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Increase In China's Defence Spending Is Justified [Copy link] 中文

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China's defence budget is her own business.

Dear noacts,

You have the issue well analysed . It is the pressing of the panic botton. Containment , control and constraints are the order of the day. A chain is thrown around China starting from Japan , down to Korea, Taiwan, now to Australia and hopefully to India , designed to keep China at bay.

There is nothing much China can do about this except to arm herself more appropriately. China throughout history has looked upon money spend on arms as a " waste ".Chinese have a tradition of  not allowing " good sons " to join the army : " good iron is not used in making nails ". This has caused no end of trouble and grief for the nation of course. Defence is the best means of attack. Let the potential hooligans know that for their efforts in picking a fight with China, a good old fashioned bloody nose is the least they should expect.

China has nothing to justify and has nothing to hide. She should increase her budget in proprtion to here GDP as it grows.

Iris the withering bloom is still showing her hairy chest and doing a passable jungle jim blood curdling war cry. Scary Iris. China is shivering in her knees. Truely cowed. Please spare us more of these baboonish banter please.   

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world peace needs a stable and better-armed China

China just has to ignore all the rattlings from ignorant trouble makers.

No matter what, China must build up her military defense with the most advanced technology.

"The balance of power" is a real guarantee for peace, not just for China but for the world too.

Those accusing China for having achieved a minuscle balance of power with the military jaggernauts, US, Japan, Britan have either gone bonkers or just can't do basic math even with their fingers and toes.

Ignore all these loudmouthed ignorumus and forging ahead with your national defense, China.

Because China is worthy of the best defense in the world.

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Do you remember what happened when the USSR tried to outspend the democratic powers on defence? Not pretty. The CCP will need its' exchange reserves to pay back angry depositors when its' inept, debt-ridden state banks crack. The CCP doesn't have the resources to fight an arms race with the US, India, Japan, Australia and the remaining province of Democratic China. :-P They might as well give up already. LOL

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Hello Irishinuk,

Who are you?  Are you a Chinese?  If you are a Chinese supporting Republic of China, then do you love your own people?  You should know what wars have done to China.  Without advanced weaponry, we got thoroughly beaten up in the last hundred years.   Hopefully the history would not repeat again.  But if we're not properly equipped with modern weapon, the same could happen to us just like what happened to Iraq.  

Nowadays, China is only a communist state by name.  They have implemented many socialist policies to improve the overall people's lives.   Is that what a Chinese of Republic would like to accomplish?  To be used by your true enemies to harm your own people, even you only think about, is ...   I can't find a better word to describe you, but I've to tell you that I've no respect for you and anything you represented.  

But if you deemed not a Chinese, then there is nothing I could say.  Just wait there ... till ....   At least, since 1949, China hasn’t been beaten up by any countries.

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Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-3-16 14:36
I guess irishinuk is Taiwanese, so the agenda is understandably different.

For goodness' sake - I guess that irishinuk  is an IRISH man IN the UK!

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"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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