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Bad Boyz... Where/how to meet people...

My Girlfriend tells me "You a bad boy..." Then she shakes her head and says "I'm a baaaaaad woman..."  and pounces on me!

I'm not complaining...

But whats wrong with being a "bad" guy, if you're honest about it and all your girlfriends are happy.  

You all know you find bad boys sexy and exciting.  A little danger makes life interesting and if danger comes with blond hair and a nice smile?   You can all deny it as much as you want but my experiences in China speak for themselves...

Thats not to say my heart is incapable of being caught, LOL.  I have two girls waiting for me to get back in a couple weeks and its a total toss up.  I could finally be in real trouble this time.  One is so sweet (and just the right kind of naughty) she makes me feel like I could actually be content to just stay and the other one's kisses make me melt like a snow cone on a sweltering July day in GZ...  No really, she can make my knees buckle,  I haven't felt like that since the 8th grade!

What to do?

I just walk up to a girl anywhere I am.  If she catches my eye and gives me one of those smiles to die for then I KNOW shes interested and its OK to approach her.  If the girl is in her own world or its all about the people she already out with then they probably aren't looking for some guy to crash their party --> Unless you can still get her to look up and she responds to your look with a come hither smile then once again your in...  Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Grocery stores, Pedestrian Malls, Any given crowded sidewalk especially if she is coming straight for you - just step right in the way then you can look her in the eye and start to go this way and then that way, choose the same way she is going to go and after two failed attempted passes, laugh and ask her to dance... Tell her your name ask hers voila!  

Why should it be hard to meet people when you are loose in the most populated place in the world?  You just cant come off all stalkery or creepy and you need to make her smile and feel good about herself and she will automatically see you in a positive light.

Women to meet men?  Well if the guy is Western you can just step up and say "Hi" any where you see him.  A smile from a pretty girl will stop most any man in his tracks and you can easily get more than the time of day.  Western guys (at least me and any of my friends) DO NOT think badly of a woman who makes the first move.  Its bold and it is flattering.  Just get over the shyness and fear of rejection.  We have to do it every time we want to step up to a woman.  Now you see how much of ourself we have to put out there to meet you.  But we do it if we think you are worth it.  Just step up and say hi.

I cant give any advice for meeting Chinese guys though.  My Chinese guy friends are evenly split between liking a progressive girl or actually being afraid of them, LOL.

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in a word,"brave".

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kossutin' - your avatar

Originally posted by kossutin at 2007-2-25 19:34
I have been thinking of dancing classes. Atleast what I have heard there is many single girls :)
Actually it would be nice to learn to dance with a girl :)

you may want to re-consider your choice of your avatar. The hangmans noose sends a very strong message and i don't think it does you much justice. i think most or many people will simply steer clear of you. just trying to help you out here with some positive feedback.
jia na da ren

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First, your need to be explicitly clear on what you are looking for in a woman. For example: Don't be shy. If you see a girl your attracted to, just ask her, "does your dad own a brewrey"? Next tell her, "you can breath through your ears". The place to meet a woman does not matter. Use the direct approach.
jia na da ren

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