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High time China Adapts a More Evolved Writing System than HanZi [Copy link] 中文

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Sinicization process is not funny!!!!!

Good historical explanation, Seneca.

I agree with you that translating proper names in Chinese is nothing but a joke and somewhat insulting to the foreigners.  What is more amazing is that when you try to speak in Chinese some people even tell you that you are saying the name of your country or friend wrong. e.g. Dawei for David, Ying Guo for England and so on....
Most people do not like their proper names murdered in this manner.
It is very difficult to discuss foreign issues with even learned Chinese people since they have a totally different pronunciation for everything and they have no clue whe you refer to a foreign country or place with its proper name.
Vietnamese is also a tonal language and they have successfully adapted Roman alphabets with a host of accents.  I am sure the same can be done for Chinese.  The only problem is the highly misplaced sence of Nationalism and cultural superiority of the Chinese people.

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I always wondered

why in English we have to call

Deutschland Germany

and Chong-guo China

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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HanZi is primitive!!!


Although you have a point, you are missing the central point of my argument.
In English, you can write proper names such as zhong guo, no problem.  All those countries have to do is insist on it.  Burma has changed to Myanmar.  If the Chinese stop referring to their country as China when speaking to non-chinese others will accept it.
But in Chinese there is no way to write a different sounding name.
The HanZi writing is so primitive that it doesnot allow to write a different sounding word than the extremely limited sounds available in Chinese.
I always wondered why given the Chinese people are so smart, they use the primitive and useless Hanzi characters.  Time to grow beyond!!!!

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no doubt the chinese will grow using  ( the primitive and useless hanzi characters.)
in 10 to 20 years when you see that china is getting stronger and stronger and eventually becoming a superpower while using this ( primitive and useless ) character, perhaps it will be the time that the rest of the world should learned this ( primitive ans useless) writing.
by the way the philosophy of confucius and the art of war was written in this ( primitive and useless ) writing.

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to #12

Yes, and how many years ago did Confucius and Sunzi live?

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There We Go Again

一方牛鬼蛇神, pitching their totally racist rubbish:

"....there are also debates that suggest a character-based writing system stifles creativity in the minds of those who are raised around one. "


While there are debates about whether Hanzi is superior (it is, otherwise how do you explain the fact that China was the richest and most technologically advanced nation on earth for over 90% of the last 5,000 years of human existence on Earth?), there is no debate at all that irresponsibility mistaken for freedom in the West has led to widespread STD.  In America, over 70% of the population has STD, and many have the viral, incurable kind.  It got so bad, you can see the new TV ads in America, pushing (literally pushing like drug dealers) $500, 3-shot HPV vaccines on young girls as young as 10, trying to get them to take shots before they get sexually acitve.  Sad, and sick to the core.  

Would a Chinese want his or her children to date someone with STD?  

To uphold decency and standard of sexual practice in China, all Westerners entering the country must pay for unbiased testing before the are allowed entry.  Any foreigner who tested positive with STD must wear positive, conspicuous identification, so that the Chinese would not catch it from them.  

India, for lack of a sophisticated language, fared much worse than China.  It got invaded and ruled by foreigners over and over again, and basically never learned to drive them out.  Instead, it just take after the worse of what the invaders offered.  Today, India has 20 million actively infested with the AIDS virus - the largest number of any nation in the worrld (as reference, even America has only 2 million, and China about 600,000).  

These are proven facts.  So much for the alleged superiority of using alphabets.

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Tong, I think we were talking about characters, not STDs. The argument I'm referencing, in case you want to check it out, is "The Writing on the Wall" by William Hannas. I'm not sure if there are other similar arguments, but it's just an idea that's been tossed out there.

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