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buses has been around for centuries
its shape and parts has greatly change all this year
the same carburator, spark plug etc. etc.
to suggest that the chinese had to steal  the blueprint in order to make it is just a story out of a spy book.

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so too paper and gunpowder amongst others; perhaps we should retrospectively claim royalty for their use over the past two centuries; if they cannot pay in cash, not a problem; for the US, they can hand over one of the states, say California, for Europe, say the British Isles; if the french, italians and germans disagree, they can duke it out amongst themselves. No interest on earnings lost from royalties unclaimed for two centuries will be added; they should be happy they are getting that off scot-free. The notion of IP rights is a western concoction devised by westerners to suppress developing countries. If they want to play that game, these countries can also return the compliment.

another matter; they insult buyers from their own countries; who in his right mind wouldn't know that something priced at 1 is different from something priced at 1,000? why don't they remember their own commercial principle of free-enterprise - 'willing buyer, willing seller'?

yet another matter; those 'silly' buyers go back wearing the product and that's free advertisement; maybe the seller should also add marketing fee to the price.

and, if it's such a problem, arrest the buyers instead; see if they don't get angry enough to sue those 'moral' busybodies for tresspassing human rights to choose what they want to do with their own money.

finally, they can also copy local-made goods ...if they can EVER match the price and quality.


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and those are important observations; not too long ago, there was a surge of interest on what is meant by 'branding'; that seems to have abated; it should be resuscitated but with one tweaking - the selection of a representing name for the new brand must be done very carefully; if aiming for western markets, the name must sound and look naturally western; that includes neat and compact.

marketing, financial control, negotiating skills on pricing, delivery and payment terms, logistics of sourcing and packaging, design, adding price component to new value-adds, market research on foreign customers' actual hotbuttons, how foreign distributors mark-up and by how much, where alternative channels of marketing can exist advantageously overseas, how they would change the rules of the wto to suit themselves (eg. european shoemakers)....even brochure and website wordings, these are important things to do.....and can be done more efficiently if the big picture is seen all the time.

it's not just about 'copying' ..that's only a tactic foreign buyers use to deflect from the real issues so as to give them more control over local manufacturers.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2007-2-26 16:25

A olie however often repeated doesn't become true: paper was not "invented" in China. Long before Chinese wrote on bamboo Egyptians wrote on papyrus. No doubt the Chinese refined papy ...

seneca, master racist!

For a moment you got scared that chairman was back. Did you manage to get him banned?

Anyway, seneca, master idiot! Your attempts at rewriting history is dumb and stupid and will not work.

You see almost all non-western countries have now worked out your game. You people can no longer twist history as you have been doing for the last few hundred years. People are starting to reclaim it all over the world.

You paranoid evil crooks are now losing all your loot as well. So what do you do? Try to attack the brilliant and creative Chinese that are kicking your ass in the commercial and industrial world.

And we will keep on kicking your fat ass in the marketplace as well.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Originally posted by seneca at 2007-2-26 16:41
Once I purchased a bottle of "Vin Rough". What a Chinese person assumes to be French for "Red Wine" turned out to be a very rough approximation of a dry wine made in China and p ...

Thieving seneca!

You damn thieves! Here is another one of our invention that you should be paying us royalties for.

You thieving, lying breed of people. How dare you steal our technology of distilling alcohol?

While you were climbing on tree branches our people were enjoying good liquor. Is it not enough that you are consuming our tea?
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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