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Beijing demands US cancel planned missile sale to Taiwan [Copy link] 中文

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Is this american intelligence true ??

China ballistic missile submarine force growing --- US navy intelligence

China is conducting sea trials of the first of five new nuclear-powered submarines armed with longer-range ballistic missiles, according to a US naval intelligence report made public on March 2, 2007.

The sea trials are part of a broader push by China to check US naval power in the western Pacific with a more modern fleet of nuclear-powered ballistic missile and attack submarines, the Office of Naval Intelligence said.

The first of the new nuclear ballistic missile submarines, designated the Type 094 SSBN, could begin operating as early as 2008, it said.

The submarine "will provide China with a modern and robust sea-based nuclear deterrent force," the ONI reported.

It will be equipped with the JL-2 sea-launched ballistic missile with range of 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles), a big gain over China's only other ballistic missile submarine.

The XIA SSBN, a 24-year-old nuclear powered vessel, is armed with the JL-1 missile, which has a range of only 1,777 kilometers (1,000 miles).

Even at that shorter range, the XIA can target US military facilities in the region from launch points inside traditional Chinese operating areas, the report said.

The ONI said China probably will build five of the new ballistic missile submarines "in order to provide more redundancy and capacity for a near-continuous at-sea SSBN presence."

"Construction and sea trials of the Type 094 program are ongoing," it said.

The unclassified ONI report, which was obtained by AFP and has a question-and-answer format, was first reported by Sea Power magazine, then picked up by the Washington Times.

It said China also is concluding sea trials of a new Type 093 nuclear powered attack submarine that is expected to be quieter and armed with more advanced weaponry than its predecessor, the HAN SSN class submarines.

It will have anti-ship cruise missiles and more modern torpedoes than the HAN, the report said.

"China has built these features into the Type 093 in an effort to improve the PLA(N)'s (Peoples Liberation Army Navy) to conduct anti-surface warfare at greater ranges from the Chinese coast than its diesel submarine force offers," it said.

The report said the China's navy currently has about 55 attacks submarines, most of them diesel electric.

It is a smaller but more technologically advanced force than the one China had in the 1980s.

Each of the attack submarines are armed with anti-ship cruise missiles and designed to be quiet enough to operate in the open ocean.

A key focus of China's maritime strategy is to keep outside powers beyond striking range in a Tawan scenario.

"Much of China's military modernization effort of the past five years, and particularly the modernization of the Chinese Navy, has been designed to improve China's anti-carrier capability," the ONI said.

"China envisions an attack on a carrier strike group as incorporating submarine-launched ASCM (anti-ship cruise missile) strikes and ASBM (anti-ship ballistic missile) strikes," it said.

It said China is equipping theater ballistic missiles with maneuvering reentry vehicles with radar and infrared seekers to attack a ship at sea.

China's maritime strategy is also aimed at protecting a growing sea trade crucial to its economy, the report said.   "In order to protect oil and other trade routes, the PLA (N) is beginning to develop the foundations of a naval capability that can defend sea lines of communications," the report said.

*****   personally, I hate Pentagon selling all kinds of weapons to Taiwan. By selling the island weapons, the U.S. is seriously hurting the feelings of each Chinese, and effectively harassing China's territorial reunification effort.  I dislike our government investing too much money on military hardware, but, considering the U.S. time & again violating its promise and continue selling weapons to Taiwan,  China should & must be prepared  to defend itself  with the best possible arms.

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Originally posted by hanlei at 3-3-2007 08:44

By selling weapons to Taiwan, Washington was also violating its promise to gradually reduce sales to the island territory, he said.

When exactly did the current US government say it would do that?

If China wants to reduce arms sales to Taiwan it should stop the build up of missiles pointed at the island. If it continues its fast military build-up it is trying to have its cake and eat it.
"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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if the mainland was to go to war over taiwan, taiwan would certernly lose and even with outside help the mainland will still have 90% or more chance achieving it's objective. at best taiwan will achieve the status quo. the goal of the usa is to keep taiwan as it's trump card when dealing with the prc. the prc and usa both know this. though i don't believe the usa is hoping for a war across the straight, but should it arise, the usa is hoping to use a fool like chen sui bien to set china back  a decade or atleast cause china to come to a squeching halt with it's modernization drive. this kind of ideology won't work, on the contrary it will only speed up chinas modernization drive.

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US foreign policy

had the usa been fair in it's dealings with the world, many of todays promblems would not exist. over 3/4 of the world does not trust the usa. the world is at the brink of another arms race. i sincerely pray that the usa will change course and start playing a more constuctive role in the international arena. so long as it defends it's unilateral invasion of iraq, it will give other countries reasons to develop more destructive weapons to counter that threat. if the usa refuses to change course and denounce it's unilateral ideology then i am 100% for china's millitary build up.

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the usa is not a fool, they don't hope the war across the straight really happen, the usa should stop where it should stop, I think no one want to see the war break out, because it will hurt both of them, no one will be the winner

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America needs to concentrate on its real enemy Islamic terrorists and not sell weapons to Taiwan . Dick Chaney is clueless with regard to China , America needs to have good relations with China its important for trade . No amount of propaganda will ever lead me to believe
China is a threat to Americas security .China is a peaceful country without religious radicals in power . I say China should ask America why
it has by far the biggest military? this is hypocrisy at its best , China should have a strong military whats wrong with protecting the worlds largest population?saying China is a threat is just a ploy to scare the American tax payer for more money for the millitary . Maybe China should decrease its millitary expenditures temporarily and see if America follows with its millitary . This would be interesting just to prove a point.
I hope the Chinese people realise that many Americans think like me in regards to China , China is becoming prosperous and its regular people are starting to live quite comfortably . I get mad when i here morons like dick Chaney talking about this imaginary threat from China! there is not a single Chinese face behind any terrorist attacks against America . I think that America should try to pave the way for China to be allies with America and not saber rattling with it . Just makes sense to me .

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