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High time China Adapts a More Evolved Writing System than HanZi [Copy link] 中文

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I sincerely apologize for inadvertantly using very strong words such as useless and primitive.   My intention was not to hurt anyone's feelings but I ended up doing so.
What I meant to say was that a picture-based writing system is a primitive idea.  Of course the Chinese have made Hanzi in a beautiful art form.  However, its limitations for today's needs for interacting with other cultures are apparent.  And that is why I feel it has outlived its usefulness.
By the way, there is no relation whatsoever between the great thought produced by Confucius (Kong Zi) and Sun Tzu and HanZi.  A writing system is just a writing system.  Confucius and other Chinese scholars would have produced same great work even if they were to use another writing system.
Hanzi creates enormous difficulty to the foreigners who want to learn Chinese.  And until Chinese is accepted as an important language worth learning, China cannot project its cultural influence around the world.  A real superpower is the one that exerts its soft cultural power over others.  English has done that and that's why it is a world language.
By the way, tongluren isjust ranting something incoherent. There is No relation between HanZi being superior and China having great civilization. Regarding India not having sophisticated language, Tongluren should know that the mother of all Indian languages "Sanskrit" is vastly superior to Chinese.  Linguists hail Sanskrit as one of the greatest languages in history of mankind.  Given this and the fact that most indian languages originated from Sanskrit, I find it hard to believe that they are not sophisticated as Tongluren argues.  By the way, China was also ruled for significant periods by people of Mongolian stock who hardly had an advanced culture and language unlike the Chinese.
STD and AIDS have nothing to do with Hanzi.  And no serious person believes the number of 600,000 AIDS cases in China given that China has such huge immigrant labor population who frequently go to prostitutes.

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STD and Character Based

Chinese is character based.  The Western languages and even the Indian languages are not, and by definition those people have less character.  

STD and AIDS (at least the sexually transmitted kind) has everything to do with character.

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Chinese not suitable for whatever it is today's world needs??!!  Must be why there are now 30 million in America alone that are learning it, and why it is the largest language in the world, used by over 1.4 billion, dwarfing English by far, or any of the piddly Indian dialects.  The unified character writing  system that was mandated by the first real emperor in the world, the Emperor of Qin thousands of years ago, have evolved but never died.  The lovely collection of Chinese character written texts goes into tens of millions of volumes, and is a true treasure of the human race.  

Chinese not suitable anymore?  Must be why there is now legislation in Vietnam - mind you, Vietnam, - that want to reimpose national Chinese Hanzi education.  

It is those same Hanzi that drove China's leadership of the entire human race for much of the last 5,000 years.  And the leadership is resurging.  In another 100 years, Chinese Hanzi is going to be used by half of the population on earth.

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to #18

That's the most ridiculous argument I think I've ever heard. Like, literally, it's funny.

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Wait a few more years when china becomes the most modern nation using this Hanzi and lets see if it will still be funny to you.

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Misplaced Nationalism

The argument regarding Characters in a language and Character of people are ludicrous.  The Chinese have no better character than those in other nations, including the western.  And by the way today's China is a much more corrupt and selfish society than the Scandinavian societies are and they use alphabet system.  I am not at all saying that Chinese people have no character.  They are as capable of good character as any other people.  China has potential to be as good a society as Scndinavian countries and that has nothing to do wit HanZi.

I say this with no disrespect to Chinese that the Chinese HanZi system is not suitable to assimilate the cultures of other countries.  And unless other nations become comfortable with you you cannot be a superpower.  Ever wonder why Japanese were never able to project their soft power in spite of impressive economic might?  Same with the Russians.  You need to understand that English serves the needs of most cultures fairly okay and that's why it has become a world language.

Number of people speaking a language is no measure of greatness.  It is quality that matters and not quantity.  Also China should realize that people all over the world are trying to learn Chinese not because of any inherent greatness of it (which I have no doubt it has plenty) but simply because it can allow them to communicate with the Chinese most of whom cannot speak good English.  By the way I don't know where you got your number of 30 million Americans are learning Chinese.  It is balloney.  And even if it were true do not forget that at least half a billion Chinese are trying to learn English.  As the future generations of Chinese learn to speak English, the number of people learning Chinese may drop because it will no longer be necessary for foreigners to know Chinese to communicate with the Chinese.  Only the ones with real interest in Chinese language will learn and they will be better quality students anyway.

A language dominates over the long term because it turns outwards and makes others feel comfortable.  HanZi is a bid impediment for this to happen.

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I think westerners cannot understand good characters, although they have the potential to be as good as a chinese with character.

Please know that this kind of discussion is ultimately useless and only serve to generate racist sentiments.

The chinese language system has evolved over many years and it will continue to do so, regardless of the opinion of other younger cultures. Remembers that foreign cultures that invaded and occupied China (the Mongols and Manchurian) eventually adopted the Chinese characters after adding their own contribution.

No doubt chinese character is heading towards siimplification; it has been heading in that direction since the B.C.s The first thing the Qin Shi Huang did after conquering China was to unify the character which practically eliminate about 6/7 of the character set then (Each of the rival countries during the warring state era has its own character sets). It will continue to evolve and simplify, and may even incorporate alphabets in its character sets, (as observed an emerging trend on the internet), but these uses will not affect the concept of character in writings.

In the future, when we starts writing about advance scientific theory in chinese character and when the world has to trade with China to survive, they will learn Hanzi. It might take another 100 to 200 years, but hey, what is 100 years but one quarter of most chinese dynasties?

I have great respect and admiration for foreign cultures. Chinese has always benefited from exchanging ideas with it's foreign counterparts like the Romes (Han), India (Before Tang), Persia (Tang), Arabs (Ming). These ancient cultures did not attempt to abolish the  chinese language (Abolishing Hanzi eventually abolish the language) even when they are avid trading partners and philosophies and knowledges flows freely between these great civilization.

I am forced to conclude that these western civilizations are capable of producing great people. The poster who initiated this thread and the supporters are unfortunately not good representations of the potential of their respective culture.

Now I feel disgusted that I actually took the time to reply to this thread because it has lowered my intelligence to the insultingly low level of the posters. That I do this in a secondary language is only appropriate.

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