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China to handle the key problem of Africa. How???? [Copy link] 中文

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In the meantime, China should just INVEST...

....and provide ECONOMIC ACTIVITY to the Africans.

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GD, pardon?
Wait, you're right. Japan doesn't want the US to interfere in the Korea thing...nor does any African country (like Ethiopia) want help in the Sudan/Somalia etc.....
At least the US goes to DO something...the UN is worthless.
Why do you assume that the country that is the object of intervention is the one asking for the help?
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At a time when China was being ignored by the so-called "west" - China's main friends were from Africa. There has always been a kind of mutual interest/mutual respect relationship between China and many African countries.

There are today, still, along Africa's eastern coastline, stone stele that were erected during the time of Zheng He and they were erected there because when China ventured to those shores they did so to trade - not like the western powers did which was to kill, rape, destroy and enslave.

There has always been a large population of people from many African countries in China and many universities - even 20 or more years ago - enrolled African students who were not allowed to go to Britain or the oft-vaunted bastion of morality in America.

Today, China has far better relations with many African countries than does America or Britain - and I guess that's what has put the bee up the butt of western countries now that African countries are starting to flex their own economic and developmental muscles.

So what if Britain or America lose out? I certainly don't shiv a git - and neither do most of the people from Africa that I have done - and still do - business with.

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Reply #10 tekvicious's post

Do you know Ethophia Vs Sudan/Somalia is a battle between Orthodox Christians against Arab moslems.

What right does USA got to allign itself with "empire building" or "empire protecting" nation of Ethopia?
It is not that the Amerikan Regime was asked to, but more than Amerikan Regime plans to encircle Sudan and prevent it from producing surplus crude oil to supply to other source of consumption in Europe, China and the Trade Route nations of the Far East.

It's only self interest!
But Amerikan people must UNDERSTAND THEIR OWN CULTURE, its a culture of aggressiveness and war mongering!

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Mr. Tekvicous....

...I think Japan prefers to see a DIVIDED KOREAN peninsular!

The main priority in the Korean region, is to help keep the Korean people divided!
Traditionally the Korean people are more Pro-China and Anti-Japanese.

That's the reason.

The Amerikan Regime just hopes to use the Japanese and Koreans as "pawns" in their game of world domination.

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You may reconsider your statements to read "...Japan, as well as China prefers to see a DIVIDED KOREAN peninsular!

Traditionally Korean people are more pro Korea than anything else.  Its only recent history that sees them hate the Japanese more than the Chinese.  During the Cold War, it had been at least practical for the military regimes to align with the Japan/Taiwan axis.  Anti Japanese sentiments as is seen today out of Seoul is a renewed version concocted by former leftists/labor strikers who have taken over.  They will be more pro-DPRK, before they will be pro Chinese.  China's appeal lays in its hugh market potentials; and political tensions exist just beneath the surface.  Look into the dispute over China's Northeast Project.

China needs a separate DPRK as buffer.  A reunited Korea may come at the price of China's hold on its Dongbei provinces.

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The PRC was in Africa at first for ideological reasons.  Promoting and inciting proletarian revolutions worldwide.  Their first major success is Ghana 1957; though that country is not doing so well economically today.  Compared to what say Senegal had been for a while when it pursued a West oriented market based economy post independence.

The Chinese had been in the murder/massacre sponsoring business long before Sudan.  The Simbas in Congo could very well be the progenitors of modern day African genocide, though they mainly targeted the white colonists.  And before the Chinese have been far more active at it supplying arms and military equipments since its an ideological struggle issues and also then China didn't have quite the clout it does today with RMB diplomacy.  But back then China also had eyes on the mineral resources in Africa.  

Today its just the resources that China is interested in.  And a testing/dumping ground for Chinese products.  And also about tying up loose ends as far as strangling Taiwan diplomatically is concerned.  It still sells armaments to the Africans, but more as a means for the natives to better protect China's investments.  

The need and priorities of China have shifted, or matured would be a better description.  China have learned to be more capitalistic in its dealing with its wonderful African brethen.   Mutual interest/mutual respect hardly enter into it.

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