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Are China's university tuition fees reasonable? [Copy link] 中文

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I think the tuition is so high too.

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Those fees are astoundingly high.  In the UK fees are 1000 pounds, about 15,000 RMB.  But when you consider the salaries in the UK compared to China, it's actually much cheaper in the UK (relatively).

10,000 RMB per year is a hell of a lot of money.  Sure the urban wealthy can afford that easily, but the rural poor, no way.

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Originally posted by middlekingdo at 2007-1-17 10:37
China's a communist government right?  So tax more people and put that money to subsidize education.  Make it virtually free!!  This is our only chance to defeat the American Imperialists as their  ...

The 'communism' in China is by name only...

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Originally posted by doublehappy at 2007-1-17 11:57
i think too higher tuition for chinese family.   when a baby go to scholl,through nursery to university will cost about fifty thousands yuan.  but  what a large number for a chinses common family.  ...

My father's salary only RMB650 a month,mother's salary RMB 500 a month in GuangXi province .
where the RMB500,000 from? !!!!!!!!

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I think the tuition in University is too expensive for a common Chinese family to afford.

Like me, comes from a farmer's family, four years college expense brought a heavy burden to my family.   
Thank  to my great parents and also my uncle otherwise I wouldn't have the chance to go to college.  And it's a reality that a piece of certification of your education background is still very important.

I really hope the leaders can consider reduce college tuition and make college life more accessible to more country children.

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teachers' pay too high

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Reply #41 kittymo's post

Oh! Guangxi salaries.....i bet it cost less in Guangxi for basic education, the Rmb500,000 must be for those in cities on coastal region + very comfortable lifestyles. You must realized the "emotional response" that the poster wants.

If your father is in Shenzen,  he would look for another job! Rmb650 is like a no education, semi retarded person's salary........being unaware of market value of labour. maybe become a street he'll make more than that measly wage you illicit another emotional response.

anyway, i do believe that basic education should be mostly free or very cheap.
and elite university education, can be partially subsidized only for the top 15% cohort based on educational merits.

the rest, would just have to borrow, gain scholarship, gain corporate sponsorship and pay nearly full fees.

and in Malaya, that would be about Rmb30,000 for a vocational education, Rmb60,000 for a bachelors degree, Rmb500,000 for a medical degree for 3 to 5 years cost. I doubt China should be higher than Malaya. I believe many students also work part time in fast food restaurants, some even work in credit card, insurance, mutual fund sales to help their families pay for the education. Part time work like that could earn around Rmb2,000 a month in Malaya or Rmb7 to 9 per hour. You could teach tuition to rich middle class city folks....that would be Rmb300 for 6 hour per week work!!!!

Come on! Some of us must paint a rural or peasant people as dumb or we have some really good propagandist with some targets in this thread. There is always a way.

For your information, many wealthy businessman has only basic education and learnt vocational skills via apprenticeship or some low cost vocational schools. They use their innovation, their ability to observe market trends to become rich. You don't need to be a university graduate to do well!!!!!

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