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What are the unacceptable manners Chinese should change for the Olympics? [Copy link] 中文

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If you live in China

You tell me.....................

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Some suggestions

Lining up is a good start.
Not speaking so loudly on your phone that everyone in the bus or train can hear every word you are saying.
Don't call people foreigners, especially if they live in China. If they don't live here call them visitors.
Asking where you come from sounds so juvenile. So does saying you use chopsticks so well, most people can use chopsticks even if they are from another country.
And of course the obvious, which are not a big problem in Beijing anyway, no spitting or littering.

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Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-2-27 10:50
Don't change anything.

I'm a foreigner and live here and don't take offence to any of those things mentioned.

You've got a great country with plenty of "personality" . Don't go chan ...

You don't take offence to being hit by a motorcycle that was riding on a sidewalk (opposite to the direction of traffic on that side of the road), that had no lights and was driving like a maniac ??

Certainly, I loved that for what it was

I will just limp my way to the airport  
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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The Olympics isn't just about sport....

Chinese leaders didn't move heaven and earth to get the Olympics for mere
sporting reasons. They wanted to showcase China's development over the
last few decades and counter the catastrophic publicity created by other
unfortunate events such as bird flu.

However, the Olympics will create a two-way window: China presents itself to
the world and thousands of foreign reporters present their impressions of
China to the world.

To suggest that a shocking lack of civility in public, highly dangerous roads, choking pollution, a widespread desire to cheat foreigners of money and other
heavy-handed state 'practices' won't figure on the radar of reporters with
airtime and column inches to fill, is hugely naive.

As a friend of the Chinese people (carefully selected caveat) I hope the Beijing
Olympics is a success. However, when the whole world is immersed in
all-things Chinese for a month next year, there are aspects of China and its
society that will not find favour among many of those digesting the 24/7
reportage from that country.
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

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Westerners are now seeing a newly emerging fanatical patriotism in  China.
This is OK and even understandable but what is most disliked is dishonesty
by some Chinese about "Chinese achievements"

A good example is here in the CD forum the thread

Chinese Inventions and Discoveries" by a fanatic changabula.

The thread is some Chinese original technology etc but it is  mostly
PRODUCTION of  technology invented elsewhere ,he even shows a NUCLEAR REACTOR
under CHINESE INVENTIONS, Need I say more?
If you want to strike back use facts not fiction

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