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what's the image of china in the foreigners' eyes? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by irishinuk at 2007-3-15 13:14
To be honest, I don't think most people in Europe and N America really think about China that often. I'd say that when China comes to mind, most people think of Mao, today's economic growth, rice,  ...

No, many only think of Mao and
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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I agree with irishinuk

My opinion is fairly neutral, but I don't like to get into politics, reading it or talking about it, so my opinions don't go into that field. It seems to me that some people think that's ALL there is to talk about. Always comparing countries, trying to guess what the gov't will do, predicting the future..... I'm so sick of it.

There are other aspects, like the people's preferences in food, fashion, career issues, education issues... so many other things we could talk about that give a country an image, not just its political image.

I know a couple foreigners back home who don't like CHina very much, but they are not well-informed and don't even know WHY they say that. They have old ideas about communism. If they're older, they remember "communism" being an evil word in their youth, mostly because of Russia though... but still, anything that claims to even be sympathetic toward communism (let alone practice it or claim to be it) is scary to them. They have an old image that it means there is one cruel leader who oppresses everyone and wants to take over the world. (they don't think that about china necessarily, but that's the old childhood image they have)

Geez.... to some older people who have been through a war or got scared of Russia as a child will even think the Chinese flag looks mean! Oh my goodness, it's ALL RED, and RED means COMMUNISM so it must be bad because it's ALL RED.

THE 1980's STYLE.....
This is a little bit true,.... some people in the US have the idea that in some small ways (not big ways!) China is still always 20yrs behind. I'm not sure why that is... I think it's largely fashion.... It's just a light hearted thing, really, nothing to be offended at.... Now, being here and it's 2007, I think most people's clothes out there on the streets are pretty normal. But once in a while I see someone wearing a shirt or jacket that looks very 80's by western standards. I think this was more common 5-10 yrs ago. People wondered if the chinese people really liked that style or if they just all got the fashion magazines a little late, being so far away, like maybe the magazines took 10yrs to get there. PLEASE don't be offended, I am talking about the PAST, and only about a *tiny* little lighthearted thing.... and I want to say again that I think everyone's clothes are perfectly normal out there! (then again I'm getting old and don't follow fashion, so maybe my style is behind the times too)
I am not rich.  :L

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Not out of fashion


I don't think Chinese people are out of fashion

they have their own fashion

I think Chinese girls dress very nicely, I like their fashion - I hope they don't copy the West too much

they look perfect already


(But the old guy in the photo above, now he needs to look through the latest issue of Vogue )
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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suzie wong and the white man in asia?

dead on

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Western Medias  often tend to give their folks a negative image of China. But still,we don't have to worry about it. China is a rising power now, we don't need care much about other's comment.

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i don't think any foreigner coming onto this forum will have a good impression of china.  too much racism and ignorance.  most foreigners don't look down on china - they don't see china's poverty as the fault of the chinese per se and are friendly towards chinese (westerners acknowledge the mistakes of the past, and have laws and campaigns in place against racism.  there is sadly still racism, but it is being fought against strongly and is only a small minority).  if they werent' how could the chinese be so successful all over the world?  i think the narrow mindedness of many here is saddening and makes china look stupid.

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