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US Government will certainly sabotage and undermine Beijing 2008 Olympics...... [Copy link] 中文

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As sure as the sun rises, the US government will do everything in its power, ie with Taiwanese leaders's help to sabotage and undermine Beijing 2008 Olympics and to rally its 'caucasian' allies to boycott the Olympics, impose sanctions and embargo against China ensure the destruction of the proxy war which US will wage against China...

The US government needs to check China's progress to become an economic and military superpower. And time is rapidly running out for those guys in the Pentagon, the US State Department and the White House.

Taiwanese leaders present the best excuse and opportunity for the US to achieve this, and before 2008 too!

A proxy war would be ideal for US to accomplish the destruction of China ie. to have Taiwan wage war with China before 2008. Proxy wars have been the US's favourite after the Vietnam adventure. This is preferable since you can bring about the destruction of your enemy without risking a single American life!

Present leaders of Taiwan have and will continue to receive tacit and covert support and encouragement from the US to push for independence before 2008. For the US, the Taiwanese leaders must be incited to push to the brink of war so that a few military exchanges will ensue across the Straits. US will supply radar assistance, arms, patriot and cruise missiles to Taiwan under the pretext of their so-called 'Taiwan Relations Act'.

As far as the US is concerned, it is really the ' yellow bastards fighting against yellow bastards '. This is the proxy war US envisages to retard and possibly destroy China! A victory delivered on a silver platter!

The US government will then rally its Western (meaning Caucasian} allies (including EU) to boycott Beijing 2008 Olympics and to impose sanctions and embargo on China - thus humiliating China in the eyes of the world and checking the progress of China as an economic and military superpower. This is a certainty before 2008!

How can China respond to this dangerous game of the US?

We all know that Taiwan's economy is being marginalised by China's rapid economic progress. Taiwan's only strength (besides betraying the Chinese) is in the computer-related areas - which China can overtake by year 2006 if China puts more resources and emphasis in it. The marginalisation and destruction of Taiwan's economy would have caused the Taiwanese people to put a stop to the 'independence push' altogether. But this will come about a couple of years too late since the US government and the Taiwanese leaders would have succeeded in pushing Taiwan to the brink of war before 2008. The economic weapon would have been the ideal solution but it will not be in time.

China would have no alternative but to fight a full scale war to recapture Taiwan. And China's efforts would be largely frustrated by US direct or indirect support for Taiwan. US airforce and aircraft carrier would support the Taiwanese government to inflict the maximum damage and humiliation to China. You see, the US government would have finally realised its dreams of a proxy war to destroy China.

The is the modern day 'Opium War' against China.

Right now and even before this, China must speed up its nuclear armed -missiles development. China must have at least 500 - 1000 nuclear armed missiles, preferably with multiple warheads, targeting at all US aircarft carriers, US's Asian military bases and most importantly of all, to aim its nuclear armed missiles at the top 20 - 30  cities in the US - Washington, New York, San Franciusco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Detroit, Boston........This is the deterrent and the language that the US government, hopefully, will understand!

Never you all forget Mao's :' Power grows out of the barrel of the gun ' or missile in the 21st century context!

Of course all wars start as conventional ones. But the war between US and China will quickly degenerate into a total nuclear war. A conventional war between US and China is NOT an option! The cost will be 300 million deaths in China and easily 50 million deaths in the US.  China's population would be decimated by about 25% but the US would be destroyed as a power to be reckoned with or as a nation we all normally associate US to be - what without New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston......

The question is not so much as 'Will the US risk its cities for Taiwan' since Taiwan does not have oil, gas, natural resources....BUT Taiwan has something (independence push) that the US can use to destroy China!

A miscalculation on the part of US will quickly result in a total nuclear war between US and China. And the US, arrogant with its conventional war superiority, will push China to the limit....underestimating the Chinese...humiliating the Chinese to the extreme.....

China has repeatedly warned and declared to the world that she would not stand any interference from any quarters if Taiwan leaders declare independence. China cannot stand down since this humiliation in the hands of the US government will make all the previous 'Opium Wars''s pale  in comparison.

What to do when the US government and the Taiwanese leaders push the Taiwan issue to the brink of war!?

China must invade Taiwan. There is no question about this!

China must warn off the US and promise (not threaten) to sink all US aircraft carriers......nuclear exchange.......Chinese nuclear weapons are not 'paper tigers' - that must be the message to the US, loud and absolutely clear!

Nuclear war between US and China is thus a likely possibility before 2008....all because the US government conspires with the Taiwanese leaders to push the Taiwan issue to the brink of war before Beijing 2008 Olympics and all the benefits to the US that the US think will ensue from this fallout...boycott of Beijing Olympics...sanctions and embargo by Western countries...and the final destruction of China!

Some believe, and rightly so, that there may be a simple solution. The deaths and choices of future leaders of Taiwan may take away the excuse and opportunity for the US government to wage a proxy war  with China - which we all know will quickly become a nuclear war. Had Hitler been killed, there would be no World War 2. Had Saddam been killed, there would be no Iraq War 2003. And all must learn from history to prevent yet again wars among nations. It is a small price to pay........

Let's take the initiative away from the US government to do harm to China.....Chinese all over the world, and particularly in Taiwan, can seize the opportunity to prevent a nuclear war between the US and China ... not that China is afraid of the US!  And the PLA must prepare for the 'first-strike' .

Article first appeared on 18th April 2004

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Setyap sir,please make visit to america,go there and see.Some of things you write may not be true.Ask the american people during your visit. as many questions as you want.You must base your source of information also from america.

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China Blasts Attempts to Link Olympics to Darfur Issue

The US media has started the ball rolling undermine Beijing Olympics 2008 ...

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on Thursday refuted calls to connect the Darfurissue with the 2008 Olympic Games.

"We don't think it's appropriate to connect the Darfur issue with the Olympic Games in Beijing," Qin said in response to an editorial published in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday calling for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics over China's support of Sudanese government.

"People who try to connect the Darfur issue with the Olympics in an attempt to win ballots or increase their reputation are totally wrong on that scheme," he said.

China hopes the Darfur region can realize peace and stability. On this issue, China shares the same goal as the international community and is making unremitting efforts to this end, Qin said.


He said China hopes efforts by the international community could improve the humanitarian situation in Darfur so as to realize a lasting peace and stability of the region.

"We are confident we will hold a successful and high-quality Olympic Games," the spokesman added

29th March 2007

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Like I Said

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Oh My God!!!!


300 million Chinese dead??? The US have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world 17 times. A nuclear war between China and US, ---- it, if the US decides to fire all its missiles, there wont be a freaking world left. All Chinese will be ----ing dead, all Americans will be ----ing dead, all Europeans, all the people of this ----ing world will be ----ing dead.

And use that thing between you ears. Why the hell world we want to sabotage the game? We are making so much money from you, you are making us freaking rich.

And as I recalled, the Chinese government formally claimed that they will not use nuclear weapons unless the US uses its nuclear weapons. If China did what you said they would do, than that makes them a group of ----ing liars and war criminals.

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What scares me is the number of people who seem to believe that a nuclear war can end in anything but complete and utter destruction for all.

"With Enough Shovels" thinking here from Setyap. ... clear/dp/0394414829

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