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Can you live in Shanghai on $1,000 USD a month? [Copy link] 中文

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:) I'm thinking about coming to Shanghai for awhile ...

... and need to figure out if it is at all possible on a restricted budget.

Feel free to laugh at the idea.
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Depends on you!

What will you do?  What are your goals?

If you are big party animal and will do a lot of drinking?  NO!

If you must have American food, then a DEFINATE NO!

Do you enjoy Chinese food but the Restaurant has to be prestine, then NO!

Do you prefer going to restaurants and not eat at home?  Maybe not, depends on restaurants

Do you plan on Dating  lot?  Then no.

Are you willing to eat at restaurants although they may not look nice?  YES!

Are you willing to cook at home?  YES!  Groceries are sooo cheap here, as long as you buy LOCAL items.  Don't try to buy imported foods.

I had a NICE 2 bedroom apartment 98m2 for 3400 a month and had no problem living on 11000 RMB a month.  Yes yours is only about 7500 a month but still as long as you don't mind living like a local.  Take Subway.  Learn how to take bus.  Don't party too much and you will have no problems.  Plus you can probably make a LITTLE money offering private English lessons even if not a teacher.

Good luck.  

Of course now I live in Beijing with much more salary.   I did like Shanghai except for the winter too cold

Have fun!

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Thanks, markis ... Excellent information...

And yes, I have been thinking about TEMPERATURE, too.

How about that island off the Southern tip of China,
where political exiles used to be sent.

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southern tip of china=political exiles?  umm. out of date, souther china is the most flourish now. To be frank with you, if you like hanging out everyday, then 1000usd is probabliy not enough, when i was in shanghai, hanging out in evening usually cost 400RMB ,  i am living in michigan now, living in shanghai (if you have to buy cars and houses) is more expensive than in michigan..

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i guess so

it's just like living in Hong Kong, well i guess in Shanghai could be much i don't think 1000usd can do

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I'm local of Shanghai. And I rents a house with a friend, using about 1000RMB a month(include the rent)

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if you take it off your...

yeh if you take off your t-shirts & put something like, "i love NY" then you might have fooled them that you're just another local...but still $1000usd per month with all the utilities (not to mention inclusives, amendities)...who are you try to kid?  you better stay where y'at, kid & don't be no nomad dig!

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