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George W. Bush: A Symptom of Disease [Copy link] 中文

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Reply #14 --- chinese_yang's post...

My posts reflect my beliefs and opinions base on the facts associated with the particular situation.  If my beliefs are similar to others, so be it.  If they differ from you or others, too bad.  Get over it and get a real life.

As to your labeling of the United States as modern day NAZIs, please provide factual evidence to back up your opinion.  What is your definition for modern day NAZIs?  Be careful your own country hasn't also imprisoned many and pressed them into forced labor, or spread propaganda to demonize a specific race or religious group.

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Make Up Your Mind Already

Looking at the record, the sheer audacity of the hegemon, in demanding that the rest of the world be dumb (not just dumbfounded, but plain dumb), truly shocks and awes.

First it was weapons of mass destruction.  Then it is free elections.  Then the Americans to a man (if you can call the liars that) declared grandly that if the natives wanted them to leave, they would.

Now Maliki, the head of the Iraqi people did, and what did the liars do?  Spin some more, like bloodsucker here in present company.,,3-2554673,00.html

Maliki expressly demanded that the Americans turn over the guns and leave.  Do you see the greedy Americans packing up and leaving?

Not until the PSAs are signed and sealed, thank you very much.  Those Production Sharing Agreements are true pieces of American draftsmanship.  It took the occupying force almost 3 years to draft them - and very few in the Iraqi government were even allowed to see the document, which calls for all the profits going to the Western oil companies until "costs" (as defined by the oil company with no ability for the government to challenge it) are recovered, and the PSAs are good for 30 year terms, and all disputes are to be arbitrated offshore outside of Iraq.  What sweet deals for the occupying forces.

Until and unless all the billions of barrels of proven Iraqi oil reserves are divided up by the occupying forces, nobody is leaving.  

No, United States is not modern day Nazis.  At least the Nazis knew shame.

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A symptom to a near fatal disease.


I am interested in the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. You represent the dwindling band of spin doctors who are still parroting the package of lies but changed the goal posts. Now it is some " once we are in there, we can't just get out." !!  Why can't you get out ? What ever happened to the  1) Impending use of WMD ,  within 45 minutes. 2) Saddam and Al-Qaeda  and 3}  Saddam responsible for 9.11. You and your ilk'd better sit down and sort out what is valid and what is to be discarded here, because no one else in the world know what your excuses are about. I for one think that Dubya is solely responsible for this debacle because he is the " decider ", remember ?

You may have the most altruistic aims for the Iraqi people but I would need more than your mealymouthing to be convinced. So to the topic " George W. Bush :A Symptom of Disease " I say yes. He is the symptom of a near fatal disease called " misjudgement " . There is a " bull in a china shop syndrome " where things are done first and questions asked later. This is what the world has witnessed glaringly over the past 4 years. Pity and pathetic.  

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First, I personally know George W. Bush - and like him.  It is really a nice man who is trying his best to solve problems inherited from the past.

Now, I am also an expert and U.S. government consultant on WMD.  I cannot be more amazed that the hundreds of chemical agent-filled munitions (unreported by Saddam) which have been discovered in Iraq have not been widely publicized.  Even the Republicans and Mr. Bush haven't pushed it.  My many contacts in the area of foreign intelligence and WMD confirm discovery of stocks in Iraq.  Even the buried MIGs found in Iraq haven't become public knowldge.

Other information is, of course, classified, and, since I retired as a Colonel from the U.S. military, I can no longer have access.

Rather than ranting ignorance and hatred of President Bush, let's wait and see that the future brings.  Abraham Lincoln was called an idiot, a fool, and a failure during his administration in the dark hours of the American War Between the States.  In fact, Northern newspapers were even more insulting of him that the NY Times and Washington Post are of Mr. Bush today.  Time will tell.

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Are you the new bozo ?


Welcome Mr Smart guy. Is this tongue in cheek or are you on some rich weed ? The one point relevant here is that while your wise guy from Crawford is fumbling in the dark, thousands upon thousands of people are dying , including Americans. These folks do not have the luxury of waiting for a verdict from history decades down the line.

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Reply #17 & 19 --- mengzhi's post...

My posts have stated a reason why the United States cannot just pick up and leave Iraq at this time.  Rather than simply reacting to a viewpoint you disagree with, you should take the time to fully read a post and understand the opinion being put forth.

You tend to take the lazy way out and simply start calling other forum  members names when they express a different viewpoint.  It is the lazy way out because you are unwilling to take the time to think about an issue and construct an intelligent reply.  I have read your previous posts, and know that you are not too stupid to do so, because you have written well enough to express your opinion.  Unfortunately, your opinion appears to be limited to simple emotional responses when others disagree with you.

Please go that extra step and try to sit down and give some thought about the reasons you disagree with others, and then start listing factual evidence that would support your views and prove others wrong.  Simply replying with a few sentences to ask if the writer is on drugs or claiming they are an idiot might give you some short term satisfaction, but, in the long run, you have not won the argument, or convinced anyone that you are right.  You have simply wasted your time by spewing out insults that others will use to judge you, not your target.

I hope this advice has helped you.

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America is No Nazi

Just a moral leper.

Not saying it, but secretly gleeing about the fact that blood is spilled to ensure those PSAs.  Almost as bad as the Brits still gleeing about the robbed treasures displayed in the British Museum, not knowing that the treasures carriy with them the curses on the British people for millenia.

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