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US Government will certainly sabotage and undermine Beijing 2008 Olympics...... [Copy link] 中文

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You guys talk as if only Anglos live in America. Most of America is not Anglo, athough the Anglos ( specifically male ) are the ones in power.  America has it's own "Taiwan" it's called Puerto Rico. It is called a "commonwealth" but I see it more as a colony. When will they be "free"? When will they have ALL their rights? treated fairly, or compensated for what the U.S. has done to them!?!?!?!?!

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Originally posted by anderslim at 2007-4-15 17:18
I am excited about the 2008 Olympics tickets going on sale.
However, in logging in into, I realized that:

(1) each registered person is only allowed to app ...

Yes. But only for the opening ceremony.
For the other events, you can get up to 5 tickets at once.
It looks like they bet a lot on the opening ceremony...
Usually this is as daft as can be, let alone in China. CCP grand opening, anyone?

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(Keep It Simple, Stupid)

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Taiwan's push for independence before Beijing 2008 Olympics

For some time, Taiwan's leadership has seemed interested in pursuing the fantasy of independence. But lately, it has gone too far. Chen Shui-bian, the island's head, said on March 4 and again on March 6, "Taiwan wants independence; Taiwan wants to change its name; Taiwan wants a new constitution; Taiwan wants development."

In doing so, he openly negated what he pledged at his first inauguration. On May 20, 2000, Chen vowed, "[I] will not declare Taiwan independence; [I] will not change the name [of the Republic of China]; [I] will not bring a 'two-state' [Taiwan vs. China] argument into the constitution; [I] will not call for a referendum of independence; and there will be no possibility of abolishing National Unification Council and Guidelines."

Seven years later, Chen has broken nearly all of his promises and proven himself a liar and "troublemaker," in the words of former President Bill Clinton. In pursuit of self-interest and political gain, he has disregarded Taiwanese security and his people's fundamental interest in peace and stability, which is preconditioned on his government's honesty and sense of responsibility. This inevitably escalates the tension across the Taiwan Strait.

As a post-World War II arrangement, Taiwan reverted to the mainland; Taiwan had belonged to China until Japan defeated China in 1894 and imposed the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which gave the island to Japan. But in 1945, China and the Allied Forces defeated Japan, and Taiwan was properly returned to the mainland. Currently, the United Nations and a majority of the countries in the world--including the United States and Japan--officially consider Taiwan a part of China. Given mainland China's ever-increasing hard and soft power, the fantasy of an independent Taiwan is coming to an end.

However, Chen and the pro-independence crowd in Taiwan is pressing the issue while Chen is still in power. They believe that the United States will protect Taiwan under any circumstances, especially given the Bush administration's temperament; they're also betting that the mainland values the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics more than a unified China. Most of all, they understand that Taiwan will have no chance to gain independence during and after the second decade of this century given China's rise.

The mainland indeed treasures hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics, but for reasons of both sovereignty and technical preparedness, mainland China can, and must, respond to Chen's provocation.

For the security and safety of the Chinese living across the Taiwan Strait, the mainland has refrained from taking military action. The possibility of U.S. military intervention, which would violate international law, and the U.S.-Japan security alliance, also complicate the mainland's war scenario. But if Chen and his followers further push the envelope, it's unlikely that Beijing would allow Taiwan to leave without taking action.

Taiwan's leader will not only place his people in jeopardy, but also hold the United States hostage--if Washington honors its promise to "do whatever it takes" to defend Taiwan. This comment by President George W. Bush in April 2001 has emboldened the Taiwanese government and could eventually unnecessarily endanger America.

In a bold military move, Taiwan tested its Hsing-feng 2E (Brave Wind) cruise missile earlier this month. Its range is 600 kilometers and can extend to 1,000 kilometers, threatening Shanghai and Hong Kong. Reportedly, Taiwan plans to produce 50 Hsing-feng 2E missiles before 2010 and up to 500 in the years afterward.

To be sure, this threatens the mainland. But given China's relative strength, Taiwan's pursuit for independence is hopeless. The mainland is far more resourceful, and in an arms race, Taiwan is destined to collapse, whether the United States intervenes or not. Ultimately, Taiwan's security will come from sanity, not fantasy.

