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Chinese gov't to invest 100 billion yuan in Tibet [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by markwu at 2007-3-28 08:35
The State delivers; the China-bashers run helter-skelter back to their kennels, like dogs with tails between the hind legs.

China, rise.


You are to be congratulated for your precise statement. If Confucius was around he would have been proud to have made such a succinct statement.


Are you suffering from senile dementia? markwu, made two statements whereas you followed it up with a long paragraph of rubbish in order to discredit him. But it will not work as we Chinese are too intelligent to see through your bigotry.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Reply to #13 & #14 --- chairman's post...

You are correct that my opening statements were harsher than necessary.

I do not read/browse every post, and I do not recall any recent posts by markwu that could be considered racist/hateful.

I have removed the opening lines, but I would still like to know what prompted his reply.

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chairman has been deleted
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Thank you, chairman and changabula.  You are too kind and generous to me.

As for nosferatu, i am drawn to what you had written, namely:

The original post of this thread stated the China was investing in the development of a particular portion of the nation

If you had followed the thread more carefully, you would find that the China-bashers (and they know who they are) have been slyly making out that Tibet is a separate country.   In much the same way that they had tried to do with taiwan. It therefore seems not impossible that their mischief runs from A to Z. Today it is 'T' - "if 'taiwan' fails, let's try 'tibet',".  What happens when they reach 'Z' - Zhejiang province? They will get more than tungpohrou should they try that.

Those who know China will see how much the Chinese people love their children. In much the same way that the mother (State) loves her children, the State (China) loves her provinces. When foreigners come in and use their foxy language to divide the family, naturally enough the mother will object strongly. After all, who wants her children to be influenced so as to divide the family that she has sacrificed so much to nurture? I am sure that given the historical lessons that the US people themseves had suffered through in your civil war when south tried to secede from north, you as a member of your own country's peoples would appreciate the pain and misery arising from division, particularly when wrought by fiddly-diddly forces who weren't even around when China was already more civilized than other nations long before that.

And that's why i can appreciate your " a particular portion of the nation..." above. Tibet is a province of China, just as one can say without the mosquitio buzz from China bashers, Taiwan is also a province of China. After all, the late Premier Zhou had told your exSecretary of State Henry Kissinger that Taiwan had belonged to China far earlier than your Staten Island had belonged to the USA.  Isn't this a reasonable thing to say?

As for China bashers past, present and future, what gives you the joy in trying to bash 'mothers'? Poor upbringing, perhaps?  Lack of real education, maybe?  Bigotry, fear, greed, power-craze, zealousy? We can also use the alphabets from A to Z, too, you know.

The State is walking the talk and has already committed a huge budget by any standards to uplift her peope in her Tibet province, even setting a target date to see tangible results. Let's throw a challenge then to the China-bashers. Walk your talk, too. Since you 'care' so much for people, let's see you put in your own money, or effort to help them through their difficulties. On your train ride to the province, or when you're trekking through the terrain to get there, cogitate on what i've written here.  Make your own long march as equally a meaningful and worthwhile endeavour as the one that was undertaken so many years ago by another great.

So, nosferatu, when we all settle down to see the big picture and feel our natural love of State and People, it is therefore only natural that we can become quick friends even when separated by distance and ideology.  When you come by beautiful Beijing one day, prompt me by p.m here and we can meet for a nice bowl of hot noodles or congee. I can only afford that much but it is the honest warmth of true friendship that is the greatest warmth of real mankind.

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The Falklands is incomparable.  It was never a part of Argentina.

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