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foreigners choosing a chinese name [Copy link] 中文

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First I have some questions, then I would like opinions on a possible name for myself....

#1 - There is another thread talking about weird english names that chinese people give themselves. Do foreigners ever choose bizarre or inappropriate names for themselves?

#2 - WHY do foreigners choose chinese names? Is it so chinese people can say it easily? Is it just for fun/interest? Are their real serious business reasons?

#3 - LEGALITY - Are these names ever made legal or used in serious ways? When I went to renew my visa the woman asked if I had a chinese name... and filling out a residence form at my apartment, the guy asked if I had a chinese name.... if it's just a name some friends chose for me for fun, do they really want to know, or they only want my chinese name if it's official & legal? Is it like "common law marriage", where if you just keep using it a while, it's yours?

MY NEW NAME.... maybe.
Ok, now for the name some new friends & I came up with. First, I must say that I chose one character based on an old family name (not my surname, but another name that's been passed down in my family). The other two characters were chosen by others based on what they think my personality is like and what I told them the meaning of my surname is. I like the meaning of my english surname and I want that meaning regardless of the sound being entirely different. So this name has a lot of meaning, and I think it is aesthetically very well balanced, from my artistic point of view.

If someone here thinks there is some problem with it, or some reason it is not a good name, please tell me and I will keep searching, or change part of it or something.

An Yixin
an1 yi4 xin1
I am not rich.  :L

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PS - I'm not asking if it's a good name for *me*, because you don't know me, I just want to know if it sounds ok as a name. Like... if a chinese person said to me, "My chinese name means rooster, and I am the youngest in my family, so can I call myself "Small Rooster"? " I'd say... "uh.... no. You don't want to do that." Maybe the meaning is what you want but it can be slang-ified into 'little cock'. (sorry everyone, but it was an example that just popped into my head, and a good reason we should ask native speakers for help choosing names)
I am not rich.  :L

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The first time I saw your Chinese name, I don't know whether you are a lady or a mister. In my opinion, the middle character "YI 毅" is always as a boy's name, for example, the famouse great General CHEN YI 陈毅,but the last one "XIN 欣" always as a girl's. The family name you chose is a good one ^_^

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I can't believe you did that freakqi :) you said little cock and it just popped into my head , all in the same breath :) I think we know what freaky thinks about every 52 seconds :)
There are no Ugly women , only those with low self esteem .

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To Post # 1

When I chose my name in chinese I only chose for fun and also so that chinese can pronounce it easily :)

my name is Umair and in chinese it is 乌麦尔.

When I chose these characters I followed the pronunciation not meaning of these characters :)

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Hi, Freaky. Actuall yI am already very sleepy now and need to get up early tomorrow to work but I just can't leave your question untouched here. I would like to be the one make some comments here so more people can come up with better ideas.

The name you picked sounds fine to me. It doesn't sound anything bad, trust me. I personally don't like very feminine name, so the second charater YI (consider it's manly meaning) is just a good balance as the first and last are more ladylike. None of them are too girly nor loud to me.

The first question-- I did see some non-Chinese have strange even funny names-- I am not only talking about native english speakers so pardon me don't get offended. But don't you think those surnames like Little, Short, Biggs, Stealing are strange? We used to have a client with a first name --Noel and I joked to my colleague,"oor thing! Everybody says 'no' to him all his life"

Second question, if you want to make your name legal, it can be done. I know some foreign embassadors do have Chinese names and these names are used officially in China.

Sorry what was your 3rd question? Can I come back to answer you another time. I really need to hit the sack now. Bye.

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If this Yi (毅) is just a sound syllable from your original name, not the meaning of a strong will something, I suggest you change it to:


to make the name more feminal and more easy to write.



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