I cannot control what others deem to define their character.

You wrote:

"you can continue to play your game. i won't be dignifying your lot with any reply.  "

===>  Translation:  You cannot defend or support you statements here, so you claim I am trying to embarrass and humiliate you.  You are doing a fine job.  No need for me to help achieve what you have already accomplished.

Your wrote:

"be careful not to make the same mistakes again using other addy's.  "

===>  I don't know what an 'addy' is.  Do you mean username/ID?  Again.which other username are you claiming I am using?  And if it doesn't prominently display and American symbol, it cannot be me.

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Originally posted by renegadedog9 at 2007-3-30 19:34
Furthermore, why destroy loads of beautiful Tibetan buildings and replace them with ugly chinese ones? ...

Tibetan uprising - a CIA masterpiece

Defiance against Chinese oppression has been a defining characteristic of Tibetan life for more than four decades, symbolized most visibly by the much revered Dalai Lama. But the story of Tibetan resistance weaves a far richer tapestry than anyone might have imagined.

Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison reveal how America's Central Intelligence Agency encouraged Tibet's revolt against China--and eventually came to control its fledgling resistance movement. They provide the first comprehensive, as well as most compelling account of this little known agency enterprise.

The CIA's Secret War in Tibet takes readers from training camps in the Colorado Rockies to the scene of clandestine operations in the Himalayas, chronicling the agency's help in securing the Dalai Lama's safe passage to India and subsequent initiation of one of the most remote covert campaigns of the Cold War. Conboy and Morrison provide previously unreported details about secret missions undertaken in extraordinarily harsh conditions. Their book greatly expands on previous memoirs by CIA officials by putting virtually every major agency participant on record with details of clandestine operations. It also calls as witnesses the people who managed and fought in the program--including Tibetan and Nepalese agents, Indian intelligence officers, and even mission aircrews.

Conboy and Morrison take pains to tell the story from all perspectives, particularly that of the former Tibetan guerrillas, many of whom have gone on record here for the first time.
The authors also tell how Tibet led America and India to become secret partners over the course of several presidential administrations and cite dozens of Indian and Tibetan intelligence documents directly related to these covert operations.

As the movement for Tibetan liberation continues to attract international support, Tibet's status remains a contentious issue in both Washington and Beijing. This book takes readers inside a covert war fought with Tibetan blood and U.S. sponsorship and allows us to better understand the true nature of that controversy.

Why we should allow dirty CIA scums in our soil?

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thanks, northwest.

now we know where nosferatu (the vamp?) or shall we say mencius et al are coming from.

'nuff said.

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reply #29 --- markwu's post....

I believe you are suggesting that I was also creating posts under the 'mencius' username.  You are wrong, I have already stated that I have only had one username on this forum.

I haven't seen a post from mencius in a while, but I do not have time to read every post or view every thread.

If you want to continue to show your insecurity and inability to defend your viewpoints, feel free to do so.

Please tell me how the alleged CIA actions in Tibet (reference post by northwest) is related to me or my posts?

And if you cannot believe what I say, how can you expect me to believe you comments?

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