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Dilemma ( to go abroad or stay to work?) [Copy link] 中文

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I am in a dilemma: to go to UK for my postgraduate study or to stay and work?

If I go to UK, I will lose good job opportunities,and spent a big money to go there. Many of my classmate now have got jobs and started to work. They hurry to work and back, full of hope and energy,though tired and exhausted. My determination to go to UK is shakened for  outside job news is  flooding my ears and eyes. I am not sure if the overseas study would pay.

Actually, I haven't made a preparation for working,at least mentally. I am thinking that only if I get a higher level of degree,like master degree, I could be confident in my career and do well. Is that right?

The job opportunities are attractive and the further study is necessary, and for a girl, it's better to study as early as possible.

How can I do?Could anybody provide me with some advise? Thanks!!

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If it were me,

I would go study in the UK.  Now is the best time in your life do it.

The same opportunities for work will still be available when you return (China's economy is growing very quickly).  When you get back, your peers that went directly to work now, will be a little more advanced at first, but you will catch up to them very quickly.  You will have more schooling than they do, and you will most likely have a broader perspective on many things because of your experience studying in another country.  

Good luck!

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Stay put, Miss Lynn

Yes, stay put and don't go to U.K.  It's a country with a stagnant economy and without job prospects.  

It is much more cost effective to get your first job working in China now.  The job market here, although tight, is not as bad as elsewhere in the world.  If you go to U.K. and come back, your Master's Degree is useless in getting your first job in China.  In other words, it does not give you any advantage over someone with a Bachelors Degree because it's your first job.

If you want to study for a Masters Degree later, let your company pay for it after you've worked for it for a while  Many companies are willing to do that to let their employees advance further to managerial positions.  Right now you don't even know which area you should study for your Masters Degree because of your lack of work experience.  So when you come back with that Masters but without the work experience, you'd end up with a first job with an overqualified resume.

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Stay here and get a job

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you should grasp the chance study abroad

you are very lucky to have the opportunity study abroad.i think you should grasp the chance ,otherwise the chance will be rare when the time past.everyone is seeking the developing ,but the competitive society will need much more knowledge and many foreign customers are  invested in china.they need high quality employees work for them,abroad study experience will make you have much advantage.what is more ,from another aspect,the meaning for life not only work ,we should grasp the chance to touch the outside world,which will make you feel comportable for different culture and different country.although chinese economy is making progress very much,but still very rare persons have the chance to study  or work abroad.expensive charge will be stopped by many family,i think your family will have the ability to afford your studying abroad.what is more ,you will work while you study,which is common in foreign country.china has many different with others,you will get progress from different persons ,which will be the wealth you will enjoy it by your whole living.i have worked over 5 years ,for poor family i have to work in advance ,and no any chance to study abroad even if attend professional training,now i worked as a foreign garment businessman,i think my english is poor but i have not the spirit to study english ,i only learn by myself ,but it is difficult for me to improve,i still suggest you should catch the chance study abroad ,and good lucky to you for everything.

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Be adventurous!!!

Don't look around at what your friends are doing, and don't be concerned with the economy. Don't listen to those who chose to live sad, narrow lives of fear. Those who don't encourage you to go are those who hide and tremble in sad cowardice. They are very weak in thinking and spirit.

Too many Chinese are a part of a big, mindless beehive. You have an opportunity to travel and study in another country, and it will payoff greatly in your personal growth and broadening of experience and world knowledge that you cannot obtain in any other way.

When you return to China--even if you do want to return, after being away--there will always be jobs and careers. In fact, it is very possible that such an experience can propel you far ahead of your friend in your career.

I have never talked to a person who has ever regretted traveling to new places, doing new things, and gaining new experiences.

Be adventurous and leave the beehive. Be yourself and discover who you really are and what you would really like to be!!!

If you don't do this, you might someday regret it.

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Thanks to all of you!

Dear friends:

I am so moved when I  see so many relies, you are so nice!

Four nearly 4 years' campus life, I never been so anxious about my future as it is now. It is really tough reality, isn't it.

I always like to treat myself as a child, a daughter and a student, so I never bother to consider my future. However when I am pushed before the reality, I realize that I should make my mind, make a decision, then go for it, never turn back or regret for it!

All of you give me good and straight advise, I bear them in my mind. Nevertheless, I shoud be brave enough to make a choice, I believe if I am self-confident enough, and try my best,I can perform well whatever the choice is.

Thanks to all of you for your sincere help.

Kind regards,

yours sincerely,


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