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How China daily has enlightened me [Copy link] 中文

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The answer is just that simple I do.

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I never talk about Taiwan!

Too many cooks "spoils the broth".......

As far as i am concern, "Taiwan is Chinese"......that's it!

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arthur has been deleted
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enlightening experience

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i thought of writing this in the thread on democracy under the other topic but what the heck; it won't matter anyway.

this chinadaily forum is also something which many people might not have seen - it's like a democracy in itself.

In a democracy, you have voters who register and then vote for some people who have campaigned.  In analogy, this forum has posters who register and then write on some topic or other which has been debated.  

In some democracies, the elected actually come to blows with each other in their parliaments; they scuffle and throw chairs. Some of those elected to the highest offices lie about exotic things like weapons of mass destruction; others secretly commission their agencies to assassinate or overthrow governments in other countries whose ideologies they disagree. Some will even push one ideology purportedly for the interest of the poor of other countries, and then erect tariffs and punitive duties on the goods those poor produce which are exported to these democracies, just because some lobby movements on behalf of inefficient fat cats have paid them to do so.  And they have the temerity and arrogance to throw their weight around on others who only defend the right of their own countries to find their own paths to higher destinies.

Democracies as we have learnt from the practitioners can be a double-edged sword.

So if people say China should democratise more, what else can one say? That elections have already been experimented in some places;  that those prophets of China's doom in the absence of western ideologies haven't seen with their own eyes the explicit nature of many folks - how they can stand their ground to argue and even take off their coats when tempers flare - and think what would happen if something between a pair expands to say 700 million, more than twice the population of some nation-state.

We will not know if one incident in the past wasn't stoked by foreign interests but it suffices to know that chaos can ensue if the present bubbling and stubbon nature of folks is not taken into account when passing judgement on the why's and the why-not's.

Sure it's nice to repeat what one has learnt in high-school with background music from some star-spangled banner; it's also nice to see on tv an american guy actually shedding tears when the wall came down in Berlin.  But was he smiling years after? Are things better in a world which pushes ideology without an equal measure of pragmatism about national needs and priorities for millions?  Wooden-nail houses will come but they take time to build; too soon, they collapse, too slow, they may be replaced by something better. The do-it-now of the west has no equal in the do-it-when-right of the east; it's only because one has more power and money today that it thinks it is right in everything. Its concern for others is noted, but it should clean up its own house and head first.

The arguments and angst displayed in this forum mirror the interactivity of a theoretical model of democracy - but the people need food on the table, money in their pockets, roof over their heads, education for their children, healthcare for their elders, markets for their goods and security for their sovereignty.  For many countries, this will take a long time to achieve.

How long shouldn't it take for one with one fifth of the human race?

That's what i learnt in this forum.

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Mr. Wu.....

...i think we also talked about

(1) The Basic rules of human existence.
(2) How people relate to each other.
(3) Undertanding the mindsets of various tribes and how to maximized the benefit and minimized the frictions.
(4) We learned about propaganda methods, mind mapping, mind control...etc.

.........and really so much more that it's hard to quantify in a few words!

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indeed that's true, greendragon, and you have said it accurately.

should i stop in the first section and just focus on counselling advice in the second section? i don't want to hurt peoples' feelings too much, even when i think i can share something; i don't have thick face, black heart, not even face, heart, liver, lungs, etc.  just some guts left.

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at this stage of human history, i still believe that no one has a fixed idea as to how democracy should look like or how should it work. we cannot say that democracy as it is practice in the usa right now is IT already, its like saying that we already exhausted all the discovery and invention and can progress no longer.

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