By Dingli Shen | 26 March 2007

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Just  to get a quick point across anacaona, puerto rico is a common wealth which means it has its own governing body, laws, money, etc.....the only thing it lacks is a military which it gladly accepts from the US.  Even better for them is that they are afforded many of the same rights that american citizens get.  Puerto Rico is NOT an american taiwan, and to even suggest such a thing shows lack of information on your part.  As for anyone that would even promote the idea of nuclear war you are a waste of life.  Current nuclear weapon technology has created war heads that are 400 to 500 megatons, with the ability of a single missile to carry 4 or more of these warheads.  Even more disturbing about them is that they use star maps for guidance because the amount of distruction they can cause would obliterate any sort of landmark guidance.  Think of it this way, If the US alone launch all of its missiles from one of its submarines the entirety of China would be nothing more then dust with half of the sub payload remaining to be fired.  The radiation cloud that would result would be enough to outright kill and living organism in its path, not to mention that if the US was to fire its weaponry China would surely send reprisals which would destroy the American Continent.  Does cracking the earth mean much to you?  As a final bit, the Olympic games have always been used a a political tool, and every country has received threats of boycotts...big bloody deal.  Making contingency plans for every situation is the responsibility of every military force, thats how the protect its citizens, by planning for any outcome any situation.  As far as taiwan is concerned they are making alot of noise now because the games are getting closer, and they will make more as the games continue to get closer.  They are trying to puch the mainland into doing something that the international community would get angry about, and as the US has said, Taiwan has made an agreement with mainland and needs to keep its end of the bargain.

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When they decide it for themselves

Originally posted by anacaona at 2007-4-23 03:54
You guys talk as if only Anglos live in America. Most of America is not Anglo, athough the Anglos ( specifically male ) are the ones in power.  America has it's own "Taiwan" it's called P ...


     <shrug>  Your guess is as good as mine about Puetro Rico's status.  Every ten or 15 years they vote for independence, become the 51st state, or remain where they are.  So far, they have voted to stay where they are.

Here is a website about information from the 1998 vote on status:

To sum up, the majority wanted status quo 50.3% to 46.5% for minority wanting statehood, with the remaining votes split up into the other three choices (independence being one of them).

China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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U.S.: China Lacks Power for Taiwan Fight

WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon is warning China in blunt language that despite Beijing's massive military buildup, it lacks the power for a successful attack against rival Taiwan.

The annual report on China's military, released Friday, is likely to add to rising tension between Washington and Beijing at a time when U.S. lawmakers are considering bills that would punish China for what they contend are predatory trade practices.       

The Pentagon is warning China in blunt language that despite Beijing's massive military buildup, it lacks the power for a successful attack against rival Taiwan. The annual report on China's military, released Friday May 25, 2007, is likely to add to rising tension between Washington and Beijing at a time when U.S. lawmakers are considering bills that would punish China for what they contend are predatory trade practices.
The report was released on the day the largest high-level Chinese delegation ever to visit the United States left Washington after economic meetings with frustrated lawmakers and with senior Bush administration officials yielded few results.

In the report, the Defense Department explicitly describes what would happen if China should attack Taiwan, the self-governing democratic island that Beijing claims as its own. It says China does not yet have "the military capability to accomplish with confidence its political objectives on the island, particularly when confronted with the prospect of U.S. intervention."

An attack could severely damage China's economy and lead to international sanctions, spur a Taiwan insurgency that could tie up the Chinese military for years, and possibly cause Beijing to lose its coveted hosting rights for the 2008 Olympics, the report said.

"Finally, China's leaders recognize that a conflict over Taiwan involving the United States would give rise to a long-term hostile relationship between the two nations _ a result that would not be in China's interests," the report said.

Michael Pillsbury, a former Pentagon official who now serves as an adviser on China issues, called the Taiwan language the "most blunt warning in any U.S. document in history to China of the really bad things that will happen if they attack Taiwan."

The Chinese Embassy did not return messages Friday seeking comment on the Pentagon report. But China has reacted angrily to previous reports and has insisted that its multibillion-dollar military buildup is defensive.

The report comes after high-level U.S.-China economic meetings this week failed to reach any breakthrough on the countries' biggest economic dispute: China's currency, which American manufacturers say is undervalued by as much as 40 percent. That makes Chinese products cheaper for Americans and U.S. goods more expensive in China.

The Pentagon report also said the People's Liberation Army has been acquiring better missiles, submarines and aircraft and should more fully explain the purpose of a military buildup that has led some to view China as a threat. It noted, however, that "the PLA remains untested in modern warfare."

Loren Thompson, a defense analyst with the Lexington Institute, said China's military still is relatively modest, despite the country's huge population and booming economy.

"There really isn't much in China's military programs that would lead you to the conclusion that they want to do anything beyond being influential in East Asia," he said.

