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Why is China's population so high? [Copy link] 中文

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I'm sort of figuring that western population is in decline despite
being rich mainly because of contraception(availability and social acceptance) and perhaps a culture of selfishness plays part (and indirectly dropping religions that reject both contraception and value family)

But why is the population of China so high?

(are factors you think about similar or different in India which also has a pretty large population?)

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Its quite simple, because Chairman Mao said that we need more people {to fight (but i m not sure about this purpose)}, so at that time chinese ppl followed this.

So they liked to have a lot of babies. That's y u will see generation which is above 40 years old have normally 6-7 brothers or sisters

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Having lots of children is a parent's meal ticket when they get old and can't work.  Their kids can then pay the bills.  Think of it as Chinese "social security."
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Hi wendi and greetings to everyone,

I believe I know the exact problem of population explosion like China's: the people are having too much time.

There are many factors affecting population growth. Culture is one thing. Many people said before the one-child policy, couples who have girls tend to keep giving birth until they get a baby boy. But I think the rural areas are not subjected to such policy.

Medical advancement, improving hygiene and better food nutritions also played important parts in preventing loss of lives and prolonging lifespan.

However, there is one particular factor which I've noticed for a long time which holds true in most countries: time.

To illustrate my point, I'd explain what's happening in advanced society. Advanced countries in Europe, Singapore and the United States are experiencing population decline. If you notice carefully, this pattern also occurs in advanced community like the Chinese in third world countries like Malaysia.

I firmly believe that the more advanced we are, the lesser the time we have for other people and even for our family. When we are more well-off, we have more opportunities. When we have more opportunities, we become hopeful of our future. We'll pursue our interests or indulge in our passions. As a result, we don't even have enough time for ourself much less for others.

Therefore, most couples in this kind of situation are spending more time to achieve their dream and targets.

The people in poor society don't have much hope for their future. With plenty of time to spend, they're more close to people around them, especially their spouse. So, with more interaction, better understanding and love, couples make more babies.

I may be wrong. Therefore, I'm keen to hear from differing and even opposing views.

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Hey Joe....Chinese population in Malaya is above replacement..about 2.3 fertility now!

It's only in MATERIALISTICS SOCIETIES, in this case, the RIAU's I noticed faced the same problem.

Population growth depends on many factors.
(1) The level of science and technology in improving resources production on the per capita basis.
(2) The land and resource available.
(3) The cultural manipulation of the society also limits or encourage population growth.
(4) The cultural manipulation in pacifying the populace to certain level of material consumption on the per capita basis.

and etc....

don't want to tell you too much...
since you must be a person taught in the arts instead of science.

ha ha ha

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I will say that China has shown the world a sophisticated population
policy unequalled  anywhere else in the world.

I refer to the limiting of children by Chinese law, the alternative was
unbridled population increase which would have been a disaster maybe
involving millions of people starving.

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