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What Are Your Favourite Snack Foods When Travelling? [Copy link] 中文

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when i tralling, i always like to drink salt water ~~~

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must you do that...

we were lucky to hop on one of the fast speed trains just came out last month from nanchang to wasn't that fast (or i wasn't pay attention cuz someone's food odoring me like stingy tofu) or could be too much weight, but i am not talking 'bout the train ride here.  i am talking 'bout this couples right behind us & all the certainly they took out their lunch or snacks that i wasn't sure of, but surely enough it stunk the entire cart that we all were in & they were chewing so darn freaking loud...have you heard horse eating gosh lets not go there now, just forget it, ok!).  i mean lords have mercy, some foods are not to be eaten outside of a home just like durian...but i dig durian (i'm here not to contradict myself but i wouldn't eat durian in public places to begin with).  in the 80's then i 'd understand what's going down in these people mind, but we're in the millenium & they're riding a brand new hi-speed train to shanghai with me to check out the sangri-la there...give this laowei some respect cuz i might not or don't know when i'll be back in china again!  * girlfriend says durian makes me perform better...i have a feel that she's so right 'bout it...hehe! enough said & done, bye for now!

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Originally posted by ghost156 at 2007-6-25 20:20

why refleSh???

What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Sneck Food~~~

I've just found some useful info about the Chinese sneck food .
中式小吃 Snack

爱玉      Vegetarian gelatin

糖葫芦    Tomatoes on sticks

长寿桃    Longevity Peaches

芝麻球    Glutinous rice sesame balls

麻花      Hemp flowers

牡蛎煎    Oyster omelet

臭豆腐    Stinky tofu (Smelly tofu)

油豆腐    Oily bean curd

麻辣豆腐  Spicy hot bean curd

虾片      Prawn cracker

虾球      Shrimp balls

春卷      Spring rolls

红豆糕    Red bean cake

绿豆糕    Bean paste cake

糯米糕    Glutinous rice cakes

萝卜糕    Fried white radish patty

肉丸      Rice-meat dumplings

haha...have u  tried all of the above?
By the way , more info at   ^_^

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I didn't realise that it was actually called "smelly"

臭豆腐    Stinky tofu (Smelly tofu)

I was surprised to learn that is the actual name!  That's what I call it but I thought I was just being a smart-ass.

By the way, I like it.

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