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Will you SMILE BIG if OIL [Copy link] 中文

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generally, some good policy cant be effected in the lowest  class. some officials will think whatever they want to get benefit from the policy...

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Don't care about it, some body will care.
if others accepted it, should be ok for me.
if not, same to me.
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I think most of the world smiles as oil prices go down but what we pay at the pump will still stay somewhat high.

Of course when the price goes down nations will relax their quest to find alternate sources of fuel and that is a mistake. Every nation on earth is dependant on oil and particularly Mid East oil even though it goes into the commodities market. So in ratio, even China pays the same for fuel as "those rich Americans" and other high cost countries.
   Each time the price goes up when it drops back down it never seems to get to the original price. When I was a boy, my father had a gasoline station. He sold it for 11 cents a gallon (little less than 1 CNY) 1 Gallon is 3.78 liters.  They still pull it out of the ground for no cost once the well and drilling is paid for. Of course there are severance taxes and transportation to refineries but it is all on "economies of scale".

   I am happy to see farmers now starting to build their own alcohol stills producing fuel grade alcohol.  I would not mind pulling up to my local farmer's house and using an automated dispensing system.

   Impossible to use alcohol? Not at all. Bigger jet size in the carbureter or larger nozzels in the injectors. Change the timing for the altitude and you are ready to go. All of Brazil is using alcohol fuel.

   Synthetic oil is superior to refined crude oil. Jet aircraft have been using for years. The only remaining use for oil would be carbon fiber and plastics. I could live with that. I would love to see Big Oil put in their place and no longer hold poor countries economies hostage. I think the whole world would benefit from alternate fuels that can be made within their own borders.

   Sadly, we all have corrupt politicians who will always be there with their hand out and Big Oil will be there to fill tthose hands with money. So new laws will be slow in coming. That is the price we are paying now and someday I hope to see all nations free from Big Oil.

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i haven't car, so i needn't care for it

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Reply #26 alexangel's post

Mr. Alexangel, our friendly Mr. CaringHK is a very intelligent man....

with an entourage of at least 5-6 professional.
I think he is a billionaire.
His information is pretty good!

Anyway, i guess I have inadvertantly invited him and his gang into the site some time ago!

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
Game master

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Originally posted by alexangel at 2007-1-17 16:48
so far, china is not affected or little affected by world oil price. it is protected by government.  plus, the price also little influence my life due to my transportation-

haha - FootsWagon or Walkwagon!!!

Saving money........

There are still many things that depends on OIL & it PRICE

like Transport of GOODS & Services, Petrol based products like Plastics, insecticides,etc........

U know when lorry transport price goes up by say 3-5%,
the noodles sellers takes

TAKES EVERY EXCUSE to RASIE prices by 10-15%!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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so the eatery will hike more more more!
Time for GCT!

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