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What are the unacceptable manners Chinese should change for the Olympics? [Copy link] 中文

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I think before you attack the "Westerners" you better check your own governments rules. It was they, not anyone else who launched the campaign about spitting. Frankly I could care less, unless of course you spit on me(That's an insult anywhere in the world!)

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It's ok about changabula. He may be right, after all reactors are really nothing more than expanding gas at terminal velocity.

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As a Chinese, I thank you for your good will to this country.

It is just naive to expect the foreign reporters to always say good words about China just as CCTV evening news at 7pm everyday. Besides, it is just not truthful. Definitely, there are a number of problems in this country as you listed, and it's absolutely a great thing to cover those stuff by the media.

However, it seems to me that it is kind of a trendy thing for the foreign reporters to JUST cover the bad things happening in this country. Heed the reports from NYT, CNN, and the like, about 80% of all their stories about China are negative, which could only make me think of one word: Malicious.

Originally posted by johnners at 2007-2-28 18:27
Chinese leaders didn't move heaven and earth to get the Olympics for mere
sporting reasons. They wanted to showcase China's development over the
last few decades and counter the catastrophic publ ...

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Is olympics really so important,Is it more important than us all chinese ?

we chinese have some  unaccepable maners ,we should change for ourselves, not for the olympics.even if the 2008 olympics will not held in beijing,we also have to change,so,i think  there is no relationship between them

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Well, there are so many bad habits that seem to be incorrigible for Chinese. Spitting, throwing garbage wherever randomly, and the myriad number of annoying adlet(xiao guang gao) posted on the ground, posters and telegraph poles(especially in Beijing)...  I just don't think the situation will take a substantial change in such a short time as there only one year left, somehow foreigner gotta get used to China, or Beijing to be exactly. Every country has its own character, and all we can to is try to behave ourselves a little bit, but it's unnecessary for us to cater foreigners.

As for the organization and management of olympics, there are still a lot things to do, and i believe the infrastructure of beijing will be adequate for olympic games by 2008.

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Traffic & Manners

I think that in time Chinese Cities will evolve a distinct  traffic pattern that will allow drivers to comply with
the law. At time there is not enough stable patterns for drivers to follow.

Driving into on coming traffic, blowing horns, is all part of a relatively new experience. Orderly driving
depends all ALL license drivers following the same rules. Respect for other has, of course, a great deal to do with submitting to a sense of order. All this can be taught.

Rushing into an elevator without first letting the current occupants off, is often caused by to many people
waiting for the same elevator, or bus, train. What would help is to have some uniformed crews help people
line up. They are attempting to achieve this now in Beijing. It is working very well.

When immigrants first arrive in New York or other large American cities they, at first, rush into bus,train, elevator...
but, the population will not allow this behaviour. That is the key to prevent crowds from 'line jumping' the
people who line up orderly do not permit it. They together, yell to the person quilty of doing this to "Get To
The Back'"

That changes the situation immediately. We all have to prevent this bad behaviour. It will change the
attitude. We cannot stand back and watch others misbehave without comment. Since they do not know
any better, the public must shown them it will not be allowed.

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Dear Friend, Calm Down.

Originally posted by tekvicious at 2007-2-12 10:33
CHANGE NOTHING! I resent that you must change just for the olympics!
If you are spitting, shoving, and unable to line up...then that is what the world should see. The Olympic committee chose Beiji ...

How can I say. In my opinion, sometimes we should insist to our faith, but sometimes not. And to change some bad habit has nothing to do with our faith. We should have get rid of some of our unacceptable habits long before,  but if we decree such a code little effect will received. This is definitely a good chance to rise the quality of our whole nation.

And on the other hand, to change doesn't means flabbiness, it's a shining point of one's charaterastic. It may help us to build a harmony society.:)

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