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Dilemma ( to go abroad or stay to work?) [Copy link] 中文

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You'd better go abroad

It's a good opportunity  for you to further yourself.So you should catch the chance.Although you have got an attractive job now, a even more attractive one is waiting for you when you return with higher degree.It goes as you say , a girl only charges herself before marriage.If you stay put,there is no hope to study abroad.What a pity!At the same time the male nowadays value the female with lots of knowledge.

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Again Lynn, stay put

You might be tempted to go abroad after four years of study at your college in China.  It's fine if you are studying for a Ph.D., but not for a Masters Degree.

I used to advise students like you all the time.  A Masters Degree from a UK university is a total waste in landing your first job.  Alternatively the money saved by not going abroad can be put to better use, like buying real estate in Hangzhou where the year-on-year appreciation is now 44%.

Like someone here is saying -- you won't improve your oral English skills too much because there are so many Chinese students around.

This Tony Qi here has no idea what he is talking about.  Don't come back in a body bag like the cockle-pickers did working on that Morecambe beach.  

Read this from today's news:

Tides cut off 30 workers at UK's Morecambe Bay

LONDON, Feb 26 (Reuters) - Lifeboats and a helicopter rushed to rescue a group of stranded cockle-gatherers on Thursday on the same beach in northwest England where 20 mainland Chinese migrant workers drowned three weeks ago.

A Royal Air Force spokeswoman said rescuers were scrambled to Morecambe Bay after at least 30 people were reported in difficulty as water levels started to rise.

"Most have managed to make their way back to shore but there are still a small number unaccounted for," the spokeswoman said.

She said there were no reports of injuries.

Seventeen men and three women drowned at the dangerous bay on February 5 when they were caught at night by fast-rising tides as they collected cockles, a popular shellfish food.

<u>The deaths shone a spotlight on gang labour in Britain, where migrant laborers are frequently paid low wages to work in the agriculture and construction industries</u>, often illegally. Several arrests have been made in the case.

The tragedy has also had unexpected political repercussions for Britain's opposition Conservative Party.

A Conservative member of parliament was sacked on Thursday for making a joke about the deaths at a party to promote relations between Britain and Denmark.

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I am a girl. I am twenty-three years old now.I just graduated  last year.So I am lack of working experience.I’m working hard.After work,I also read some books.I think life is wonderful.At work,I make friend with a few people,some of them are my colleagues,Few is not my colleague.Among them,there is a friend named Wu,he works in a newspaper office.Slowly,we fall in love with each us.At first,I have some hesitates.First,I don’t understand him,I don’t know what type of peole he is.Secondly,my parents don't alow me make boyfriends with people who is come from other places in the Hunan province.At first,I don't want to find boyfriend,so I can have I lot of time to study.But at weekend,I feel very loneliness.So I ask him go shoping.step by step,I find he is very thoughtful.And my chum also think he is good to me.Now I love him very much.But my parent now break up us.I feel very helpness.

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I have got a job.

Dear fiends:
Thanks for ur kindness.
I have been given a job today working in a foreigh corporation,my post is at the lowest level,but I think it is really challenging to me.
Now, I am thinking that before I go to UK this Octorber, I can gain at least 6 months' experience.  For me, which kind of job is not important. And when I come back from UK, I will own the master degree as well as 6 month's working experience, I think it will be ok.
Now what bother me is how could I say this to the corportion.If I tell my plan to them, I won't be offered the post, and if not, when I go abroad this Octorber, I will break the contract.
Could any friend give me an idea?Thanks!!

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Lynn, You have hit on a perfect compromise!

      I think many people have advised you well and from their hearts.  I am an American who speaks, reads, and writes Chinese much better that I do English.  I have spent half my life since 1977 in DaLu.  I think that your working for a foreign company for 6 months or so and then going to the UK will work fine.  Perhaps even your current company would then take you back at a much better salary and job.  That is actually typical.  As for the UK, well I lived there for three years, and go back almost every year.  It is true that their economy is not good, but the same is true everywhere (except perhaps in China, where it is on the rise).  But the English are not mean spirited, they are kind and generous.  And the have wonderful sense of humor, just like the Chinese.  And the edication and experience, as pointed out by some, will only do you good.  The more education you have the better off you will be, provided you also have the will to succeed, which it appears you do.  Travel is educational, no matter what anyone ever tells you.  I have lived and worked on every continent in the world, and it has been wonderful.  And yes, I love China the best, even more than my home country, the USA.  I have always been treated so well, and kindly, and although I have walked through the small alleys, and little ways of Biejing, SHanhai, Guanzhou, Harbin, Dalian, Najing, Wuhan, and on and on, I have never once felt any fear or worry.  Just wonder!  Go young lady, go after alittle work, and enjoy the trip.  Who knows where it will lead you?

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Wish you good luck!

     I'm a college student also planning to study abroad.  Anyway, you've done well. If I were you, maybe I would  tell them  the truth, tell them the importance of this job to me. And I'll ask to work just for practice or with a relatively low salary. Be confident! You're good, you'll do well. Wish you good luck!

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whatever you should choose base on your individual personalities. if you are a very confident, strong-minded and ambitious girl, I do believe you are quite suitable the life in U.K. As I know, my friend,a boy, studying in the State can only make Chinese friends. He always under the pressure of homesick and discrimination. The American regard you as a unwelcome competitor robbing their scholarship. It is no duoble that Chinese students always get so an excellent result in the foreign universities that infinite students may envy you. Some poor american students should do a few part-time jobs to support themselve to continue study in college, so the scholarship is very important for them too. If you trust yourself being abe to tackle the unpredictable troubles, I do support you go there and you will be a somebody some day because you know what you want , you know what you are doing and you dare undergo frustrations.           

Maybe, girls in U.K have a different story. Every one has his own fate. who knows?

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