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US urged not to sell arms to Taiwan [Copy link] 中文

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Bean counting.

Vince the Visionary,

You sound like a bean counter or a child at his toy soldiers display. Taiwan has ONLY what the puppet masters want you to have. Any nation who relies on external supply of their main battle armament is like a dog on a short leash. You are at the mercy of the avaricious arms dealers and their extortionist deals. No big money no supply.  $ 18 billion USD don't buy you more than two weeks' ammunition , if Uncle Sam has his way.

Stop hallucinating and carrying on like a pork chop. A war over the Taiwan Strait would not be a picnic. And I don't have to be an American to guarantee you that NO American families are willing to sacrifice their sons and daughters to fight to the death for some god-forsaken land ( to them) called Taiwan. Play with your IDF if you must but leave the real war strategy to those who are more sanguine and sober. Smoke more weeds !  

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Northwest is the kmt  puppet of the cpp.  Northwest thinks that by verbally agreeing  with CCP , the kmt can rule Taiwan and still prevent a war with China.  
Only fools think that they can play both sides of the fence and still win.  
Do read your history northwest.  A fews years before WWII, the French signed a treaty with Germany to avoid being invaded.   Guess what?!!,  Adolf Hitler, don't give a darn about written treaties.  Germany  invaded France anyways.  Yep, that is German/China for you.  German/Beijing don't give a darn about what they promised you two minutes ago.  
    Yes, your best bet is to side with the DPP and the United States.

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The masochist.

Vnce the Invincible,

We are talking about China, Taiwan and Uncle Sam . We care not  what the Geramns and the French did. To " best turst the DPP and the US " !? Haha . Are you a paid up stooge of Ah-Bian ? Trust vipers in the snake pit , why don't you ? The US was the last colonialist who tried to dissect, disembowel and dismember China ( thankfully failed ). DPP is the monkey dancing to the broken record of the organ grinder. Trust them to do what ? Subjugate, humiliate and oppress all Chinese ( including Taiwan ) again ?

You must be a masochist to wish more and severe hurt and harm so soon after  that last bashing.

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