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Why is the world in such a mess? [Copy link] 中文

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You have no credibility Mr. Nosferatu.....

afterall, the Amerikan Regime adventure in the Mesopotamia was to secure CRUDE OIL resources!

ha ha ha

Sorry for the "Reality check".....

Green Dragon

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Reorganizing time

The world is ever changing. Some people mess it and some people organize it.

And maybe from time to time too many things change at the same time and there will be the need to reorganize the entire room.

What if you were the person who just walk into a room where someone just started to reorganizing all the files in the office and have put it all out in order to beggin the task? I bet at that point the room would look worse than ever.

Will you think the room was always like that?


link to some interesting animated maps:



Helping with the files

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HAve you seen this animated map on American wars, according to that data the democrats get involved in more conflits (and casualties) than the republicans...or maybe the republicans starts the mess and the democrats have to deal with the problem.

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Reply #16 --- greendragon's post...

Please be more specific.

What part of my post (# 15) do you think is wrong, and why?

Why do you doubt my (personal) credibility, and why should anyone accept your credibility?

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all the problems in the world come down to a part of human nature that every race has , we don't forget and we don't forgive , stop and think for one minute what would happen if the hate that one generation has for other menbers of that same generation was not passed on to their children , this generation of chinese would not hate the japanese , this generation of scotts would not hate the english , this generation of english would not hate the irish , this generation of africans would not hate the americans , this generation of americans would not hate the cubans , and so on and so on , all this hate we have in the world today is hereditary we have got it from our parents and family, think hard when was the last time you heard some small hateful remark from your parents towards another race , religion , or colour . ?
There are no Ugly women , only those with low self esteem .

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Makes problems incessant then finds out different ways to solve them, that's why human being can exists and goes on.

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Where there is people, there is hatred, distrust, violence, corruption, crime and
contamination. So the key question is the degree of mess. Is the situation today
more  worse than 500 years or 5000 years ago? I don't know. It is diffcult to

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