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MOD: Iran seizes 15 Royal Navy personnel [Copy link] 中文

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Oh i have just read in another website that these soldiers r actually more than 15 and all of them r not marines. Some r marines and some r sailors.

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Storm in a tea-cup.

This is another international incident we do not need. Let us hold fire till details are released.

If the British troops were in Iranian waters and this can easily be verified in this day and age of GPS and the likes, then the British need to apologise and beg for forgiveness. The Iranians are most likely to return these pawns unharmed and intact. They are more keen to " make their point " about national security and sovereignty etc.

If the British are in Iraqi or international waters, then the Iranians must apologise and promise not to be naughty again. Send the Brits back with some lollies for their discomfort.

The rest of the pontificators should hold their fire and not offer any conspiratorial and comical scenarios.

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Statement from Royal Navy Commodore Nick Lambert


Speaking to the press today, Royal Navy Commodore Nick Lambert, Commander of the coalition forces operating in the North Arabian Gulf, said:

"My immediate concern obviously is for my people. I've got 15 sailors and marines who've been arrested by the Iranians and my immediate concern is that their safety and that their safe return to me is ensured. And I can assure all of the families who are listening out there that everything is being done at the highest levels of the UK government and indeed of the coalition structure that we are working under to ensure that safe return is possible.

"I'm speculating to a certain extent; we know our helicopter reported that they saw the boats being moved up the Shatt-al-Arab waterway towards an Iranian base up there and we know that there was no fighting, there was no engagement, no weapons or anything like that; it was entirely peaceful and we've been assured from the scant communications that we've had from the Iranians at a tactical level that the 15 people are safely in their hands.

"I know that my people behaved in an extremely professional way, I've been out with the boarding parties on many occasions myself. Everything I've seen from the report of the situation suggested that they reacted in impeccable fashion, totally professional, entirely in line with the rules of engagement and the direction that I have given them. And I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with what they have done, and I look forward to seeing them on their return to the vessel."

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Originally posted by nosferatu at 2007-3-24 05:44
If the ship were truly in Iranian territory, they had the right to detain the British.  They also have the responsibility to treat them well and return British citizens and property....

Nosferatu is correct here, and we hope that the British Sailors are returned unharmed.

The difficulty with this incident is that the Iranian authorities' record on diplomatic niceties is not good.

The taking of hostages from the US embassy in Tehran, all those years ago, was a clear breach of diplomatic conventions and has led to bad relations between the two countries for decades despite the two countries having many common interests and a large Iranian-American community.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Kangaroo court .

Emu the judge and executioner is already getting the noose ready before the trial. It is the past history of hostage taking and such , you see ? The Brits and the Americans are not exactly babes in arms , purer than the driven snow you will recall ? Guantanamo Bay in fact houses people captured outside the USA in a third country. One law for us and another for the rest of the human race.

If the Brits can prove their boarding party's location they'd better provide the trig readings. So far no words or insistence that they were in international or Iraqi waters do not bode well for them. Those motherhood statements of ' proper conducts ' are just that : motherhood statements.

Stop oiling the gallows yet emu. This is no kangaroo courts.

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The Morons Even Admit Their Criminal Intent

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Iran wants war with America.

Iran wants war with America.  America wants war with Iran.  But how to get the public to support an invasion when BOTH towers of the WTC were destroyed on 9/11?

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