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what's the image of china in the foreigners' eyes? [Copy link] 中文

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It depends on where you are. In the west, the Americans and Europeans usually have some sort of prejudice on China mainly because it is a communist state. Most of the world are democracies which are anti-communist by nature. What they don't understand is that China has come very far from what true communism is and is integrating with the world community very fast. Gladly this is being realized around the world and Chinese people today get much more respect than they did say twenty years ago. Having said that there are also the funny negative images of China.

Firstly, I'll list some of the bad images of China which are not uncommonly discussed about in the western mainstream press (this list isn't exhaustive):

- Chinese people are (severely) oppressed by the government.
- There is no free speech. Free speech means getting banged up indefinately if not executed. This includes cyberspace.
- China does not tolerate any religion that isn't controlled or registered by the government.
- China is one of the biggest polluters in the world yet does little to improve on the situation.
- China is the biggest producer of pirated goods.
- China is has expanionist policies.
- No Human rights.
- Chinese civilians are often bullied by corrupt officials.
- Often criticised about the Tibetan and Taiwan subjects. The first being the more critical.
- Overcrowding and using up global resources - unsustainable economic growth.
- China will become the super of super powers - a scary one that is that might go for global domination.

Secondly, stereotypes of Chinese people by western commoners (this list isn't exhaustive).

- They are hard working and loyal.
- They study too much so have few friends, but get great grades in mathematics. Bad at English.
- They almost always have MSG in their food and often eat fried rice.
- They always keep to themselves and dislike outsiders interfering with their private social lives (gangs, family etc.)
- Over nationalistic.
- Don't like to lose face and don't like to appear weak.
- Slave of money and saving a lot money that's why they appear so rich; also very tight pocketed people.
- Good business people probably more capitalist in nature than the west - they even say "hope you get rich" as the standard "new year year's greeting.
- They speak VERY loud in public spaces.
- They spit all the time.
- They are short and petite.
- "Ying yang yong, ping pang ping, ching chang chong..." are typical Chinese sounds in their langauge.
- Conservative and impolite when interacting with non-Chinese.
- They know kung fu (wushu) and would break your jaw.

Ok I stop here otheriwse I might put you off from going abroad

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My idealised image of China was 5000 years of history, blah blah, but I am disappointed to find that China is actually lacking in much real sense of history or culture.

Architecturally, it's probably the least appealing place I have vistied so far.

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Obbyto is right about western people.  Many think that china is expansionist.  Why?  China does not want India, Russia, Vietnam.

Because western people do not think Tibet and Taiwan are part of china.  They not see that china has history support for all one china.  So western people I talk to it goes like this.  Why does china want to take over Tibet and taiwan?  I say because they been part of china before.  They say, I never hear that before.  

They still say better china leave these folk alone but understand one china better.

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Originally posted by zglobal at 24-3-2007 13:13
I don't agree.

Most people I talk to think that China is quite peaceful compared to say, USA.

A few incidents along the way tarnished that idea. However, the current leadership is, I believe ...

Yeah Chinese people are getting more respect than ever before. Back in the UK and the US Chinese New Year is a very big thing in town and is increasingly celebrated by more non-Chinese. The area in which the festival usually takes place has also been expanded too. Not only that, city mayors and local governmental representatives also attend the dotting-eye ceremony that marks the start of Chinese New Year. There is always more non-Chinese than Chinese attending the occasion and makes me wonder if it would stay as an enthic-minority festive occasion for long.

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obbyto has given a long post here.
I've noticed that Chinese people lack of criticism. People are only willing to hear good words from foreigners . Especially government is like this. Therefore, censorship is a bizzare part foreigners don't understand. And why does China have many protests  each day? Many unhuman things happen in China. Well, the most notorious news is Tiananmen "accident.".. and people's bad habits are also the topics foreigners like to blame, such as push, not stand in line, shout in public, spit on the street,  wear pyjamas outside of door.... Really many bad manners there.

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Originally posted by i_smuggle
in terms of foreign policy, maybe its because the world knows china "protects" the khartoum regime in sudan that brutally killed 200,000 civilians and left 2.5 million homeless since 2003... Darfur Genocide anyone?
Being bias aren't you..

Of course, china protects sudan's govt.. because they have the biggest oil concession in Darfur.. bought/co-op it legally for nearly a decade. Before Chevron owns them and couldn't find anything. And why is this important ? you would ask.

Well, the whole mess, started in 2002, when the Rebels suddenly got well armed, trained and air supplied from Chad.. attacked the Sudanese Govt soldiers.. and won almost every battle. According to the latest UN investigation (which is truly slanted ), but they also said that the Rebels are just as guilty of crime as the Janjaweed, and that the Sudanese govt is guilty of not been able to protect it's people. what kind of charges is that ? Chad is obviously a US puppet regime, as Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya is... For a recently oil rich but poor country such as Sudan, to try to resist a superpower proxy Regome change.. is crasy. If it wasn't for the support from China, Sudan would already been regime Changed.. and new pro-US puppet Govt would likely viod the current oil concession and gives it to US oil Firm. Of course, it is expected China to support the khartoum govt to protect her investment.

and in terms of domestic policy, we are all familiar with the low records in terms of human rights issues
for example, june 4 of this year will be the 18th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre where hundreds if not thousands lost their lives on the evening of june 3rd and the morning of june 4th

my question is, in few months to come, will there be a public display of condolences by the ccp?

will families of those who lost their loved ones 18 years ago be allowed to gather and grieve their loss... light candles?

the chinese nation will not be able to come together in any public way to commemorate the lives that were lost on june 4. even to discuss such a thing is to risk detention and imprisonment
I suggest you read thru this recent declassified US Embassy (Beijing) Cable....It "attempts to set the record straight" about the events of the night of June 3-4. Contrary to earlier reports in the western media, no one was killed in the square itself.

If anything, it should not be called 'Tiananmen Massacre', because most of the deaths associated with the crackdown occurred on Changan Avenue and other streets surrounding the square, rather than on Tiananmen Square itself. The crowd wasn't exactly.. peaceful or are angels.

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