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2007-01-30 sunny

Last Saturday I lost my way on HuaSheng Road when searching for a store.
I went back and down for three times at least.
I found it before I gave up.
And it's so tired to walk from the People Square to the dining-room of Under the Jujube.
The vegetable dish is delicious.
I like wust named Miss best.
It tasted like real sausage although it is made by vegetable.
It's time off duty.
I'll write it tomorrow.

to be continued...

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good of u!

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2007-01-30 sunny

I have written it, but it wasn't saved.
It's too discouraging.
I'll write on book before typewriting.


My colleague told me a lot about the career programming.
He thought it was a good chance to train myself as a receptionist.
Our company moved from Shenzhen.
There are only thirty-three employees in our corporation.
There are no HR department and IT department.
So I have to do something relating to human resource and computers maintaining.
But I graduated in July last year.
I don’t know how to do and nobody could tell me that.
I am not willing to be a receptionist all the time.
But I don’t know how to upgrade myself.
Especially, I don’t know what I like to do best and be good at.
Yes, I know there is nobody can give me the conclusion.
I should find the answer from my own life and experience.
I didn’t get my way now.
Perhaps I should study English in rest days.
But it is hard for me to learn intermediate interpretation because of my poor spoken English.
Then, what about Japanese?
I don’t have a systemic plan of my career yet although I have worked for 10 months.
My specialty of information management is in the corner.
My bachelor certificate is covering with dust.
I still lost my way.
God closed the door, but I haven’t found the window he opened.

PS: It is my thought hereinbefore, but I am confident after reading your encouragement now.
I’ll fight my way.

To be continued…

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Learner's Diary

I think writing about learning a foreign language is a good idea and can help you a lot to become aware of the subjective side of the process, among others your motivation, strong and weak points, what you want to achieve (setting goals) etc. It's also a form of writing that is connected to real life - a form of self-perception!
Wust reminds me of the German word "Wurst", that's indeed sausage, but there are so many different kinds.
Keep at it!

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Ms. Eva

Thanks for the Diary, and please keep it up, we enjoy it.

For your help, I think by  "Benming Year" you mean 本 命 年.   In English, this is probably best translated as your "Chinese Zodiac Year".  Since there is a different Zodiac collection for the West, it helps to use the adjective Chinese.  This is the year which is symbolized by the same animal as was significant during the year you were born.  

So, is your year the Dog, or the Pig?  (In English, this would be a very funny, and often rude question, eg: are you a dog or a pig?)

Tell us the story in your next diary, if you would.
LSR.  龙诗人  or  龍詩人
A crater on the planet Mercury is named 李白. (Li Bai)

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Ha, this ia a pretty to good way to learn English

To some degree, Foreign Language is not so difficult to enjoy

But it is difficult to study

For example, your diary here is a nice way to enjoy Engish

I hope you will get what you want here


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Thank you for your encouragement.

I' ll keep at it, I promise it.

Hi, deyulaoshi. It' s little harder for me to understand your just meaning. Sorry. But I could guess it. When I improve my English, I think I can get your real idea if I keep on with writing diary.

Hi,leungshuren. Thank you for your explanation. Then, how could I say? "This year is my zodiac year according to Chinese tradition." Right?

Hi,derektian. Thank you for your wish.

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