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Contribute strange ideas about life after death.... [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by caringhk at 2007-3-30 19:19

Bird - on yr different life, i thought why there are blacks(India/Africa)
whites(EU/USA) Yellow (Asia) Brown (Latin)

Part of the answer lies where is the sun position!!!

Somtimes I wonder why are Inuit people so dark and Finish people are so fair?:)

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2007-3-11 12:54
Contribute strange ideas about life after death.


When we die, we immediately fall asleep.

When we "wake" we are surrounded by all those we knew before that have not yet returned to earth for their next try at getting things right. These others - our friends and family members - are there to ease our fear and help us acclimate.

After we get accustomed to the return to what is actually the true reality of our soul's existence, we are escorted to our house where we spend the next 5 to 30 (in earthly time) years examining our just finished incarnation. We go over all of the things that we had - before being incarnated into the just ended incarnation - that we had indicated we wanted to do; the wrongs we had committed in earlier lives that we needed to correct, the mistakes we were supposed to try and fix, the apologies we were supposed to make to those we had injured in previous lives...and we examine the injuries we had committed against others in the just ended incarnation, who - if anyone - we had cheated, who  - if anyone - we had lied to or killed or from whom we stole.

Then, we make a plan for the next incarnation: which errors we still needed to fix, who it was we still needed to pay back - with the understanding that we must return 100 or 1000 times what we stole or cheated to the one or ones from whom we stole or whom we cheated; we count how many we killed and work out how many we must then save to balance the deaths we had caused.

Once we are ready to try again to enter into an incarnation in which we harm no-one, kill no-one, lie to no-one, steal from no-one, cheat no-one fulfill all of the "paybacks" we need to fulfill...all in the hopes that the next incarnation will be the last time we need to be incarnated in human/physical form so we can actually begin "Grade Two" in our never ending education of our undying soul and truly begin our journey toward infinity.

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Wow, that's a lot of examining and planning. I had no idea the afterlife was like a math problem.
30 years??? I think I'll be more towards 5, I'm a good little girl. Maybe because I'm vegetarian I'll get extra points... well, at least thats hundreds less creatures I killed. I should be ready any lifetime now....

Canchin, your post gives me a good idea... everyone take note: WHEN YOU DIE, BRING A NOTEPAD & PENCIL! Be ready to work!
I am not rich.  :L

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2007-3-31 00:45
I think I'll be more towards 5, I'm a good little girl.

Not quite, it's actually the other way around.

If you have lived a reprehensible life - murdered, stole, lied etc., then it is not necessary for you to prepare because you have so much unfinished business that there is no need for you to be reincarnated as a more evolved soul.

The time used is for exactly that - an evolving into a higher level.

Those that commit suicide for example need no time as they are reincarnated into the exact same conditions into which their just ended life was so they can go through it again at exactly the same spiritual level until they get it right. For suicides, at the instant of death they do not sleep...they are awake but in a limbo state in which they exist but cannot do anything. They stay in this state until the exact second in time that they had arranged would mark the end of their life and then at that instant they are reincarnated.

No, for an evolution of soul to a higher spiritual level than the one just finished you need a longer time in your home in the souls dimension...the longer the better. A short stay in school preparing and evolving means that your spiritual level is lower and a longer stay will not be of any value...this time.

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It should also be said that those that kill others have the hardest time of it because they not only have to save the lives of the exact number of people they killed, and they have to obtain the forgiveness of those that they killed...who will have long gone on to new lives which makes it difficult to run into them to ask for that forgiveness because that can only be obtained while one is in the soul's dimension; they also have the added problem that they cannot progress in spiritual development UNTIL they have made good on all those lives they have to save.

They will continue to be born in exactly the same spiritual state they were at in the life they just finished for as long as it takes. For example, Hitler will need to save the lives of millions of people in some way before he will be able to progress spiritually, that will take him thousands of lifetimes. GWB will need to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and that will also take him thousands of lifetimes - all at the same spiritual level he is at now.

The most horrible aspect of this is that all of the people a murderer knows in the lifetime in which he was a murderer will have progressed onto higher levels of spiritual development and many will have already passed the time when they need to be incarnated in a physical/human form. It could take millions of years before a mass murderer like Hitler of Bush can end their cycle of incarnations and become evolved spiritually to the point that incarnation is no longer part of their existence.

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Confucious say i do not understand why i am living,

so why worry about dying
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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