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Increase In China's Defence Spending Is Justified [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by superdragon at 2007-3-27 05:33
War is stupid!

Tell that to the people that attack you.
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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The chart above should be read in conjunction with the size of the populations and the history of the country; China is one-fifth of the human race; she has not annexed any country before but instead has been invaded, occupied and quartered by foreign powers; she has promulgated peaceful development, mutual cooperation and wiser relations with other countries whereas some of the other countries stated in the charts have invaded others, colonized peoples, stolen their heritage, emptied their treasuries, ripped off their guts and sucked blood from children for their own bloodbank.

Whether for a socalled greater coprosperity sphere, the empire, or a new world order, these other countries spend zillions to make and sell armaments, embargo food and medicine to foreign lands, while their cronies in the media, power lobbies, even proxy forumites continue to sow discord, wax unbalanced criticisms and make country-bashing statements against whichever other nation trying to modernize their defense forces in order to prevent past transgressions from foreign powers being revived as new imperialist ambitions to blunt any ideologies different from theirs.

Furthermore, given so much foreign direct investments in the country, which foreign private corporation wouldn't want them protected from potential future threats? Yet the governments of the countries from these corporations are the ones trying to slip in subversions. If they're so concerned, perhaps they would like to volunteer an armed forces wages fund for the soldiers?

China currently doesn't have an aircraft carrier; the US and UK have too many for any reasonable nation not to suspect it is to extend their strike force beyond their borders. 'Strike force' means offense, a preemptive mode whose meaning can at worst be stretched to mean extended defense. So who has the greater potential to be an international aggressor?

Seen too in the historical perspectives of 'colonial empire' and 'new world order', one can only conclude that they want maritime dominance in order to maintain speed and extent of offence. Given so, it would be natural for any nation facing such extended influence by a foreign power with a bad past record to show due concern.

In fact, their defense budgets should be increased over and above internal administrative needs to poise a deterrence against such aircraft strike force. If the other sides are upgrading their Aegis-class missile batteries in their fleets and adding stealth strike capabilities, the defense side should find ways to counteract them, perhaps with maritime-extended EMP defense shields and new capitation torpedoes in addition to sizzler-type cruise missiles.

When African countries love China, those powermongers in the west turned green and waxed sly mischievous statements in their media on the new cooperation.  When China increases her defense budgets, they say it's not transparent enough, or that it's too big.  Why not ask themselves first what about themselves - how big is their budget, forces, nuclear arsenals, global positionings, and past record?

The children of Vietnam are still suffering from the aftereffects of Agent Orange.  The US miltary medical college is still hiding the findings of japan's Unit 731 human experiments, given by those beasts to the US in exchange for amnesty.

Such are the use of justice and reason in this world.

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New Report Finds Pentagon Exaggerates China's Nuclear Capability

The U.S. military, intelligence agencies, and conservative think tanks and news organizations are exaggerating China’s nuclear weapons capability to justify developing a new generation of nuclear and conventional weapons, according to a report issued today by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Likewise, the report found that the Chinese have been citing U.S. weapons upgrades as a rationale for modernizing theirs, locking the two nations in a dangerous action-and-reaction competition reminiscent of the Cold War.

“The Pentagon has been sounding the alarm about China’s nuclear intentions for a long time, but our analysis shows that they are overstating the threat,” said Robert S. Norris, an NRDC nuclear analyst and co-author of the report. “Now that the Soviet Union is gone, the military needs a new threat to justify buying new missiles, destroyers, submarines and fighter planes. So they’re hyping China.”...

It's just another work of US propaganda, exaggerating threat of China's to justify their spending on ever increasing military budget.

The unbreakable chain of US military industry lobby and hawks in Pentagon.

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