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PM Wen's Answers at the Press Conference [Copy link] 中文

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Post time 2007-3-16 13:23:31 |Display all floors Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday urged relevant countries in the world to adopt and sign an international convention on peaceful utilization of outer space at the earliest date possible.

The creation of a foreign exchange reserve investment company would not affect the US dollar-denominated assets, promised Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday.

The premier pointed out that major economic problems facing China includes unstable, unsustainable and imbalance development.

Premier Wen said he hopes his visit to Japan next month would be an ice-melting one, which could help overcome longstanding strains between the two neighbors.

The essence of China's socialist democracy is to let the people be masters of the country and enable them to oversee and criticize the government, Premier Wen Jiabao told reporters.

The year 2007 is crucial in safeguarding the peace and development of cross-straits, said Wen Jiabao.

The Premier restated that Beijing strongly opposes "de jure independence" of Taiwan and any other forms of secessionist activities.

The premier pledged to punish all corrupt officials.

"No matter what field is involved, no matter who is involved, no matter how high ranking he is, severe punishment will be handed out," vowed the premier.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao emphasized Friday that all rights come from the people during a press conference after the closing of the annual National People's Congress.

The Chinese government will continue to promote education equality and address the social concerns of volunerable groups, especially the farmers, said the Premier Wen at the press conference.

China is going to legislate on minimum subsistence allowance to improve the living conditions of the needy, Premier Wen Jiabao said.

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Premier Wen Jiabao gestures during a news conference after the National People's Congress closed its annual session, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, March 16, 2007. [Xinhua]

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Did  Premier Wen just did the "We are no.1" sign?

ha ha ha

Green DRagon

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Wen: "... enable them to oversee and CRITICIZE the government"

So I guess to criticize the NPC members should be OK? See if this works:

Ode to the National People’s Congress

For many years,  the NPC meeting has become a circus for parading of all kinds of funny issues ranging from complaining about petty little things to preaching how athletes should talk in public.The ideas proposed so far in this hectic week-long party are no exception this year . Among the usual whining and crying about corruption and high flying real estate prices, a couple of proposals have caught my eye. I have compiled a top ten list that the Congress should seriously considering making into law, with some of my comments inserted:

10.        Use of traditional Han costume instead of western style robe on occasions of degree conferment ceremony.

Comment: Is this from a tailor making Han costumes? But still a good idea.

9.        Making English an optional course instead of mandatory one in college education.

Comment: They should do this with the determination of tearing down the Berlin Wall, and have a Shanghai-tea party by throwing the English tax into the Pacific ocean, although I am sure China Daily wont’ be happy about it.

8.        Legalizing street peddling

Comment: That is how Shanghai should compete at the cultural front with Singapore, a state of walking zombies. Will attract more foreign investment for sure!

7.        Mandatory pre-marital health exam, subsidized by the government

Comment: Agree with the first part, but vehemently opposed to the second one. Don’t distract the government’s funding for free condom distribution.

6.        Making 9.18 as China’s Memorial Day

Comment: Long over due. Veteran parade recommended.

5.        Legislation to punish Han Jian speech.

Comment: This is the Chinese version of the 2001 Patriotic Act, to testify to Samuel Johnson’s calling: Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. The People’s Congress has a lot of People’s scoundrels too. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea.

4. Private property rights: The latest text of the bills states that "The property of the state, the collective, the individual and other obligees is protected by law, and no units or individuals may infringe upon it."

Comment: Sounds like tautology to me. Nothing more than a loud farce. Need more concrete steps.

3. Children’s height to qualify for free train tickets raised to 1.2 m from 1.1 m.

Comment: This is from a doctor who claims that children’s average height in China has increased by 6 cm in the last 30 years. Fairly reasonable request, other than that he bootlegs in extra 4 cm .

2. Renaming of Tai Mountain as the National Mountain.

Comment: This is not surprisingly from a representative from Shan Dong province. Typical pork barrel politics. But China needs a national mountain anyway. Pork barrel, so be it.

1. Use of domestically developed NPC (National Product Code) instead of western’s EPC (Electronic Product Code) standard as China’s RFID standard.

Comment: This is no-brainer to me. How can NPC (National People’s Congress) not support NPC? An easy campaign slogan as a result: NPC for NPC!!! Can’t go wrong with that.

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I have just watched the Press Conference!

Our premier is very easy-going.

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Originally posted by lynnzi at 2007-3-16 13:59
I have just watched the Press Conference!

Our premier is very easy-going.

you are talented ! , but i think our premier is more than just easy-going .
thanks !

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I admire him

Honstly speaking , I appreciate so much of our premier who is hard-working,easy-going and most of  all concerning our country's development and people's life both in our own  nation and the countries around the world.
  As we chinese are living in a transformational world,everthing around us have been changing so fast ,it is the very important time for our nation must take to develop ourselves in the process of the prower road.
  And it is more or better now for our coverment to make a strong comunit and take the strong confidence for our people to build a love and peaceful world for all the people in this world to live in !
  Last, please take more attention about your health ,our love premier .

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