If the Bush administration were truly worried about the possibility of a Chinese military challenge, he said, it would be rethinking the vibrant trade ties between the countries, which it has yet to do.

"If China was really a threat, would we be moving our factories there at the rate of one a day?" he asked. "During the Cold War, nobody in America ever proposed building television sets or cars in Russia."

The Associated Press
Saturday, May 26, 2007; 4:48 AM

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Political cult targeting China ... -17-499802743_x.htm

Christian thugs to spread parasites at 2008 Beijing Olympics

By Rachel Zoll, AP Religion Writer
They worked the crowds at Olympic games in Athens, Sydney and Atlanta. And, even though China outlaws what they do, they will be on the ground next summer in Beijing as well.
Christian mission groups from around the world plan to quietly defy the Chinese ban on foreign missionaries and send thousands of volunteer evangelists to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Many mission workers are traveling through China now as tourists to learn their way around and conduct prayerwalks meant to spiritually prepare the region for the Gospel. Next summer, just before the games begin, several Christian groups plan to rally in an Asian nation that they will not name, then head out in small teams to Olympic sites and beyond.

"They are going to have many thousands of people planning to travel around in different parts of China," said the Rev. Johnny Li, minister-at-large for Open Doors, an advocacy group for Christians worldwide who are persecuted because of their faith.

In anticipation of a crush of volunteers, Li said a Thailand missions group has produced a DVD encouraging collaboration among all the Christian outreach efforts expected at the games.

Christians regularly evangelize at major sporting events, but the Beijing Olympics offer an opening like no other, in a communist country that conservative Christians have long reviled.

Citing safety concerns, religious organizers are revealing few specifics of their plans or aren't commenting at all. But many are expected to put on cultural and sports events - which China allows - with the goal of talking about faith one-on-one with the people they meet.

"This is going to be a time when visas are pretty easy to get," said Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs, which also helps Christians who are persecuted abroad. "So if you want to go, this is the time to do it."

The Southern Baptists are mobilizing thousands of volunteers for what it terms "a spiritual harvest unlike any other," through humanitarian work, sports clinics, first aid sites and other projects. The denomination is bringing volunteers to China now for orientation trips.

Youth With A Mission, or YWAM, an international Christian ministry prominent in Olympic outreach, is planning a "2008 Olympics Discipleship Training School" in Brazil next year, according to its Web site, then will send volunteers to the games.

A spokeswoman for Athletes in Action, the sports ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, a globally known evangelical group, said she could not comment because of security concerns. But Athletes in Action has offices in Asia and has organized sport demonstrations at previous Olympics, including sending its Korean "Halleluiah" martial arts team to the Athens Games in 2004, according to the ministry's Web site.

"With a draw like the Olympics, we just pray our 'forces' will be so large that we will be able to form many relationships," said Mark Taylor of Awaken Generation, a ministry for college-age Christians based in northwest Florida. The group plans to send evangelism teams of eight to 12 people around China during the competition.

Advocates for Chinese Christians say the danger for these foreign volunteers is minimal. Christians who live in China are often able to evangelize privately while working as English teachers, humanitarian workers or in the business world. At worst, Olympic missionaries could be expelled from the country; Chinese officials likely wouldn't risk anything harsher with the whole world watching. But the peril for Chinese Christians who work with the foreign groups or evangelize on their own is considerable, analysts say.

The only Chinese Christian groups allowed to operate legally in the country are the Catholic Patriotic Association, the China Christian Council and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement. Millions more Chinese Christians have risked imprisonment and worse by joining the underground "house church" network that is independent of the three groups.

No one knows the exact number of Christians in China today, although analysts say the faith is spreading dramatically and estimate that the figure could exceed 100 million. The Chinese government says that count is inflated.

Asked by The Associated Press for comment, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee noted that it plans to follow Olympic tradition and build a religious service center in the Olympic village. It also will advise athletes in other Olympic cities about the available worship services. However, the committee referred questions about evangelization to the Bureau of Religious Affairs, which did not respond to a request for comment.

David Aikman, former Beijing bureau chief for Time magazine and author of "Jesus in Beijing," said Chinese Christians believe the Olympics will bring them badly needed recognition at home and abroad - and they plan to evangelize despite the dangers.

On a trip to China four years ago, Aikman said he saw a "hilarious" T-shirt for sale that symbolized Christian hopes for the 2008 Olympic games: it had a photo of Tiananmen Square filled with sheep.

"No communist apparatchik," Aikman said, "would have a clue about what it meant."


Associated Press Writer Alexa Olesen contributed to this story from Beijing

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