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When is an American not an American? [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you for the kind words, but there have been many truthful statements in this forum by many of its contributors, though perhaps they are buried under the current mire of nonsense and spam that has permeated our pages.

There is hope, yet.

It was pointed-out that once, not so long ago when this forum was new, that we had many, many civil discussions among a wide variety of participants. Some of us still contribute, some make an occasional appearance, many left when nasty flame wars and personal assaults became the ugly kind of norm that has now appeared to creep back in.

One ever-present difficulty here is that many Chinese readers are looking to improve their English language skills, but are hesitant to express themselves out of possible embarrassment for their attempts and for their exposure to possible abuse. They may read, but they may not contribute, and they may simply skip long and difficult essays.

And, of course, many westerners come in with an agenda -- thinking they know better than the Chinese and their government. This is a poor choice for them and they will soon enough find-out that we can civilly and handedly fire right back with unmitigated truth. Soon enough, they leave, taking their agendas with them. But our attempts have recently been thwarted with young men and boys of westernized notions bringing with them their very non-Chinese gun-slinging insults and childish nonsense from very poor informational sources and their uneducated notions of school-yard bravado.

Alternatively, we do occasionally hear from those westerners that have a genuine interest in China and the Chinese people, for them we have much to share about a very different culture and mindset, far different, perhaps, than that from which they have been fed from an ignorant and backward western media and certain western political powers.

China is alluring, and it has much to share with the world; but it is a subtler culture than most might imagine: it is not aggressive and domineering, as such, it takes some perseverance to understand, and a cursory glimpse just won't suffice.


Peace, understanding, acceptance and prosperity are achievable human goals!


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Pehaps the choice of "Topic Titles" might be a good start !  If you look close the very topics solicit racist and bigot statements. As you have probably determined already I am one of those Baby Boomers" you hear about in US media all the time, and unlike many americans of the younger generation have witnessed China's evolution into the 21st Century.

Little is gained in these forum discussions which begin "Anglo - Ignorant - Stupid-etc: " It immediately solicits verbal abuse on both sides. Just as the Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese are dedicated to their respective countries, so are those from the western countries. The world is a complicated place, and I doubt seriously any (world decissions) will be made on this forum, but really would like to see discussion and viewpoints over a wide range of topics instead of outright slander of other cultures.

Personally I have great hope for the continuation of China's growth, and find its current leadership balanced and informed. Aside of our loose cannon in office right now, that too will change with time. The changes in china over the past 25 years have encouraged many nations to openly admit china into world affairs, and as one american applaud their progress.

Perhaps the single point of this discussion is not the opinions expressed, but to better understand the reason for the opinion. After several months here now, I see generations not even born in the 40's50's 60's expressing hatred for a different race or culture. I must ask "WHY"  since it is a different time and relugated to history.

If the arguement is to be "See what they did to us then" then one can easily understand the current world crisis in the middle east, africa and must resolve to repeat the bias, hatred and bigotry for another generation.

I do enjoy your postings because mostly I find your opinion balanced, however as all others here - if I disagree with you will voice that opinion.

Keep up your comments.

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Originally posted by convair1948 at 2007-4-15 23:18
I do enjoy your postings because mostly I find your opinion balanced, however as all others here - if I disagree with you will voice that opinion.

Keep up your comments. ...

Thank you for your encouragement. I will try and write some more, as I have the time and the desire.

I like to hear other's opinions, especially if they challenge me to think. Thank you. I like your comments as well, I miss the opportunity to share more with others like you, knowing many of you all have something other to do then to be bothered with a bunch of childish nonsense. I am told to be patient ... hmmmmm.

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