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Why some chinese find me strange.... [Copy link] 中文

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Really? I thought I was the only one who like to cover my... cup. We usually use disposable cups there are no lids so I have to cover it with a hand tower and the tower gets blown away all the time. I have to look after and replace them all the time. A hard job on me. Anyway I'm buying a mug with a lid.

Freaky,  I am not sure if salad is healthy food. I have to eat them with a lot of salad source. I do love vegetables but just can't have them uncooked. Now I have a question: what is salad source made from? Some are very creamy and tasty but are they high in cholesterol?

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Originally posted by pjtran at 2007-3-13 23:22
if you can act then people begin to like you & accept you as their friend.  whatever i do or don't do is how well i act that day (to please people like sayin', you' ...

Oh yes I am their friend. These strange westerners accept me as friend while they chuckle.

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2007-3-14 00:44
I hope you can post ok now! Thank you for all that info and for your view on it.  I really don't think there is an english word for youcai and cong. I have never seen them in the usual american sup ...

Sorry forgot to vote. My vote goes to  #2-- big or giant scallion.  I guess you only see those big/giant scallions in northern China. The scallion we have in my hometown markets are exactly the same and small as in the picture. Do you know people in Shandong are famous eating raw big scallions wrapped with pies? They call it "da bing juan da cong". So the "da cong" here must be refering to what you were asking,

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Oh jessme, now we can laugh at each other! I meant that I cover my cup at the end of the day when I leave work, I put it in a little bag or stuff the bag into it. I don't keep it covered while I use it. A lot of us have brought in a mug from home to keep at work. The office girls leave theirs out on their desk uncovered all night. Maybe they rinse it before using....

SALAD - Well, 'salad' can mean many things. Where I'm from, salad usually refers to a lot of cut up raw lettuce, with a bit of other vegetables - possibly tomato, cucumber, carrot, onion, mushroom, maybe pepper or even broccoli, all raw, cut into bite sized pieces. (maybe even hard boiled egg or small chunks of cheese) It would be served plain in a giant bowl, and each person would take some onto his own plate and choose from several dressings to put on. We'd only put a little bit of dressing. In a restaurant you'd tell the waiter what dressing you want and they'd put it on for you, each person getting their own salad.

The whole time we talked about salad, I was imaging a fresh 'green salad' (that's what we'd call the lettuce/veggie one). I'd always think of that when I hear the word salad. But then I saw you write "creamy" and I thought, "Oh! She means like potato salad or something."

In those creamy salads, the creamy stuff is usually MAYONNAISE. Other flavors are added, like a little vinegar, or mustard, or a flavored salad dressing from the store, salt, black pepper, other spices, etc.
When people are concerned about health, they might use some yogurt as the base and add other things. Or, I have had coleslaw (shredded cabbage & carrots) made with oil & vinegar based dressings, even just buying an "italian' type dressing from the store and mixing that in. It is not creamy, it is oil & vinegar & spices.

The main salads in my life:

potato salad
macaroni salad
green salad (different from all the others)

Where I'm from, fruit salad means pieces of different kinds of fruit all cut up, no dressing!!! Some people might put a yogurt based dressing on the side, people can dip it or take some on their own plate, but I never saw dressing on fruit until I came to China! In my family no one ever used any dressing, even on the side. Salad doesn't necessarily mean creamy dressing, it's more like it means.... cut up raw things mixed together. So YOU CAN MAKE A SALAD WITH NO DRESSING and still call it salad!
I am not rich.  :L

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any sensible person should know buy 1 carrot instead of 3 is for convinient and nutrition reason. Who wants to have old vegi when one can buy fresh vegi everyday?

Are you sure they think you're strange? Have you asked them?
They stare at you doesn't mean they feel you're strange. They may feel you're interesting. It's not polite to stare though.
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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when in Rome, do as the Roman does.
But not all Chinese have the same practice. Some buy a lot to cook for a bigger family. Some buy a little to cook for small family. No standard pattern to follow.
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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Everyone thinks I am strange but especially in China

Oh, FQYI thanks for telling me what a scallion is

I had it mixed up with scallywag, well I thought you wouldn't want more than one scallywag at a time - so what was odd about that! Now, I see - it's like a Spring Onion.

First, I also think white people are strange because I have lived for a long time surrounded by people of the orient - who tend to be small, tidy, people. People forget that I can't see myself, so I feel that I look like all the people around me usually look. Sometimes I see these big, giant, white Americans talking loudly (about themselves or Christianity usually) to groups of Chinese girls (usually) and I think how big they are and how untidy - taking up too much space and - why do they carry those big back packs or other large bags around with them? What do they keep in those bags - their parents, food for a month, bibles? So, I also want to stare, but I don't because I am English (it's not allowed).

Second, people think I am very poor because I walk - only a few know I walk to waste time and burn off fat, plus I often don't know where I am going or what it is called, and later I don't know where I have been.

Third, many people stare at me when I buy vegetables and especially any kind of pepper. They say to each other "He hasn't got a girlfriend"

funny that, most Chinese girls I have met don't seem to know what a kitchen is for.

Oh, perhaps they mean he would  be buying more if he had a girlfriend, as I would have to feed her too

Fourth, I seem to be the only person who rearranges his things before leaving the supermarket - other people seem happy with the way the checkout girls/boys sling all the heavy stuff in the bag on top of the fragile things - and they cram everything into one bag, so if you don't rearrange the bag will explode 10 m from the shop!

Fifth, people think I am very very poor because I keep the plastic spoons from places like KFC to use again - but I feel why throw them away? It is a waste of plastic, think of the pollution involved in making them.


Oh, it just goes on and on!
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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