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if you love somebody let him free [Copy link] 中文

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mmm...  I understand what the OP was saying here.. and I am assuming this is to mean that the love is definite from one side and questionable from the other?  if this is the case.. then yes, the definite love should let the questionable love go.. and see if they return...

but,,, in a truly loving relationship.. there are no feelings of jealousy or lack of freedom...

no jealousy.. because the two together trust each without question

no feelings of a lack of freedom.. because they are happy to make the compromises that are necessary in any relationship

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Originally posted by whataboutbob at 2007-2-28 01:49
mmm...  I understand what the OP was saying here.. and I am assuming this is to mean that the love is definite from one side and questionable from the other?  if this is the case.. then yes, the de ...

It can be possibly like this case.Quite possible.
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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Yes,just leave an easy space to  each other
jealousy can never be avoided,try to comprehend
also you should bring some flash air to your lover when you live in a some way for too long time

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A true story, he walked away & came back in another form

This was one of many true stories which have happened to the common folks like us, somewhere, somehow, sometime. After I put down this book years ago, my eyes were watering and my eyesight was blurring and ...  Here are the highlights of the story.
The story began early in 1963 in Watertown, US. Edith Taylor was sure she was the luckiest woman in town. She and Paul had been married for ten years, and her heart still skipped a beat when he walked into the room. As for Paul, he gave every appearance of a man in love with his wife. If his job took him out of town, he would write Edith each night and send small gifts from every place he visited.

In Feb 1963, Paul was sent to Japan for two months to work on a project. The lonesome months dragged on. Each time Edith expected Paul to come home, he had written that he must stay for another month, and another month, and he had been gone for more than a year now, and his letters were coming less and less. After a few weeks of silence, came a letter, asking for divorce and getting married with a Japanese girl, Aiko, she was 19.

Most of the stories would be like that the rejected wife would hate her ex-husband and the Japanese woman, and want to revenge for her own shattered life. However, it did not happen to Edith, she did not hate him, perhaps she had loved him so much that she was unable to stop.

She could picture the situation. A lonely man was far away from home, he had not done the easy, shameful thing; but chosen divorce, rather than taking advantage of a young girl. The only thing Edith could not believe was that he had stopped loving her. Someday, somehow, Paul would come home.

Edith now built her life around this thought
. She wrote to Paul, asking him to keep in touch with his life. In time he wrote that Aiko was expecting a baby, Maria was born in 1968, Helen in 1971匒nd then the terrible letter came, Paul was dying of lung cancer.

His last letter was filled with fear, not for himself, but for Aiko and his two little girls. Edith knew that her last gift to Paul could be peace of mind. She wrote that, if Aiko was willing, she could take Maria and Helen and bring them up in Watertown, US.

Aiko would not let the children go to the US. After one year being indecisive, Edith had made up her mind to bring Aiko and her two children to the US to live with her.

As the airplane landed at New York International Airport, Edith had a moment of fear, What if she should hate this woman who had taken Paul away from her? The last person off the plane was Aiko who was so thin and small that Edith thought at first she was a child. As they held each other, Edith had an extraordinary thought, "I prayed for Paul to come back. Now he has ?in his two little daughters and in this gentle girl he loved. Help me, God, to love her too."

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If we want to learn to love,we must first learn to forgive and let go of past hurts and grievances.

i agree

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In my opinion, proper jealousy is useful to keep love fresh and funny.
it is just like condiment. However, it is very important to control it in a appropriate scale. Just like when we are cooking, the moderate salt will make the food delicious, but too much will cause the opposite to what we wish
Take my experience as the example to interprete it more detailed. If my boyfriend goes out with a female friend for dinner, I will pretend to feel envied towards that girl and tell him that I also wish to go out with him. While, i won't ask him about the detail of their dinner, which will probably  cause his antipathy. As #1 said, space is very important for lovers.

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if i love someone,i will occupy he or she ,because the love is selfish

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