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literary tranlsation practice (c-e)15 [Copy link] 中文

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How could Bi Er not notice his hypocritical behavior. She took up the box of moon cakes Pu Shou Chang just placed there, and caught
up and said "Brother Qi, give it back!"
Han Zi Qi took over the box and followed after Pu Shou Chang out the room
"This......"Pu Shou Chang got out of the door, even he also felt the embarrassment, but didn't know what to say before Han Zi Qi,
just smiled and said" Your sister, No one will dare to get married with her in the future"
    "Please forgive her, she's young and ignorant~!" Han Zi Qi said, with his head low "Boss Pu, I have something to say, but
I'm not sure whether it's suitable to mention it"

"Huh? Any problem?" Pu Shou Chang stopped cautiously.  He was being worried that Han would say anything intolerable to his
ears. If that's it, he would not pretend to be as polite as he was to that girl.

"Please say 'yes'  first "Han looked at Pu's hostile eyes "I will say only if you like to hear. But it does no harm to my master
or you...."

"Is it  good news? How bad it could go if I say yes!" Pu examined the young man half-believingly"  Go ahead, make it quick"

"I want ......"Han paused a second for a second thought before he continued "I want you to give me a new life, let me follow you to Huiyuan, your business house"

"Hah?!"Pu Shou Chang had never imagined this even in his dream. On the occasion of the calamity of Qi Zhen house's closure, Liang Yi Qing' proudest apprentice wanted to take a leave.  The place he was trying to turn to was no one but him, who pushed Qi Zhen into this dead end~! It was incomprehensible, was utterly beyond his wits! In his eyes, Han Zi Qi was like a dog that lost his owner and had no way out. Hui Yuan house was prosperous in people and business, was enjoying abundant flow of fortunes. What's the use of Han Zi Qi?What's the need of supporting the this little jade cutting craftsman's life.  Hui Yuan only did  business, had  no workshop.  That two water benches were to put on sale!  What's more, Pu Yuan Chang was very clear in his mind that from now on, he was actually a Liangs' rival. Although Liang Yi Qing had no son, the two young lovely daughters would sooner or later be married into other families, and have their own children, Judging from Bi Er's  demeanor, the feud would not be over in the next generations! The last thing Pu Shou Chang was to add another revenge to himself, and to be denounced as a man who destroyed someone's family and grab away his apprentice. His heart was then  like a lock, locked with a "click", keeping Han Zi Qi out of the door!

    In this world, there are various locks, and a equal variety of keys. One key was used to open one lock.  No one could ever expect that Han Zi Qi used his words as a key to insert into the lock of most complicated mind, and unlock this heavy lock.

    "Boss Pu!, I've heard that you are tolerant and forgiving.  It is said that a prime minister's belly is large enough to hold a ship, or wide enough to run a horse, you have such a belly,  otherwise, how could you support such a big business? You're a great man, and have tolerance of people. Just like Liu Bang in Han Dynasty, who can use Zhang Liang as his scholar, and use Han Xin as his warrior, and with no difficulty he took .the whole world; On the other hand, the overlord Chu, who's a master of martial arts himself, though he has Fan Zeng, but didn't use him, at last Chu cannot escape from a ten-sides trap. Miserable Chu song was heard all over the places, his troops was defeated and driven to Wu river, and he lost his wife and committed suicide! Boss Pu, I know you're a man bearing ambitions, unlike my master who just has skills, didn't consider about how to make even grant accomplishment, and thus finally failed to succeed. I took care of him in his life and on his death. Now, I could say with no regret that I had fullfilled my loyalty and duty. And I will choose my own path for the rest of my life; Please let me be your apprentice, show your mercy to a craftsman who just lost his master,. it wouldn't disgrace my master, on the contrary, people around will pay you respect for your kind-hearted deed."

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I think this passage is from Huo Da's book. Hly, is it?

A really interesting and moving book!

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Hi, Waibeijng:
Yes, It's from her novel 穆斯林的葬礼, which I think also earned her fame. I read it many years ago:)

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