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Increase In China's Defence Spending Is Justified [Copy link] 中文

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irishinuk  probably want Taiwan to join the great Ally of Four major great powers,huh? But, oh, the status of Taiwai has been always been so awkward that we don't think anyone of them can take tw seriously.
And whatever noise the western megpies had made, don't mind it, China is a rising power and it should develop its military powerful proportionally. As a matter fact, China now should develop large scale offensive systems provocatively to proctect the China's interst from being infringed.

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Law 'needed for weapon research'
By Zhao Huanxin (China Daily)
Updated: 2007-03-16 07:04

A legislator has proposed enacting a defense production law to create a legal framework facilitating research and development of weaponry.

"The defense industry has a dual mission of serving national security and economic growth," said Xu Yuanming. "The country lacks a law to guide the industry in research and production."

Xu, also an executive with China North Industries Group Corporation, the largest weapon-manufacturing group in the country, said he had submitted a motion to the country's top legislature, proposing early legislation.

Defense weaponry development, once largely a State monopoly, has recently opened its doors to private businesses, Xu said while attending the annual session of the National People's Congress, due to end today.

This has made a law all the more necessary, he added.

"To better adapt to a market economy and the rule of law, the country needs a special statute to specify and regulate the rights, responsibilities and relations of the government, military and civilian institutions and businesses."

The purpose is to enhance the national defense consciousness of society, and ensure those engaged in research and production cooperate and serve national security, he said.

The National Defense Law, enacted 10 years ago, contains only a few "general principles" regarding armaments production. A more specific law is required to help implement and embody them, Xu said.

For example, the proposed law will provide guarantees for enterprises and institutions to compete on an equal footing for scientific research and production deals, he said.

In addition to quality control, the bill will also prescribe that incentives in taxation and funding be given to qualified researchers and producers, Xu said.

The legislator said the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense has made initial preparations for the legislation.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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after the war with china

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US Missile Defence won't help either

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The Chinese must be concerned if the increased spending is not for peace and protection.

Many have not thought of one small detail that bothers  the world community  when it comes to a large military or police force.

Can you be 100% sure that the military and upgrading of the defense budget be used in a positive way?

Can anyone honestly say this?

Let me give you an example:  

Say corruption gets worse and the income gap grows much more severe; add these facts with bad weather, pollution and other causes of unrest.  The poor in China start protesting and demand change and a better life, the response is quick and was made possible due to a large upgraded control system i.e. Hidden military buildup. Many innocents are killed and maimed, others cannot be found no trace of them is left.   Would anyone support RMB for this type of buildup?

Would you want to support a build-up of materials and labor to keep control over the poor people in China if they start to complain about their situation?

Many Western people think of these things when it comes to their defense budgets, the Chinese must consider the same things.

If you do not know the historical past of Chinese rebellion and government control, I cannot discuss these facts with you.  I think you failed Chinese history.  These things are well documented.

If the military buildup is for security measures (against terrorist) or for better pay and conditions for soldiers and their families, I am for it.  If it is a buildup for possible world confrontation, I think it is a not a good idea.

Another thing concerning the lack of transparency, Japanese rightist are waiting for the Chinese government to start a buildup.  This gives them the excuses to gain popular support to develop nuclear weapons and other high tech weapons.  Do any of the Chinese people wish to see Japan be re-armed?

This will be the result, it is happening right now.  

When China spends more on weapons, the Western Countries will spend more, only the defense industries and CEO's get rich with this type of nonsense.

Also the Chinese often say they do not want to get pushed around any more.  This is a valid point.  However, you are not the only ones to be pushed around in the past.  Many countries were shoved around too and attacked by foreign powers years ago.

However, you must be very careful and look at all the information before you jump up and down supporting a huge military buildup.  

Again, ask yourself this question...  Will this buildup be used to protect China from disaster, or will it be used to control the Chinese people in the future if things go bad.

Please think of all the possibilities on this matter.  Then decide with caution in mind.

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